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Toutes les séries de Scarlet Blackwell

3 livres
8 lecteurs

Le stylo est plus puissant que le hachoir...

Le chef français Luc Tessier possède un cinq étoiles. Son programme de cuisine à la télévision est classé aussi haut que son restaurant, et les aventures occasionnelles sont sa spécialité. La seule tache sur sa toque est Daniel Sheridan, un critique gastronomique anglais qui s’est fait un devoir de ruiner sa réputation. La seule façon de clarifier cette tache particulière consiste à inviter le critique à dîner et à enterrer la hache de guerre – de préférence dans le dos de Daniel.

Cependant, au moment où il pose les yeux sur lui, les pensées de Luc passent des sauces à la séduction.

Daniel trouve définitivement Luc appétissant, mais il la joue cool. Il ne veut plus jamais être le jouet de quiconque. Pourtant, face à la poursuite incessante de Luc, il a du mal à garder le chef flamboyant à bout de bras. Un concours de cuisine sur une île écossaise isolée semble être le moyen idéal de mettre un peu de distance entre eux. Jusqu’à ce que Luc se présente, déterminé à remporter non seulement le trophée, mais également le cœur de Daniel...

Avertissement : deux hommes extrêmement chauds sont déterminés à proposer une nouvelle définition du « torride ». L’utilisation explicite d’un certain type de nourriture pourrait provoquer des combats alimentaires nus...

Description VO :

The pen is mightier than the cleaver... French chef Luc Tessier is five-star successful. His cookery program on TV is rated as high as his restaurant, and casual flings are his specialty. The only stain on his toque is Daniel Sheridan, an English food critic who has made it his business to ruin Luc's reputation. The only way to clarify this particular pat of butter is to invite the critic to dine and bury the hatchet-preferably in Daniel's back. The moment he lays eyes on Daniel, however, Luc's thoughts turn from sauces to seduction. Daniel definitely finds Luc appetizing, but he plays it cool. He never wants to be anyone's toy, ever again. Yet in the face of Luc's relentless pursuit, he's finding it harder to keep the flamboyant chef at arm's length. A cooking competition on a remote Scottish island seems the perfect way to put some distance between them. Until Luc shows up to compete, determined to win not only the trophy, but Daniel's heart... Warning: Ingredients include two extremely hot men determined to come up with a whole new definition for "sizzling." Explicit use of food items could incite spontaneous nekkid food fights.

2 livres

On Sin Row, the cops are more bent than the criminals…

Getting sexual favours from rent boys on Sin Row is a perk of the job for corrupt cop Blake Astor and his partner Ronnie Kemp.

When Io Spencer appears on the scene, though, Blake’s seldom-troubled heart gets involved.

When things escalate out of control, is he prepared to risk everything for Io?

Reader Advisory: This hard hitting book has sex scenes that some may consider contain dubious consent. The are also scenes of double penetration and ménage à trois.

4 livres

Clear Water Creek Chronicles #1

Sheriff Sean Keller hides a terrible secret - he watched a heinous crime committed eighteen years ago and did nothing to prevent it. Now he finds himself face to face with Eden Gray, the victim of that crime, who is now not so much the boy anymore, but the man. Eden makes Sean sit up and remember those forbidden desires he thought he had locked away forever and the guilt which has blighted his life.

2 livres

The Captain always goes down with his ship.Josh Addison is recovering from a broken heart on a two week cruise of the Mediterranean.Enter the captain of the ship, the dashingly handsome Kane Kessler. Josh is determined not to fall for him and convinced Kane won t look twice. That s not what his crazy neighbours Erik and Freddie think and neither does Kane himself.He wants to make Josh the Captain s Man.Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of auto-fellatio and voyeurism/exhibitionism."

Tous les livres de Scarlet Blackwell

A bloodsucker discovers he's not the only monster stalking the streets of Victorian London, when his nightly search for sustenance brings him face-to-face with the city's most notorious butcher - Jack the Ripper. A short story from our Spectres horror line.

1 lecteurs

When rent boy Seymour meets his new client, the sexually depraved Cole, things will never be the same again. Seymour isn't even the right sex. Cole wanted a woman that night but resorted to a man out of desperation and soon things are spinning wildly out of control.

Cole's an addict - a man who spends vast amounts of money on pornography and prostitutes and still craves more, twenty-four seven. Soon he's introducing Seymour to a world of excess beyond anything he's ever known...

He lost his heart once. Is it too damaged for love to find it again?

