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Tous les livres de Crystal Jordan

From the moment their king called her husband to the Crusades, Lady Eleanor prayed for his safe return. While in the Holy Lands, Sir Gavin sent home extraordinary riches : tapestries, spices, oils. Tucked between the lush fabrics was a wicked book depicting lovers entwined — exotic ecstasies a lady could never even imagine.

Eleanor has spent many a lonely night dreaming of Gavin pleasuring her in such ways, but when Gavin returns, he seems cold and distant, and Eleanor fears she’s lost the only man she’s ever loved. Using the book as her guide, can she teach her lord a lesson in pleasure and regain his love ?

If ever Jen Campbell needed a magic charm, today is the day. Lucky for her, fate lands exactly what she needs on her door step.

When her best friends, Emma and Paul, ask her to be their son’s godmother, she’s happy to agree. Until she finds Paul’s brother is the godfather. Kevin Miller, the only man she’s ever loved, and the only man she can never have. Their brief relationship ended in disaster, but one look is enough to convince Jen she’ll never be over him. Can she resist the Kevin who says he’s confronted the demons in his past and is determined to pick up where they left off — right in the middle of a hallway during a huge party, guests be damned ? More importantly, can she trust that a man as stubborn as Kevin can truly change and be all that she needs ?

The wedding is off ! Emma Richards just walked away from the only man she’s ever loved, her overbearing parents, and the pressures of life. Somehow her well-ordered existence has spiraled out of control to the point that she’s hiding in a bathroom stall until everyone leaves the department store with the wedding planner. When she makes her escape, she finds herself trapped in the elevator with her furious fiance, who knows just how to convince her that giving up on the wedding is one thing, but giving up on their relationship is out of the question. Eloping is all Emma really wants for Christmas, and Paul is just the man to deliver.

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So what happens with love meets sex ? Erotic love is that delicious blend of hearts and minds and bodies, a combination of sweet and dirty, romantic and sexy. Sex by itself - hot, steamy, sensual sex - is one of the best things this life has to offer. But then, so is love. First love, new love, renewed love ; love that has stood the test of time, love that has conquered every obstacles. It doesn't matter if it's a new relationship, such as Jeanette Grey's yogo-bound characters in "Teach Me", or a long-term relationship like Dominic Santi's happily (and lusty) married couple in "Kiss of Peace" - the combination of sex and love is incendiary. The collection is split between familiar authors and authors new to the genre. Best-selling author Kate Pearce delivers a scorching hot fantasy that takes place in a department store dressing room in "The Price of Love". Teresa Noelle Roberts has a sweetly erotic story about parents waiting for their adopted son in "Waiting for Ilya" and Geneva King's "Last Hundred Days" recounts the last hundred days between a divorcing couple.

Lorna Malone is having a day from hell. She had a one night stand with her best friend, SWAT officer Tyrone Forrester, and had to sneak out before he woke up. Her wild night is making her late to a photo shoot for her biggest advertising agency client, Carraway Jewelers. She stops at a gas station and manages to lock her keys — and a small fortune in black opal and diamond necklaces — in her car.

Tyrone is furious when he finds Lorna left him after their amazing night together. He’s wanted her for years, but he got burned in his last relationship. His ex couldn’t handle his dangerous job, so now he doesn’t do serious, and he doesn’t play for keeps. But with Lorna, one taste is all it takes to convince him that he’s met his match — if he can help her see that her luscious curves make her desirable.

Centuries after the destruction of earth, several species of altered humans still survive. These shape-shifters are exciting and exotic creatures, and their human forms do little to mask their most primitive and passionate instincts...

In "Heat" :

Mahlia is a snow tigress in heat and now that her tiger king has returned to rule the planet Vesperi, she can no longer deny her desperate need to mate. She greets him as a woman, but their desire for sex is uncontrollable as they come together with a primal passion.

In "Smoke" :

When Lady Katryn is called back to her home world to join Lord Nadir’s harim, she is curious to learn more about her weredragon nature. What she discovers is a scorching eroticism that consumes her all over.

In "Mist" :

Dr Sera Gibbons is one of only two human survivors after a five hundred year cryogenic freeze. Save by the merman Bretton Hahn, she savors the way he caresses her and makes her live out her wildest fantasies.

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Maron is being hunted. The thrill of the chase is unusual, exciting. Most of the time, she is the hunter — a demon sent to earth to imprison evil souls and hurl them down to the hot spot. It’s dirty work and it’s gotten her kind demonized by mankind, but someone has to take out the trash, and that’s her job.

But a demon can’t trap a soul alone. They need a partner, and the perfect synergy can be found in a Demon’s Triad. Three demons, triple the power, and the deeper the bond between them, the higher the power yield for trapping corrupt souls. Sexual bonds make the energy sizzle on every possible level. Maron’s partner was roped into a sexual Triad, and that leaves Maron at loose ends, tracking down an evil man alone and knowing there’s no way to capture him even if she can find him. She’ll have to tag him and then cool her heels until her boss, Samael, sends in reinforcements.

