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A. M. Rose

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There are a few corners of the world where magic lives and thrives. Little nooks straight out of fairytales, full to the brim with wonders and oddities.

Daydream, Colorado is one of those places.

Never heard of it? It’s not surprising.

The residents like to keep their town and their magic secret and safe from non-magic folk and they had managed just fine for years.

But now Sage had blown through his third stand mixer in a month because the wiring can’t exactly be magic-ed to work properly and the threat of breakfast without bagels or pastries is just too much for the town to handle. It’s too much, okay?

So, for the first time in the history of Daydream, Colorado, a non-magical handyman will come stay with them for a few days until Sage’s wiring is all fixed.


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In 1846. William, a Kriila, a member of a species of winged beings living alongside humans, flees with his human mate from those who oppose their love.

In 2022. Kiran, a Kriila, tells his human mate the story of his ancestor. A story that resembles theirs enough to make them both wonder.

Will history repeat itself, or are they destined for a different ending?

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He never owned anything. His life was controlled, his wolf was stifled, and his rank was a means to an end for his family. He was never loved. He was never asked what he wanted. So when the opportunity arises for him to finally make his own choice and help someone, he’ll do it. No matter how much it hurts him.


He just wanted what was rightfully his. His family was gone, his home was taken away from him, and his people risked their lives to support him. So when he’s offered help by someone he should hate, there is no other choice but to accept. Even if it threatens everything he’s ever believed.

He drew a thousand faces, but none of them were his…

His whole life, the one thing Dorian wanted more than anything else, was to know who his soulmate was. But while he can find everyone else’s soulmate, he can’t do the same for himself.

Resigned to a life of solitude, he spends his days giving people the key to their happiness, borrowing their joy and basking in the beauty of their love. It’s enough…

Until he meets Hayden.

Hayden, who is everything Dorian had ever dreamed of.

Hayden, who cares for Dorian the same way Dorian cares for him.

Hayden, who doesn’t believe in soulmates.

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