In the five years since the love of his life abandoned him at the altar, Jake Morgan hasn’t left his house. The locals in this small, English town have dubbed him “Mr. Havisham”, but he’s too preoccupied wrestling his demons to care about Dickensian comparisons.

Forced to admit he’s losing the battle to keep up his large estate alone, he reluctantly places an advert for help. The striking young man who answers his call shakes him to the core.

When Darius answers the ad for the position at the mysterious mansion, the bitter, lonely master of the house tugs at his heartstrings. Setting aside his own run of bad luck, Darius batters at Jake’s emotional walls with kindness and determination that defy all attempts to drive him away.

Just as tendrils of new love begin to intertwine, though, a terrible voice from the past intrudes. And threatens to drive Jake back into the shadows where Darius can never reach him.

For two years of his ten-year prison sentence, Dane Faulkner has been a man best left alone. When Bailey Lewis disturbs his solitude and becomes a target for the local bullies, Dane finds the best way to protect him is to stake his own claim. What happens when the pretence becomes something more?

Scarlet Blackwell's first collection of short stories is a mixture. Mostly contemporary, with a fantasy story and a Victorian setting thrown in for good measure, the stories feature love-lorn m/m couples from every walk of life - some sportsmen, some porn stars, some mentally challenged. The common theme is love, as always and the finding of that one special person.

Scarlet Blackwell's second collection of short m/m stories features characters old and new.

English footballer Luke still craves the love of his German nemesis Dieter. Jude is still smitten with the sweet and innocent Charlie.

Hot bosses give away both kisses and spanking. A lovelorn architect desires a king in medieval Wales. Rock stars conduct clandestine affairs on tour and wicked highwayman Dante de Beaufort from Stand and Deliver gets another outing.

The stories are diverse but they have common themes - love and lashings of sex.

Seven years after an unhappy affair with a marine biologist, Conor Kelly finds lightning strikes twice. A US film crew arrives in the picturesque seaside town of Kinroe, West Ireland to record the autopsy of a beached whale. As local chief of police, Conor is angry at the desecration of wildlife and the interruption to his secluded life. But head of the project, marine biologist Eli Sanders, makes his admiration plain. Conor tries to ignore his attentions. He nearly lost his family to his first homosexual experience and isn't willing to risk it all again, no matter how much Eli has captured his imagination. But Eli enchants him, seduces him and soon Conor can't keep his mind on the job...

Sam Campbell is a struggling artist and playboy beach bum who pretends to be a taxi driver to take a good-looking blind man home. Blondie is not impressed and calls the cops on Sam…

Artist and playboy beach bum Sam's life is turned around when he meets blind Kieran and falls hard for him. Kieran is fiercely independent and doesn't need a man like Sam in his life. But Sam needs a man like Kieran and it's up to him to persuade Kieran he's worth a shot.

In Bollywood, the brightest stars are the ones who need the most care.Amar Vartak is fresh off the plane from England and on the set of his first Bollywood movie. Rama Kamane is his crush, his hero and the hottest Bollywood star of the moment.Amar wants him but Rama doesn t dare go there. He has his reputation to protect and he doesn t tangle with male actors. He hasn t bargained on the English boy capturing his heart though...Reader Advisory: This book contains one scene of menage a trois and contains scenes of M/M intimacy"

On the outs with his lover, author Gabriel Black retreats to work on a new book at his Alaskan hideaway, where he expects peace and quiet... instead Gabriel gets shock and surprise when an intruder breaks in and takes him hostage. His captor, Ethan, is far too handsome for Gabriel's own good, and Gabriel decides that the best way to get free is to seduce his captor. The question is: Will he enjoy it too much to want to escape if Ethan gives in?

Bookworm Rhys lives in the idyllic town of Hawks Bridge and spends his days working at the local library, his evenings quietly reading. He thinks it's all about books and even the occasional interruption 'real life' throws his way cannot change his beliefs. When car thief Darren arrives to do his community service, Rhys's world is turned upside down. Rhys thinks the man is uneducated, only to find him reading classics. He expects him to behave like the criminal he is, only Darren doesn't. While Rhys isn't exactly out and proud, Darren is in denial about his sexuality. They are wrong for each other on so many levels, yet rejection only makes the need greater...

Lonely office worker Neil wanders around Manchester in the last-minute Christmas rush when he spots Kai soliciting for money. Neil wants company, Kai wants money, both love the sex--can they find common ground?