Only the demons he sends as backup are the last men she wants to see — Raum and Kobal — bonded partners who’ve been trying to seduce her into a Triad for months, since the night of debauchery when they found their combined power was nothing short of explosive. Now they hunt her as she hunts her human quarry. She’s stunned at how exhilarating it is to be chased. The last thing she wants is to give up her independence. She likes her work, she’s good at it, and Raum and Kobal would complicate her eternity.

But her two demons are as relentless as she is. They’ve found the woman to complete their Triad, and they’re determined to claim her heart and body... if they can cage the evil soul they’d been sent capture.

It’s spring break, and a group of teachers from Half Moon Bay Middle School are planning to cut loose. History teacher Meg Phillips hadn’t planned on being one of them — Vegas isn’t really a town for a bookworm — but somehow she let her friend Anne talk her into it.

Though honestly, she’d rather indulge in some poolside reading than co-star in an R-rated edition of Teachers Gone Wild.

It took some major arm twisting for Finn Walsh to convince his fellow gym teacher, Anne, to do whatever it took to get Meg to Vegas. For over a year he’s been looking for the chance to get to know her outside of work. He’s drawn to her quiet beauty and intelligence — and the hint of fire beneath her understated exterior.

When he finally gets the opportunity to peel away those layers, the result is far more explosive than he ever fantasized. Now to convince her that the week isn’t a wildly out-of-character mistake, but the start of something amazing...

Julie Simms moved back to Half Moon Bay to take over her ailing great aunt’s fiber arts store, and stayed by her side until the end. Now it’s Julie’s first Christmas without the sassy old lady, and grief drives her to take some much-needed time off away from a town full of memories.

A week in Honolulu — hula dancers, coconut palms, and sunny beaches — is exactly what she needs, plus a bonus : meeting a gorgeous man who makes her forget everything except getting naked. With him. As often as possible.

Stanford Professor Lukas Klein, who’s just finished up a conference and is ready for a break, hasn’t been this intensely attracted to a woman since his divorce. He’s been leery of getting too deeply involved in a relationship, yet Julie is a breath of fresh air he can’t resist. And doesn’t even want to try.

Half Moon Bay and Stanford aren’t that far apart, but the magic of paradise could be too far removed from reality to let an attraction this mind-blowing last forever.

Love is the most dangerous game of all...

"Stolen Passions" by Crystal Jordan :

Lyra Marcus is a werewolf left for dead in enemy territory, but she’s not going down without a fight. Leopard-shifter Zander Leonidas wants the little she-wolf the moment he sees her – he’ll keep her safe no matter what it takes. In fact, he’ll just keep her, period.

"Passions Recalled" by Loribelle Hunt :

Celeste Lykaios is a dead woman. At least that’s what her mate, Jason Leonidas, was told after a plane crash no one walked away from. When she shows up a year later, alive and well, he vows to protect her from all comers... a hurricane, a killer, and the werewolf family that kept them apart.

"Fleeting Passions" by Crystal Jordan :

Cleo Nemean is a lioness on the run from an abusive ex, and she takes a job with the Leonidas family hoping for protection. A night spent toasting her newfound freedom lands her in bed with Adrian Leonidas – her new boss, and her new accidental mate. But then her ex tracks her down...

"Renegade Passions" by Loribelle Hunt :

Ajax Petros is leader of the eagle’s elite Messenger Corps, heir to the throne, and not ready to settle down. But when Nico Leonidas enters her territory searching for answers about the plane crash that killed his father everything changes.

Enemy mine...

Lyra Marcus tries to avoid her werewolf family’s political entanglements. Instead, she heals the wounds of the never-ending border skirmishes between lycans and wereleopards. It’s a bitter irony that she’s about to die in that war.

When she awakens after an attack, the horror of her situation dawns. She’s a wounded werewolf in the middle of wereleopard territory. And standing over her is a son of its most powerful family, Zander Leonidas. Her fate may be a swift and bloody end, but she intends to go down fighting.

Zander has no plan to fight the little she-wolf who’s landed at his Refuge Resort, a place where shifter species are free to be what they are — except wolves, of course. Yet Lyra fits him in a way she shouldn’t, and the urge to mark her as his mate is irresistible. A match like theirs, though, would rock the foundations of their world.

He intends to find out who left Lyra for dead on Leonidas land. And keep her safe from whoever wants to finish the job — not to mention the werewolf alpha who wants his niece back at any cost...

Love is the only thing she can’t escape...

Ecstatic that she’s found a place to hide — and a job — at Refuge Resort, Cleo Nemean toasts her escape a few too many times and ends up having a one-night stand with a seriously hot leopard shifter. The catch ? It’s Adrian Leonidas, her new boss... and they accidentally mark each other as mates.

Nothing could be worse than losing her hard-won freedom. Until her werebear ex, Trevor, tracks her down. His obsession has already cost one life. Determined to never again be the cause of another death — especially Adrian’s — she flees the safety of the refuge. And her new mate’s protection.

