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Doris Lessing

Doris Lessing

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Biographie de Doris Lessing

Ajouté par vivih le 24 Décembre 2013

Doris Lessing was born Doris May Taylor in Persia (now Iran) on October 22, 1919. Both of her parents were British: her father, who had been crippled in World War I, was a clerk in the Imperial Bank of Persia; her mother had been a nurse. In 1925, lured by the promise of getting rich through maize farming, the family moved to the British colony in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Doris's mother adapted to the rough life in the settlement, energetically trying to reproduce what was, in her view, a civilized, Edwardian life among savages; but her father did not, and the thousand-odd acres of bush he had bought failed to yield the promised wealth.
Lessing has described her childhood as an uneven mix of some pleasure and much pain. The natural world, which she explored with her brother, Harry, was one retreat from an otherwise miserable existence. Her mother, obsessed with raising a proper daughter, enforced a rigid system of rules and hygiene at home, then installed Doris in a convent school, where nuns terrified their charges with stories of hell and damnation. Lessing was later sent to an all-girls high school in the capital of Salisbury, from which she soon dropped out. She was thirteen; and it was the end of her formal education.

But like other women writers from southern African who did not graduate from high school (such as Olive Schreiner and Nadine Gordimer), Lessing made herself into a self-educated intellectual. She recently commented that unhappy childhoods seem to produce fiction writers. "Yes, I think that is true. Though it wasn't apparent to me then. Of course, I wasn't thinking in terms of being a writer then - I was just thinking about how to escape, all the time." The parcels of books ordered from London fed her imagination, laying out other worlds to escape into. Lessing's early reading included Dickens, Scott, Stevenson, Kipling; later she discovered D.H. Lawrence, Stendhal, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky. Bedtime stories also nurtured her youth: her mother told them to the children and Doris herself kept her younger brother awake, spinning out tales. Doris's early years were also spent absorbing her fathers bitter memories of World War I, taking them in as a kind of "poison." "We are all of us made by war," Lessing has written, "twisted and warped by war, but we seem to forget it."

In flight from her mother, Lessing left home when she was fifteen and took a job as a nursemaid. Her employer gave her books on politics and sociology to read, while his brother-in-law crept into her bed at night and gave her inept kisses. During that time she was, Lessing has written, "in a fever of erotic longing." Frustrated by her backward suitor, she indulged in elaborate romantic fantasies. She was also writing stories, and sold two to magazines in South Africa.

Lessing's life has been a challenge to her belief that people cannot resist the currents of their time, as she fought against the biological and cultural imperatives that fated her to sink without a murmur into marriage and motherhood. "There is a whole generation of women," she has said, speaking of her mother's era, "and it was as if their lives came to a stop when they had children. Most of them got pretty neurotic - because, I think, of the contrast between what they were taught at school they were capable of being and what actually happened to them." Lessing believes that she was freer than most people because she became a writer. For her, writing is a process of "setting at a distance," taking the "raw, the individual, the uncriticized, the unexamined, into the realm of the general."

In 1937 she moved to Salisbury, where she worked as a telephone operator for a year. At nineteen, she married Frank Wisdom, and had two children. A few years later, feeling trapped in a persona that she feared would destroy her, she left her family, remaining in Salisbury. Soon she was drawn to the like-minded members of the Left Book Club, a group of Communists "who read everything, and who did not think it remarkable to read." Gottfried Lessing was a central member of the group; shortly after she joined, they married and had a son.

During the postwar years, Lessing became increasingly disillusioned with the Communist movement, which she left altogether in 1954. By 1949, Lessing had moved to London with her young son. That year, she also published her first novel, The Grass Is Singing, and began her career as a professional writer.

Lessing's fiction is deeply autobiographical, much of it emerging out of her experiences in Africa. Drawing upon her childhood memories and her serious engagement with politics and social concerns, Lessing has written about the clash of cultures, the gross injustices of racial inequality, the struggle among opposing elements within an individuals own personality, and the conflict between the individual conscience and the collective good. Her stories and novellas set in Africa, published during the fifties and early sixties, decry the dispossession of black Africans by white colonials, and expose the sterility of the white culture in southern Africa. In 1956, in response to Lessing's courageous outspokenness, she was declared a prohibited alien in both Southern Rhodesia and South Africa.

Over the years, Lessing has attempted to accommodate what she admires in the novels of the nineteenth century - their "climate of ethical judgement" - to the demands of twentieth-century ideas about consciousness and time. After writing the Children of Violence series (1951-1959), a formally conventional bildungsroman (novel of education) about the growth in consciousness of her heroine, Martha Quest, Lessing broke new ground with The Golden Notebook (1962), a daring narrative experiment, in which the multiple selves of a contemporary woman are rendered in astonishing depth and detail. Anna Wulf, like Lessing herself, strives for ruthless honesty as she aims to free herself from the chaos, emotional numbness, and hypocrisy afflicting her generation.