Lonely office worker Neil finishes at work for three days. Wandering around Manchester in the last-minute Christmas crush, he spots Kai soliciting for money. After buying him a sandwich, he invites Kai home, looking for company.

Kai tells him he's doing it for the money, but the sex is great and suddenly he is in no rush to leave. Do they have a future?

Children's book writer Jacob Bailey has retreated to Scotland to die in solitude, tormented by the loss of the love of his life, and wishing for an end to his suffering. In his remote house on the cliff he is visited by an angel, with history and pain of his own, a being who brings far more to Jacob's final days than he could ever hope for. CONTENT ADVISORY: This title contains a bittersweet ending.

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Dans l’Inferno, la passion brûle plus que les flammes de l’enfer...

Après l’assassinat d’un jeune prostitué bien connu dans la nouvelle boîte de nuit gay Inferno, les policiers de Moonlight Cove, Zack Stewart et sa partenaire Claire Keaton, se retrouvent avec un nombre ahurissant de suspects, tous ayant des liens avec la victime.

Le suspect principal de Zack est l’arrogant propriétaire du club, Dante Jardine, un homme pas si facile à déchiffrer, et encore plus difficile à cerner. Bientôt, les policiers se retrouvent avec une multitude de corps et les priorités de Zack deviennent plus floues au fur et à mesure qu’il côtoie Dante.

Lorsque sa vie professionnelle et sa vie personnelle commencent à fusionner, Zack se retrouve à un croisement dangereux, entre être un bon policier ou céder à son désir grandissant...

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47 lecteurs

Vous aimez les aventures passionnées, voire carrément brûlantes... ? La collection Sexy Stories vous propose des histoires faites pour être dévorées... d’une seule bouchée ! Prêt pour une pause gourmande... ?

Dix ans se sont écoulées depuis les atrocités du 11-Septembre. Ancien membre de la police de New York, Damon y a perdu son compagnon, Justin, un pompier mort dans l’effondrement des Tours Jumelles. Depuis, il vit au Canada où il a fui pour tenter de ramasser les morceaux de sa vie.

Toujours en plein deuil, il accepte pour la première fois depuis le drame de revenir à New York pour passer Noël en famille. Par nostalgie, il se rend dans le bar préféré de Justin près de Ground Zero – c’est là qu’il rencontre Simon, un pompier qui, lui, a survécu au 11-Septembre. L’attirance est immédiate et réciproque, mais Damon ne peut se résoudre à lui laisser sa chance, par peur de vivre une nouvelle tragédie...

Description VO :

Ten years after the horror of 9/11 and the loss of his firefighter partner Justin, former NYPD cop Damon Summerfield is back in New York for Christmas with his family. Still deep in mourning with no end in sight, he visits Justin's favourite bar near Ground Zero and there meets Simon, a member of the FDNY and fellow survivor of 9/11. Damon can't bear to give their attraction a chance, not when he thinks Simon's job will tear them apart someday... Can Simon help Damon with his grief and can they build a future together? CONTENT ADVISORY: This title contains a HFN ending.

It’s just casual sex with no strings attached...or is it?

Nate and Ronan have hooked up for mind-blowing sex every Monday for the past two years, but when Nate meets Shane in a bar, he thinks he’s found ‘the one’. Shane owns a chocolate shop and loves to bring his work into his personal life, and after a night of chocolate-coated sex Nate will never forget, he decides to break off his casual arrangement with Ronan to give the relationship a chance.

There’s only one problem—Ronan is intelligent and irresistible, and he knows Nate better than anyone else. To make matters even more complicated, lately Nate can’t get enough of his kisses, whether they lead to sex or not. Can Nate figure out what—and who—he really wants, before he loses both of the men in his life?

Dexter is a rent boy falling for his new client. Logan is a homicide cop falling for his rent boy. Now madly in love, Logan discovers Dexter is dangerously in thrall to a gangster whose clutches he can’t escape. When the gangster finds out about the two of them, he targets Dexter’s friend in revenge. The quickest answer is a safe house, but how long will it be safe?

The world is cruel and life is full of bitterness and heartbreak. We will all experience loss and longing. We will all be brought to our knees by desire. Welcome to twenty years in the life of Heathcliff Hart.

Heath has it hard from day one. Wrenched from California and sent to boarding school on the south coast of England by his parents, he soon learns quickly how to survive. His only friend is Stephen, his teacher, a man Heath will rely on more and more as he finds out that love hurts, life bruises and no one gets out alive.