Only Cleo has ever caused Adrian to lose his formidable control. Accidental or not, the lovely lion shifter is now his woman. He’s not about to let anything harm her before they’ve explored the undeniable heat between them. There’s only one way to eliminate the threat to her life : use her as bait to lure Trevor into a trap.

When the trap is sprung too soon, however, there’s no time to wonder if whoever tipped Trevor off is tied to his father’s disappearance. Not when there’s a gun pointed at Cleo’s head...

The only place they still communicate is between the sheets... a professional woman golfer and an Army Ranger struggle to save their marriage after he’s seriously injured in combat and has to retire.

Tyler Brandon believes his wife deserves better than a broken man, but Jill dreams of a future when they stop fighting and start talking long enough to reclaim the happily ever after that once seemed so certain.

When wildness rules the night, giving in is the only choice.

"Total Eclipse of the Heart" :

Werewolf law demands that once mated, werewolves know no other lover. Then Lena walks into Rachel’s world, turning it inside out. Her mate may not like it, but once scented, nothing will stop Rachel from claiming what’s hers...

"Big Girls Don’t Die" :

Six months ago, Andre turned Cynthiana into a vampire, insisting it was meant to be. Cyn doesn’t call this a healthy relationship. When she ends up stranded on Valentine’s Day, he grabs his chance to convince her they can live happily ever and forever after.

"It’s Raining Men" :

Candy has always known Michael is her mate. The catch ? He’s gay. When she meets his lover, she’s sure her werewolf instincts are faulty. Mates with not one, but two gay men ? She must have a screw loose. Little does she know both men are about to rock her world.

"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" :

Anyone who tries to get in Pixie’s way gets the business end of her Fae magic, especially pushy werewolf males. Luckily, Malcon likes her that way. Their uncomplicated fling, for him, is anything but — she’s his mate. He just has to convince her that love won’t clip her wings.

When Lena walks into the Eclipse bar, she turns Rachel’s world inside out. She’s a werewolf who scents her mate, and nothing will stop her from claiming what’s hers.

Rachel has always assumed that when she mated with Jerrod she’d never know another lover, despite her longing for both men and women. No werewolf would be unfaithful. Ever. She’s terrified of how the man she loves will react when he finds out the instincts that drew her to him five years ago now pull her to another woman.

What’s a werewolf to do when she finds her soulmate twice ? It’s a total eclipse of the heart.

Six months ago, Andre St. James committed the ultimate one-night-stand party foul by turning Cynthiana into the spawn of Satan... also known as a vampire. He insisted he knew they were meant to be together forever and ever, so why wait for her to be on the same page with him to suck the life out of her ?

What. Ever. The only thing the two of them share is chemistry that blasts off the charts. So she dropkicked him out of her life and told him to never come back. He listened. Until now.

Andre knows Cyn has trouble dealing with his take-no-prisoners approach to life, and that turning her against her will was a mistake. But he’s got patience born of centuries of immortality, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get back into her good graces and stay there forever. Including wait until she has no choice but to turn to him.

After all, no one understands forever like a vampire. He’s loved her from the moment he saw her... and he always will.

She loves them too much to change them. Until they turn the tables on her...

Every one of Candy’s werewolf instincts tells her that Michael is her mate. He’s a lawyer — smart, sophisticated, and handsome. The catch ? He’s gay. There is no way she’s going to try to change who he is. Then she meets his lover Stephen, a seductive Fae-siren jazz singer, and she’s positive she’s got a screw loose somewhere. Mates with not one, but two gay men ?

She’s definitely doomed to be single forever.

Michael and Stephen know that their unexpectedly flirtatious advances have thrown Candy for a loop. But there’s method to their madness — they’re both serious about her. And they plan to make sure she never spends another birthday alone.

Love can drive you over the edge. It can also let you fly.

Pixie Parthon worked hard to make her music production company a success. Anyone who gets in her way gets the business end of her Fae magic. Her savvy business sense kept her family afloat for years, but now that her musician brother is mated and off on a world tour she’s feeling left in the dust.

Maybe it was a faint wish for a little love magic for herself, but she didn’t expect one night of cutting loose to leave her marked for life. A little love bite is one thing. Give up her hard-won independence to a pushy alpha werewolf ? She’ll pass.

Malcon is just as shocked as Pixie, but for a different reason. From the moment he saw her, his desire went far beyond getting into her pants. When she agreed — begged — to be bitten, he believed she also sensed their destiny to be mates.

Now it’s too late. Nothing will convince Pixie that he has no intention of clipping her wings — not even a month’s worth of orgasms on call. Crazy as it sounds, love is all he wants from her. Even if it means letting her go...

Their human form is ephemeral, but their sexual desire is endless. Enter the mysteriously sensual world of the shapeshifters and share in their erotic passion...

"Dream Catcher" by Kate Douglas :

She comes to him at night in dreams of carnal pleasure. Real or imagined, Mac doesn't know and doesn't care. For his body throbs with a need that only his mystery lover can satisfy...

"Taken Between" by Crystal Jordan :

Kira lives to protect her queen, but the king's brother is the one who commands her desire. She longs for him with a feral sexuality and ferocious passion she can barely control...