Attacked for being "unfeminine" in her depiction of female anger and aggression, Lessing responded, "Apparently what many women were thinking, feeling, experiencing came as a great surprise." As at least one early critic noticed, Anna Wulf "tries to live with the freedom of a man" - a point Lessing seems to confirm: "These attitudes in male writers were taken for granted, accepted as sound philosophical bases, as quite normal, certainly not as woman-hating, aggressive, or neurotic."

In the 1970s and 1980s, Lessing began to explore more fully the quasi-mystical insight Anna Wulf seems to reach by the end of The Golden Notebook. Her "inner-space fiction" deals with cosmic fantasies (Briefing for a Descent into Hell, 1971), dreamscapes and other dimensions (Memoirs of a Survivor, 1974), and science fiction probings of higher planes of existence (Canopus in Argos: Archives, 1979-1983). These reflect Lessing's interest, since the 1960s, in Idries Shah, whose writings on Sufi mysticism stress the evolution of consciousness and the belief that individual liberation can come about only if people understand the link between their own fates and the fate of society.

Lessing's other novels include The Good Terrorist (1985) and The Fifth Child (1988); she also published two novels under the pseudonym Jane Somers (The Diary of a Good Neighbour, 1983 and If the Old Could..., 1984). In addition, she has written several nonfiction works, including books about cats, a love since childhood. Under My Skin: Volume One of My Autobiography, to 1949 appeared in 1995 and received the James Tait Black Prize for best biography.

Addenda (by Jan Hanford)

In June 1995 she received an Honorary Degree from Harvard University. Also in 1995, she visited South Africa to see her daughter and grandchildren, and to promote her autobiography. It was her first visit since being forcibly removed in 1956 for her political views. Ironically, she is welcomed now as a writer acclaimed for the very topics for which she was banished 40 years ago.

She collaborated with illustrator Charlie Adlard to create the unique and unusual graphic novel, Playing the Game. After being out of print in the U.S. for more than 30 years, Going Home and In Pursuit of the English were republished by HarperCollins in 1996. These two fascinating and important books give rare insight into Mrs. Lessing's personality, life and views.

In 1996, her first novel in 7 years, Love Again, was published by HarperCollins. She did not make any personal appearances to promote the book. In an interview, she describes the frustration she felt during a 14-week worldwide tour to promote her autobiography: "I told my publishers it would be far more useful for everyone if I stayed at home, writing another book. But they wouldn't listen. This time round I stamped my little foot and said I would not move from my house and would do only one interview." And the honors keep on coming: she was on the list of nominees for the Nobel Prize for Literature and Britain's Writer's Guild Award for Fiction in 1996.

Late in the year, HarperCollins published Play with A Tiger and Other Plays, a compilation of 3 of her plays: Play with a Tiger, The Singing Door and Each His Own Wilderness. In an unexplained move, HarperCollins only published this volume in the U.K. and it is not available in the U.S., to the disappointment of her North American readers.

In 1997 she collaborated with Philip Glass for the second time, providing the libretto for the opera "The Marriages Between Zones Three, Four and Five" which premiered in Heidelberg, Germany in May. Walking in the Shade, the anxiously awaited second volume of her autobiography, was published in October and was nominated for the 1997 National Book Critics Circle Award in the biography/autobiography category. This volume documents her arrival in England in 1949 and takes us up to the publication of The Golden Notebook. This is the final volume of her autobiography, she will not be writing a third volume.

Her new novel, titled "Mara and Dann", was been published in the U.S in January 1999 and in the U.K. in April 1999. In an interview in the London Daily Telegraph she said, "I adore writing it. I'll be so sad when it's finished. It's freed my mind." 1999 also saw her first experience on-line, with a chat at Barnes & Noble (transcript). In May 1999 she will be presented with the XI Annual International Catalunya Award, an award by the government of Catalunya.

December 31 1999: In the U.K.'s last Honours List before the new Millennium, Doris Lessing was appointed a Companion of Honour, an exclusive order for those who have done "conspicuous national service." She revealed she had turned down the offer of becoming a Dame of the British Empire because there is no British Empire. Being a Companion of Honour, she explained, means "you're not called anything - and it's not demanding. I like that". Being a Dame was "a bit pantomimey". The list was selected by the Labor Party government to honor people in all walks of life for their contributions to their professions and to charity. It was officially bestowed by Queen Elizabeth II.

