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Toutes les séries de Mark Henwick

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Seule survivante d’une attaque meurtrière qui décime son unité, Amber Farrell est contrainte de quitter les forces spéciales pour s’enrôler dans la police de Denver. Mais si elle a échappé de justesse à la mort, l’armée ne la laissera pas s’en tirer si facilement. Car sa vie et sa liberté dépendent de sa véritable mission : si elle ne parvient pas à prouver l’existence des vampires et à retarder sa propre transformation, c’est le retour en cellule qui l’attend... Lorsqu’une série de morts suspectes frappe la ville, Amber se voit obligée de choisir entre devoir et instinct, entre ce que lui imposent ses obligations et ce que lui dicte sa conscience.

Amber fait à présent partie d’un monde nouveau, et il n’est plus possible de revenir en arrière...

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Saigon at dawn, they say, is like waking from an opium dream. But dreams become nightmares when monsters can take any shape – even a human one. It’s approaching the end of the nineteenth century, in the French colonial empire of the Far East. Bian is a young Annamese girl whose disgraced father is hounded by lies that he stole the emperor’s gold. In a desperate bid to free her of their bad luck, Bian’s parents hide the truth of their situation and sell her to the Beauclercs, a French couple, who are looking to adopt a child. But the bad luck is a curse that follows her. When Bian leans the awful truth about the events surrounding her adoption by the Beauclercs, she commits herself to finding her lost sister, whatever the cost. Nothing will stop her, not even finding out that underneath the civilized facade of Saigon seethes a different world of human predators, shape-shifting tigers and blood-drinking vampires. Alone and betrayed, she finds that there are no easy choices and she must reap the harvest of lies.

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What price would you pay?

Dr. Amanda Lloyd, a dying psychiatrist, is desperate to give the only testimony that will keep the criminal mastermind of a human trafficking network in jail. She can’t spare time for the handsome patient who claims to be a vampire.

Unless what he offers her is exactly what she needs…

Tous les livres de Mark Henwick

Like an electric current, arcing from ear to ear through the New York underworld, the word comes; he’s here. The city has a new Master of vampires, House Altau, and the existing, unaffiliated community is now facing a sentence of death.

The storm builds, and one of the leaders of that community, Livia or Julius, must chose to be the lightning conductor to save the rest from destruction. But will that be an acceptable sacrifice to Altau?

And if so, which one of them will it be?

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