"The Right Number" by Lynn LaFleur :

Jay may have dialed the wrong number but the right woman answers. She is the mate he's been looking for all his life. And when he hears the sexy purr of her voice, it arouses the hungry wolf inside...

"Black Opals" by Crystal Jordan :

Lorna Malone is having a day from hell. She had a one night stand with her best friend, SWAT officer Tyrone Forrester, and had to sneak out before he woke up. Her wild night is making her late to a photo shoot for her biggest advertising agency client, Carraway Jewelers. She stops at a gas station and manages to lock her keys — and a small fortune in black opal and diamond necklaces — in her car.

Tyrone is furious when he finds Lorna left him after their amazing night together. He’s wanted her for years, but he got burned in his last relationship. His ex couldn’t handle his dangerous job, so now he doesn’t do serious, and he doesn’t play for keeps. But with Lorna, one taste is all it takes to convince him that he’s met his match — if he can help her see that her luscious curves make her desirable.

"Set in Stone" by L.A. Day :

Sarah Livingstone is the highest-producing agent at Elite Real Estate. She will do just about anything to beat out Jacob Porter, the owner of a rival firm. Competing with him is her way of keeping him at arms length, because if he ever gets close, her defenses will crumble.

When they find themselves locked inside a haunted house full of erotic statuary, both are consumed by lust and seduced by the romantic setting. Sarah can no longer deny her desire and melts into Jacob’s arms. But are their feelings real or figments of their imaginations ?

"Man Candy" by Rena Marks :

There’s a serial killer in the city and his next victim is Rachel Jolie. Dr Randall Reed is destined to save her — but he is drowning his sorrows in a bar. When the two are magnetically drawn together in a highly sexual relationship, they find tougher issues arise to threaten them. Randy has bitterness and trust problems from the past. But he’ll have to learn to trust enough to enjoy a threesome, Rachel’s fantasy. And Adrian is up for that.

"Curse of the Mexican Opal" by Cheryl Dragon :

Sex when or where you can get caught was always a turn-on for Gina and Jason — until they actually got caught.

She dumped him, trying to deny her wild side, but now six months later she’s calling him for help. A bracelet with a kinky curse requires his paranormal expertise. But before they can cleanse the bracelet, they’re up to their old tricks in her jewelry shop and having new fun on videotape.

Gina can’t get enough but can she take the chance again ? She trusts Jason. A good man who shares her sexual kink is hard to find but she’s not sure she can trust herself not to overreact when he wants more...

"Public Displays of Affection" by Leannan McLlyr :

Lacey and Andy have been more than friends for quite a while, even if they have been keeping their relationship under wraps. Well, Andy has been keeping it under wraps. Lacey wants to shout to the world that she’s in love. After months of secret rendezvous, Lacey figures that her sexy Andy plans to keep her his dirty little secret forever. Even when he gives her an opal ring, passed down through his family, she still doubts he will ever publicly acknowledge her. The opal ring has a history of deviousness and its magic has Lacey’s desire for Andy to publicly demonstrate his affection coming true. Big time !

With the ability to shapeshift into white tigers, the Kith have arrived on Earth in search of their “One” – the soul mates who are destined to satisfy their scorching lust...

"Wicked Lord" :

U.S. Sergeant Major Bren Preston has no control over keeping half-human, half-tiger Kith Ambassador Lord Farid Arjun from entering her dreams at night – and surrendering to the feral hunger he sets off in her. Though powerless in dreams, she’s determined never to succumb to her desires in person. But seeing Farid transform into his magnificent feline form elicits a wild passion that won’t be denied...

"Carnal Empress" :

Jana Townsend doesn’t know what’s more incredible : Falling in love with a shapeshifter or discovering that Kith Emperor Kyber traveled the universe to find her. Now together, their union is a perfect joining of sould and bodies as Jana discovers a ravenous desire that begs to be sated again and again...

There’s nothing Andi Manning doesn’t know about cars. Working at Kasen’s Kustom Automotive is a dream job, and it’s even more fun now that they’ve turned the garage into Revved Up, a reality television show for overhauling classic cars. Watching drop-dead gorgeous Dean Kasen work his magic on those sweet rides is no hardship, either. She’s lusted after him, but never had the courage to act on her scorching hot fantasies.

The network offers Dean the chance for the local show to go national as long as a sexy bombshell helps host it. Andi is perfect for the role — if she’s willing to discard her coveralls and bend over engines in tight shorts, tank top and heels. Now that she’s gone from cute coworker to sexpot, Dean can’t keep his hands off of her. But Dean feels guilty for sleeping with an employee and Andi has to wonder... the only time they spend together is for sex, so is it her he wants, or just the revved up goddess of the show ?

The reality show Revved Up has made Kasen’s Kustom Automotive a national sensation. For garage co-owner Jesse Kasen, the only fly in his ointment is Lola Adams, the show’s producer. The little Georgia peach is a blonde bombshell. All he can think about when she’s around is what she’d look like all tangled up in his sheets.