"Opportunity knocks once in a lifetime "

Harley Hayes is always looking for a new challenge to stretch his artistic vision. The subject of his first foray into nudes is a vision, indeed: Ryan Morgan. With each sitting, Harley finds it harder to ignore the fact he s falling head over heels for the straight-arrow model.

Their first kiss confirms that Ryan feels the heat, too for about five seconds. Then he pushes Harley away and bolts.

Ryan is less than proud of some of the things he s done to survive his hand-to-mouth existence. Including model for a gay magazine and accept money from his female clients in exchange for extra favors . The memory of Harley s kiss still rattles the foundation of his sexuality even now, six months later.

When they run into each other at a gallery opening, nothing has changed. The sparks flare brighter than ever, driving Harley to make an offer he desperately hopes Ryan won t refuse. And Ryan is just desperate enough to say yes

Warning: Contains scenes of m/m intimacy; hot sex on a kitchen table and a man with a body to die for.

When the love of Austin Bale's life--Rupert the German Shepherd--is critically injured in a car accident, Austin has to come up with seventeen hundred dollars, and fast. Austin lives alone, works a minimum wage job, and has no one he can turn to. The only thing he can offer to vet Lynton Brooke, by way of payment, is himself.

Sebastien, a French vampire, has lived with the murder of his true love for three hundred years. Now there’s someone new on the scene, someone who looks very much like his dead love. Did she somehow survive? Has she been reincarnated? He won’t stop until he finds out exactly who she is.

Alex, a blonde and beautiful woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, is followed one night by a mysterious man. Their chemistry is undeniable, and despite the realization he wants her because she looks like someone from his past, she finds herself naked and beneath him.

Soon, Alex is visited by a member of the mysterious Council, one who threatens to end her life. Can Sebastien save her, or will she meet the same fate Eloise did three hundred years ago?

King Kavan, ruler of the kingdom of Decius, wants to kill all vampires in the land. What he hasn’t reckoned on is his second-in-command running off with one of the winged creatures or that he would fall in love with the beautiful Harben. Keeping Harben locked in his tower, with orders to maim the vampire’s wings should he escape, isn’t conducive to receiving Harben’s love in turn, but what happens when Kavan’s forbidden feelings are tested? Would he save Harben’s life at the expense of his own?

When Officer Caleb Baker chases two thieves into an abandoned warehouse, his night goes badly wrong. His partner vanishes, and he is left bound and gagged and at the mercy of Leon and Riley, who are both determined to have some fun with their captive policeman.

Travelling salesman Paul is only in the historic English town of Lincoln for one night and is looking to pick up a spicy little something to take back to his hotel. Should twenty-year old student Adam be off limits? He's too young and Paul should know better. But Adam's too keen and Paul has limited will power...

When falling in love with the man he’s trying to protect is taboo, what’s a desperate man supposed to do?

When narcotics detective Mason Pearce is assigned to protect federal witness Kayden Cole at a top-secret location, they are instantly drawn to each other. Shy, geeky Kayden likes birdwatching and has an unsavoury past. He’s really not Mason’s type, so Mason can’t explain why the chemistry between them soon rages out of control.

But any relationship is doomed. Kayden’s a wanted man and Mason can’t risk the witness’ life by getting close. Can they find a way to be together, despite the federal red tape and danger surrounding them?

Reader Advisory: This book contains themes of past drug abuse and dealing, rape, prostitution and attempted murder.

2 lecteurs

After a near fatal car crash leaves him scarred both physically and emotionally, Matt Harmon finds the solitude of his huge, lonely house too much to bear. Hiring nurse James Hayden to look after him seems like the best idea for Matt, whose fierce independence has been compromised by his injuries. The two men clash from the start as James struggles to help Matt rebuild his shattered body and heal his crushed soul. The bond they form is forged in fire and ice, and the wounds they inflict on one another can only be erased by Matt's admission that he can't live without James's loving touch. Will Matt realize too late that James is the only one who can rescue him from himself?

Sheridan Roberts has run his animal sanctuary on the remote Scottish island of Aurora for two years and been alone since his partner Scott ran off with most of his lottery winnings. He doesn't trust anyone, only his animals, and has been trying unsuccessfully not to notice his employee Elliot Fox.

Elliot is head over heels in love with his cold boss and just as passionate as him about animals. He believes he doesn't stand a chance but he's prepared to fight off other men to win a chance at Sheridan's bruised heart.

Conrad Muller’s heart is the center of a web of friendships, fights, and love lost and found in a close-knit group of gay men in Orange County, California. Six months ago, Conrad died, and his organs were donated for transplant. A month later, Conrad’s lover, Christian, receives a letter from the recipient of Conrad’s donated heart.