In January, 2000 the National Portrait Gallery in London unveiled Leonard McComb's portrait of Doris Lessing.

Ben, in the World, the sequel to The Fifth Child was published in Spring 2000 (U.K.) and Summer 2000 (U.S.). Another new novel is planned for next year.

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Ajouté par vivih le 24 Décembre 2013

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Un Lever de soleil sur le Veld , édité par Alan Duff; Série: Cambridge apprentissage de l'anglais, à Londres: Cambridge UP, 1975

A reçu le Prix Médicis français pour les étrangers.

L'histoire "Pas de sorcellerie à vendre» a été publié dans Sœurs de sorcellerie: deux siècles de sorcellerie Stories par le doux sexe, Manley, Seon & Gogo Lewis. NY: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, comprend des histoires par Andre Norton, Dorothy Sayers, Doris Lessing et autres. Couverture illustrée par Edward Gorey.
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Avis de Recherches suffic
Lettre à l'éditeur , The Guardian (Londres), la date non précisée.
Discours de Shakespeare-Preis
A reçu le Prix Shakespeare de la Hamburger Stiftung Allemagne de l'Ouest et le Prix d'Etat autrichien de littérature européenne.
Contribué à la bande audio: Une façon antique de New Freedom , Ishk.

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Ce fut le Vieux Pays du chef, Pas de sorcellerie à vendre, l'Homme nouveau
savoir par Doris Lessing (cassettes audio) Spoken Arts , 1986 (2 cassettes)

Reçu le Prix littéraire WH Smith et le prix Mondello en Italie pour The Good Terrorist
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A reçu le Prix Palmero.
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Reçu docteur ès lettres, diplôme honorifique de l'Université de Princeton.
Zimbabwe mobilise les agents de changement , article dans The Independent (Londres), le 18 Janvier 1989.
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Un jeu basé sur Mémoires d'un survivant a été réalisée au Théâtre du Festival.
Inclus dans le livre l'anthologie des enfants: des histoires d'aventure , choisi par Clive King, illustré par Brian Walker; New York:. Kingfisher Books, 1993
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5 mai 1994: revue de Idries Shah Le commandant auto dans le Times de Londres.
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Spies I Have Known and Other Stories
Londres : Cascade / Collins Educational (HarperCollins), 1995

Reçu un diplôme honorifique de l'Université Harvard, 8 Juin 1995.
Reçu James Tait Prix Noir pour meilleure biographie: Under My Skin .
Reçu 1995 prix Los Angeles Times Book pour Under My Skin .
Sur la liste des critiques pour le 1995 Prix Nobel de littérature .
Le Golden Notebook inclus dans l'exposition «Livres du siècle" au Centre de la Bibliothèque publique de New York pour les sciences humaines, 20 mai, 13 1995-Juillet 1996, et de la bibliothèque publique de New York des livres du siècle , publié par l'Université d'Oxford Appuyez sur
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Sur la liste des nominés pour le Prix Nobel de littérature et Guild Award de la Writer de la Grande-Bretagne pour la fiction.
Contribué à un décès pour Idries Shah, Daily Telegraph de Londres, Novembre 1996.
Extrait du Shikasta , publié dans l'anthologie, Pratiquement: histoires de la science, de la technologie et de l'avenir , Edité par Jeanne Schinto. Persea Books.
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Elle a collaboré avec Philip Glass sur un deuxième opéra , basé sur " Les mariages entre les zones Trois, Quatre et Cinq ", dont la première à Heidelberg, en Allemagne le 10 mai.
Histoire courte / essai (?) Inclus dans soixante ans de la Grande-Fiction de Partisan Review de William Phillips (Auteur), Partisan Review, Boston, MA.
(?) Histoire courte / essai inclus dans Chats glorieux: une collection de mots et Peintures , par Helen Exley (Sous la direction); Exley cadeaux Livres
Le regard fixe (histoire courte) publié dans le The New Yorker , le 7 Juillet 1997.
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Londres :
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Une soirée avec Doris Lessing (conférence et discussion), Partisan Review / 1, hiver 1998, Nombre Volume LXV 1, l'Université de Boston.

"Maudie e Jane" (Maudie et Jane) - pièce de théâtre basée sur Le Journal de Jane Somers
Réalisé par Luciano Nattino
Avec: Judith Malina et Lorenza Zambon
Casa Degli Alfieri, Italie: lundi, 30 Mars, 1998

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Londres :
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Ben, dans le monde
Londres :
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Particulièrement Chats
réédité avec un chapitre supplémentaire, "La vieillesse d'El Magnifico."
Burford Livres, Short Hills, New Jersey, 2000
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