Lola might use her sexuality to get what she wants, but it’s her knowledge of cars, courtesy of her auto-racing family, that got her the producer spot on Revved Up. Jesse is hot and the star of all her recent steamy fantasies. Too bad he’s off limits — she won’t risk her professional reputation on a fling.

Jesse sees one solution to their problem — burn off this attraction in bed and get on with business. Lola agrees because she has to know what it’s like to touch him, but she demands discretion. One sex-filled weekend in his secluded cabin, no strings attached. But one weekend might not be enough.

They're primed and primal, untamed and unstoppable, always ready to go further, harder, longer to bring a woman pleasure that's wild, fiery, and out of this world...

"Chanku Wild" by Kate Douglas :

They are the Chanku - an ancient race of shapeshifters, gifted with extraordinary sexual appetites. Now the pack-mates, plus new arrivals AJ, Mik, and Tala, are preparing for Oliver and his beloved Mei Chen to finally bond in a mating ritual that will take each to the peak of ecstasy, and prove as erotic as it is dangerous...

"Night Scream" by Vonna Harper :

To the Walapai Apache of Arizona, a puma's cry has always been a dangerous omen. Amy Murphy, practical to the core, scorns such legends, until she attends a pow-wow near Flagstaff, where she's immediately drawn to a powerful, dark-eyed man. Her attraction is intense, inexplicable, irresistible - leading her into a wildly carnal encounter that awakens the animal within...

"In Ice" by Crystal Jordan :

When Jain Roberts' ship crashes on a distant, futuristic planet, she's rescued by Kesuk, the lusty clan leader of the Arctic Bears. This magnificent creature with white-blond hair and a potent masculinity haunts her dreams - dreams he intends to make deliciously real, as he draws her into a realm of complete sexual abandon...

Broad and all-powerful, these men know how to thrive in the wild—and bring to the edge of ecstasy the women they claim as their own...

"On The Prowl" by Vonna Harper :

Traveling from Texas to India in search of a rare white tiger, zoologist Jori Bianchi strikes more than gold when she spots the stunning predator in an exotic, lush forest reserve. Little does she realize she has the power to release the man from the beast—by indulging in a scorching sensual connection that will transform them both...

"Between Lovers" by Crystal Jordan :

On a fateful camping trip, fiery Oregon beauty Rhiannon Reid is kidnapped and turned into a "Between" - —a magical shape-shifting creature. Now forced to prove her worthiness to the group's golden king, lion-shifting Elan Delacourt, the two test each other's strength and character—but lose themselves in the hot-blooded battle...

"Amber Fire" by Lisa Renee Jones :

Determined to defend her late father's work, Amber Green heads into the heat of the Nevada canyons to prove the existence of the Yaguara, a shape-shifting race of jaguars. There she meets the one man more hell-bent on protecting the jaguars than she is : Jareth, a force of raw male nature to be reckoned with—an animal worth pursuing...

What happens when you bring together 69 authors sharing their hottest orgasm stories ? If you have a top notch erotica editor like Rachel Kramer Bussel, you get The Big Book of Orgasms!This climactic collection captures top erotica writers serving up steamy scenarios all focused on The Big O. Whether getting off from exhibitionism, voyeurism, or a very special pair of blue jeans, the characters in The Big Book of Orgasms explore all sorts of ways they can come, with lovers who range from sweet to sweetly sadistic. Go "Under The Table" with Elizabeth Coldwell and cheer for "The Pink Team" by Kelly Rand. Discover the thrill of hot wax and even hotter sex ; the 69 short stories collected here bring the heat on every page ! From Orgasmic editor Rachel Kramer Bussel, with a foreword by Ecstasy is Necessary author Barbara Carrellas, these are climaxes you'll want to relive again and again.

Dr Ruth once said about Rachel Kramer Bussel, "she is only satisfied if you come and come again." Let The Big Book of Orgasms count the ways, all 69 of them focussed on all the wonderful ways women get off. This arousing read is inspirational as well as aspirational, a celebration of women's sexuality that reaches new heights of excellence. Each of the 69 nine stories about "the big O" is a peak experience in and of itself.

Marion’s all tied up over Kurt. Why ? Because she wanted a little thrill in her small-town life and got it by dating the town bad boy. Only it went way beyond a mere thrill in under a week. Now, a year later, she wants to know when they’re going to take it to the next level. She wants it all and she wants it with him. So she asks him to marry her. When he doesn’t react at all, she walks out, realizing that her mother was right... the bad boy isn’t the marrying kind.

But Kurt’s not about to make it that easy for her to leave. He’s had a week to get angry over her stomping off. So what if he has to tie her to the bed to get her to listen to him ? He won’t let her avoid him forever, and if this is what it takes to get her attention, so be it. He’d never thought Marion wanted anything other than to burn up the sheets with him, but he’s thinking about it now... and he’s ready to be all tied up over Marion. Until death do them part.

They’re the Magickal ones... vampires, werewolves, witches, and fae who dwell among humans, united by extraordinary talents and unbridled sexual powers...