Christian can’t stop thinking about the letter, and he’s not the only one affected by loss. Conrad’s best friend Eban is also brokenhearted, and he’s struggling with his lover Damien, who has always resented living in Conrad’s shadow. Though Conrad is gone, his friends and his lover will have to cope with their grief to move on and find new love.

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États-Unis, dans le futur. Chaque foyer possède désormais un homme-bot ou une femme-bot, des robots conçus pour faciliter la vie de leur propriétaire et obéir à chacun de leurs ordres.

Gray, célibataire, partage ainsi sa maison avec Kavan, un humanoïde d’un mètre quatre-vingt-dix, musclé et extrêmement sexy. Alors le jour où son meilleur ami, Mitchell, lui avoue avoir couché avec son propre homme-bot, Gray ne peut s’empêcher de regarder Kavan d’un autre œil. Mais même si Gray est un homme très seul, lui n’a aucune envie d’abuser d’une machine. Et Kavan étant programmé pour répondre au moindre de ses caprices, comment pourrait-il faire preuve d’un consentement éclairé… ?

Pourtant, Gray risque bien de découvrir que non seulement son robot possède des guides d’instructions détaillées sur l’art de le satisfaire, mais que, surtout… il s’avère bien plus humain et volontaire dans ses réactions qu’il n’aurait jamais pu l’imaginer.

Hayden Berry is lost in a small South Dakota town after crashing his car, when he is rescued by Deputy Sheriff Dylan Hubble and taken home for the night. One night turns into two when they are snowed in and instant attraction turns into life-long love.

But Hayden isn't free to be with Dylan and he leaves, the memory of that winter casting a shadow over the rest of his life...

Victorian gentleman Dorian is looking for company on Christmas Eve and rent boy Benedict fits the bill. Dorian buries his troubles in the delights of the flesh and soon realises one night just won't do...

His peers argue that Victorian gentleman Dorian isn't so much the gentleman anymore since his fall from grace. Dorian's alone on Christmas Eve and looking for solace. Rent boy Benedict steps up to fill the role and his own miserable story is sure to strike a cord with Dorian...

A tale of dark, dangerous highwaymen and the man they take captive.

When Lucien Mayer, 14th Earl of Ravensberry is taken hostage by a gang of highwaymen, he is drawn to the damaged, reclusive Ambrosius and the dangerous, brooding Dante. Torn between escaping and satisfying his body's needs, his life will never be the same again.

Reader Advisory: This book contains explicit scenes of m/m sex and ménage a trois.

Ever since loitering in the university quad drinking from students, two hundred year old vampire Johann wants the thing he will never have — the boy with the golden hair. He stalks Lucas for years, meeting him once a year, watching him grow into a man until finally, he can no longer take the strength of his own desire. Will he give in to his need to make Lucas his or will he let him go forever?

Justine is at the most boring conference in the world in a hotel from the 1970s with its décor falling apart. The only bright spot on the horizon is Julian, her sexy boss, the man who fills a suit like no other. Soon she finds out her colleague Michael has designs on Julian too and wants to rope Justine in to seducing him that very night. Justine has no idea which way Julian swings. She’s intimidated by her boss but Michael has balls enough for both of them…

Master of the grand house Stephen, is cold and unloved but beneath this frigid exterior beats a passionate heart.

All his love is reserved for his servant Austin, but knowing this love will never be reciprocated, he has resolved to send him away.

Traumatised by the nightmare of trench warfare in France, Robert Blake turns to rent boy Jack Anderson for solace. Neither man expects their business relationship to go quite so far.

It is 1919, less than a year after the end of the First World War with a recovering Britain in the grip of the influenza pandemic. Crippled veteran of the Somme battle, Robert Blake, is looking for someone to ease his nightmares of France and his guilt over what happened to his commanding officer. He turns to educated rent boy Jack Anderson for physical solace, not expecting how deeply the two soon become immersed in each other's lives.

He's one wildcat who needs to be tamed...

Washed-up American TV star Dexter Summerfield is adrift in the UK with no friends and a career full of more scandal than highlights. His boss throws him one last lifeline: searching for the elusive Scottish wildcat as part of a nature documentary. But taking on the job means taking on reclusive, dangerously sexy cameraman Kade Macbeth, just the two of them, alone for a week in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands. Kade's out and proud but Dexter's straight... isn't he?

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