Chloe Standish went looking for a one-night stand to erase the memories of her cheating ex – and found the hottest sex of her life. A witch and biochemist working on a cure for werewolves, Chloe knows all about magic, yet Merek Kingston evoked a spellbinding lust beyond anything she’d ever felt. But now her ex-boyfriend and research partner is dead, his part of the formula in terrorists’ hands... and the detective in charge is Merek, the same man who’s haunted her dreams ever since the frenzied night together.

Chloe is the one person whose future Merek can’t predict... the only woman who could make him break every rule just to posses her again. Nothing will stop him from protecting her, and an explosive passion too primal, too perfect to forget...

Over time, the Magickals have learned to live in the company of humans and keep their extraordinary abilities a secret. But despite their vigilance, one lurks among them who will stop at nothing to obtain his dark desire...

A cop with the Seattle P.D., Selina Grayson is committed to both her job and her privacy. Few know that she’s a centuries’ old elf with a tragic past that continues to haunt her. Yet her body still craves the exquisite ecstasy of sex that is her birthright — and a night of complete sensual abandon is just what she needs...

A Special Agent with the FBI Magickal Crimes Unit, Jack Laramie is one of the few Normals who know Magickals exist. He’s wary of their power, but one touch from Selina ignites a fire within his blood. Hot with desire, he’s ready to succumb to her erotic spell. But working a serial killer case together isn’t quite as pleasurable — especially when the killer has a taste for humans like Jack. Now one wrong move could put out their heat for eternity...

Like most humans, Erin was totally in the dark about the hocus pocus going on around her, until she learned a hairy little secret — her aunt and her new husband were both werewolves.

To say family politics got complicated is an understatement, especially when she dated and broke up with a vampire. She has no plans to get involved again with anyone anytime soon, but hey, a girl has to scratch an itch every now and then.

FBI agent Luca Cavalli doesn’t mind Erin’s occasional booty call. He’s not looking for commitment, either. Plus, her family would be none too pleased to learn she’s seeing another vampire.

But when a stalker starts making Erin’s life hell, memories of other women Luca’s loved and lost punch him in the gut. She’s in danger and he’s determined to provide her with protection that’s as up close and personal as it gets...

Meet the Cruz brothers. They look human — except for the golden sheen their eyes take when they’re aroused beyond control... and the way their claws come out when it’s time to play rough. They’re Panthers, ancient shapeshifters, and their survival depands on mating to bring out their wild sides...

"Undeniable" :

When Antonio, the strong, sexy new leader of the Panther pride, meets luscious Solana in a dark alleyway, their passion lights up the night. But she’s an outcast, an impossible mate — and her touch makes him lose all control...

"Irresistible" :

Ex-model and businesswoman Andrea doesn’t need anyone — until she meets Miguel, who tempts her mind with daring games and teases her body with dark, forbidden please she can’t resist...

"Indescribable" :

Wild twins Ricardo and Diego do everything together — and their women appreciate the teamwork. Until shy Isabel takes refuge in their pride, and both want to claim her. Of course, sometimes two mates are better than one...

They are Panthers, sleek and sultry shapeshifters who survive by banding together and mating for life. Theirs is a world of unmatched power and uncontrollable passion...

"Crave Me" :

As newly appointed heir to his Pride, Tomas Montoya struggles with both his new duties and his new mate. He craves the dark and dangerous pleasure he finds with Ciri but wonders if he can ever satisfy her need for more...

"Want Me" :

Teresa Garcia has seen how loving and losing a mate can drive someone mad and she has no interest in experiencing that herself. But when she meets Rafael Santiago, she wants him like no other. Driven by desire, she hungers for his body with a fierce and feral passion...

Graduate student Rebecca Small is so obsessed with the past — especially the Golden Age of Piracy — she doesn’t mind her unglamorous job preparing museum displays. This display is about her favorite subject, James Morrow, a famous pirate who mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

Becca touches the pirate’s antique sword, and finds herself on a ship in the middle of a sword fight, saving the sexy captain from being stabbed in the back — literally. Once the smoke clears, the man who claims he’s her husband is more than eager to reward her for her timely assistance.

James Morrow knows very little about the woman he was forced to marry five years ago, but the woman who saved him doesn’t fit the portrait he’s painted of her in his mind. She’s strong, brave, and submits to his every dark desire. She seems the perfect woman for a pirate, but he makes his living among the dishonest and disreputable — trust isn’t a commodity he trades in.

Three ladies have one thing to say to love. Make me.

"If You Believe" :

When a homeless man predicts she’ll meet her soul mate today, Aubrey only laughs and points to the name of her coffee shop : “Bean There, Done That.”

She’s sure sexy police chief Price Delacroix’s campaign to wear down her resistance is doomed to fail. Until her resident prophet spouts a new prediction : her soul mate’s life is in danger.

"Believe in Me" :

Guardian angel Tori is holding up her end for her current client, but his soul mate’s angel is failing big time. Then a replacement steps in : Jericho, the man who broke her heart — and made her determined to never repeat her own guardian angel’s failures. Jericho’s not about to let Tori slip away again. But if he can’t convince her they’re destined to be together, they face an eternity of consequences...

"Make me Believe" :

Celia’s convinced there’ll be no “third time’s a charm” in the marriage department. She’ll scratch the occasional itch with the right man, but flirtatious firefighter Mason Delacroix is all wrong. Mason wants Celia, and he’s ready for something permanent. When her self-appointed guardian angels lock them in the basement, the ice starts to melt — and their long-denied chemistry explodes.

There’s only one man she needs to believe in. Him.

When it comes to her love life, the name of Aubrey Mathison’s coffee shop says it all : “Bean There, Done That”. There’s only one harmless man in her life right now — the homeless one parked outside the shop. Except the crazy things he says keep coming true.

She has to laugh at “You’ll meet your soul mate today”, though. Divorce taught her that men as gorgeous as sexy police chief Price Delacroix are not to be trusted. She’s totally up for a one-night stand, but more than that ? No, thanks.

Price bears his own scars from the past, but he knows instantly that Aubrey is his. How to convince her he wants more than to be her personal jungle gym ? Cut her off. That means no more mattress gymnastics — until she starts seeing things his way.

Aubrey is just as determined Price’s campaign to wear down her resistance is going to fail, no matter how wickedly determined he is. Until her resident prophet spouts a new prediction : her soul mate’s life is in danger...

Love might need a little push... or a good, swift kick.

Tori Chambers. Old biddy, gossip, busybody and meddler. Except in reality she’s none of those things — she’s a guardian angel who specializes in helping people find their soul mates. Her latest assignment has had her tearing her hair out for over a year. She’s holding up her end for the fireman who’s her current client, but his soul mate’s guardian angel is dropping the ball big time. And when a replacement steps in, it’s enough to curl what’s left of Tori’s hair.

Jericho. The one man who broke her heart — and made her determined to never fail her clients like her own guardian angel failed her.

A hundred years ago, while fighting for Texas independence, Jericho made a mistake that accidentally cost her life. Now that she’s forced to make nice and work with him, he’s determined not to lose her again. Even if he has to tie her to the bed and make love to her until she’s willing to see reason.

Because unknown to Tori, she is his assignment. And if he can’t find a way to convince her they’re soul mates, they face an eternity of consequences...

She has two words for love. “Make me.” Then love changes the rules...

As far as hairstylist Celia Occam is concerned, she’s struck out at marriage twice, and there will be no “third time’s a charm”. So what if one salon employee and the town gossip seem dead set on fixing her up with Prince Charming ? She’s nobody’s princess.

She’s all for scratching the occasional itch with the right man, but flirtatious firefighter Mason Delacroix is all wrong. Besides, with three broken engagements on his romantic rap sheet, even a one-night mattress mambo sounds like a bad idea.

From the first moment Mason encounters Celia’s emotional barriers, he’s determined to turn up the heat as high as it takes to melt the ice. If the whole town wants to back him up by playing Cupid, he’s on board. Track record be damned. He wants Celia, and he’s ready for permanent.

When her self-appointed guardian angels conspire to lock them in the basement, their long-denied chemistry explodes. She finds herself relishing every moment — though her subconscious is already on the run.

Funny thing, though. Every time she zigs, Mason’s already zagged. Making her wonder if this time it’s for real, or if Cupid is just up to its old tricks.

Crystal Jordan, Lorie O'Clare, and P.J. Mellor will have you dreaming of a hot Christmas with this sizzling trio of oh-so-naughty holiday stories.

"Naughty or Nice ?" by Crystal Jordan :

Dayna Sharp has the perfect job, the perfect man... the perfect life. So why is the prospect of marrying Mr Wonderful so perfectly boring ? It's a question Dayna can't shake when she brings her fiancé home to meet her spectacularly un-boring family—and finds herself pursued by a bad-boy bearing gifts that could burn a hole in more than her Christmas stocking...

"Nativity Island" by Lorie O'Clare :

Marine biologist Mercedes Porter isn't accustomed to hot weather on Christmas—or to being half a world away from home on her favorite holiday. But here she is, stranded at a seaside lodge on a tiny island. The only other guest is a darkly mysterious, undeniably gorgeous stranger who certainly knows his way around the mistletoe—and, before long, around Mercedes...

"Escaping Christmas" by P.J. Mellor :

The best things in banker Samantha Harrison's life are her dog, her friends, and her boyfriend—pretty much in that order. But everything changes when, right after knee-buckling, tree-trimming sex, her man breaks the news that he's leaving her for another woman—walking out with her pride and her pooch. Determined to recover both, Sam soon finds herself in Christmas, Texas, handcuffed to the hottest lawman she's ever seen—and hoping for some naked justice...

The biological warfare of the twenty-first century changed the planet in astonishing ways, transforming humans into shape-shifters who love to walk on the wild side — reveling in danger and the explosive desire that consumes them...

"Desire for a Price" :

Half-human, half-lynx, Delilah Chase makes her living as a professional thief. But when half-human, half-hawk Hunter Avery catches her trying to steal his priceless ruby, he makes her a proposition : spend a week in his bed, or take a trip to jail. What follows is seven days of unrelenting, primitive passion neither can live without...

"Desire with no Limits" :

As the owner of Tail, the most notorious techno brothel in New Chicago, mink-shifter Lorelei Chase specializes in fulfilling all of her clients’ kinky fantasies. She just has one rule : Never sample the goods that her customers or workers offer. But every day, jaguar-shifter Nolan Angelo and wolf-shifter Pierce Vaughn tempt her to break that rule — until she ultimately gives in to a burning lust that knows no control...

It is a future few envisioned – humans with the ability to shape and shift into every imaginable predator on earth. This new world is dangerous, dark and filled with desire...

"Hunting Temptation" :

Fox-shifter Gea Crevan is a PI working a case deep in the underbelly of New Chicago. She relies on ruthless businessman Quilliam North for good intel and even better sex, but resists taking him as her mate. Until she witness his carnal lust for another, and suddenly all her feral instincts are unleashed...

"Reclaiming Temptation" :

Grifter Felicia Tamryn is half cheetah and all woman who always gets what she wants. Until the day she tries to con Constantine Breckenridge and instead finds her heart held tight in the talons of an eagle-shifter. Felicia tries to run but her past and her body betray her, catching her in a sexual trap of her own making...

There is only one rule in the Wasteland. Survive.

"The Wanderer" by Crystal Jordan :

For his inventions, Ezra can demand whatever price he wants, and now he wants the fierce warrior, Kadira. Kadira fights her unexpected need for him with all her strength. The trouble is, the more she resists, the more he seems to like it.

"The Whore" by Lilli Feisty :

Prostitution is the only life Bryn knows until she escapes aboard a pirate ship, dressed as a boy. In the arms of Captain Xander and his lover, Hawke, she finds true freedom. Yet danger awaits them at the next port...

"The Breeder" by Eden Bradley :

When Nitara looks into the eyes of the man to be sacrificed along with her virginity, she sees not an animal, but the man who haunts her erotic dreams. Realizing the temptress is as much a prisoner as he, Akaash escapes with her into the arms of his bonded lover, Dhatri. There, she learns loving two men is worth every sacrifice.

"The Priestess" by R.G. Alexander :

On a dangerous journey to an ancient city, High Priestess Xian and her guard, Hel, find a battered stranger. Her attraction to the mysterious Siraj makes Hel’s blood boil, forcing him to cross a line never before dared. And reveal secrets that change everything.

Warning : Contains hot pirates, sexy Sun Guards, dirty and dusty warriors with big swords, three-way, more-way, straight-way, bi-way, anal sex, spanking, naked wrestling, voyeurism, exhibitionism, pretty much every “ism” because, c’mon, it’s the Smutketeers !

Love is the most dangerous experiment of all.

There is only one rule in the Wasteland: survive.

The few remaining women are as reviled as they are worshipped, a commodity any man must pay to touch. And to touch a Wanderer, he may pay with his life.

For Ezra, the risk is worth the reward. People speak his name with the same reverent terror reserved for ancient wrathful gods, but he must always be ready to fend off those who would take what’s his. And what he wants to be his is Kadira.

Kadira, adopted after she witnessed the slaughter of her devoted parents, has vowed never to love or need anyone. It seems only fitting that she, an outsider, accept Ezra’s demand in trade for the fuel technology her clan needs — but her deep, unexpected need for him is the torture she’s fought all her life to avoid. Worse, the greater her wrath, the more he seems to like it.

Ezra’s mercenary half delights at having the warrior woman in his arms. His scientist half can’t resist the urge to see what makes her react — and what makes her explode.

The real experiment : if the bond they forge is strong enough to make her want to stay.

Warning : Threesomes, foursomes, boy on boy, girl on girl, boy on boy on girl, voyeurism, exhibitionism, sex at knifepoint, anal sex, ritual orgies, and, well... it’s just a really dirty book.

Marra’s body burned with desire. It was Wild time, the first week of spring, when Lynx from all over North America gathered in the Sierra Nevada foothills to mate. The time when every Lynx female went into heat.

But Wild is bittersweet for Marra. She’s past the age when most Lynx find their mate. She only comes to Wild for sex and always leaves as she came : alone.

Yet this year is different. A new male Lynx has come to Wild, a foreigner who will claim her in ways she only imagined...

Two years after her lover died, Lynx Jenise finally feels ready to indulge the consuming urge to mate at the shifter gathering known as the Wild. Though her very human heart was broken, her animal instincts can no longer be suppressed.

But even as she finds the rough pleasure she craves with other Lynxes, another instinct haunts Jenise — the feeling that another mate is near...

Lynx shifter Farah has never been interested in limiting herself to a single mate, though she’s instinctively drawn to the unrestrained lust of The Wild, her people’s mating time. She’s particularly aroused by the sight of two men pleasuring a female together. But as she gives in to her desire with Ryan and Eric, Farah begins to suspect the impossible : that both men could be her mates...

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