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Tous les livres de Wendy Holden

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D'un côté, il y a Amanda et Hugo, couple bon chic bon genre, de l'autre Jake et Alice très " bobos écolos ". Tous vont être parents pour la première fois. Le bonheur ? Pas si évident... Car rien ne se passe comme prévu et la maternité ne se révèle pas aussi glamour que dans les magazines people ! Très vite, les jeunes parents sont dépassés par les " heureux événements " et se retrouvent au bord de la crise de nerfs. Il faut dire que les surprises succèdent aux surprises dans des vies amoureuses qui vont devenir singulièrement compliquées...

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Struggling actress Darcy’s doing avant-garde Shakespeare (all-naked King Lear, anyone?) when The Call comes from LA. An Oscar-tastic director. A movie to make her famous. The hunkiest co-star in Hollywood. So why hesitate?

Belle’s a size-zero film star, but she’s in big fat trouble. Hotter than the earth’s core a year ago, she now Tinseltown toast after her last film flopped. She'll do anything, anywhere, to get back to the big time.

Sam’s a model agent hunting for the Next Big Thing. When she finds it on a London street she almost faints with greed. Is this face perfect? Yes. Does it want to be a model? No. But Sam’s not giving up that easily. She’s not giving up at all.

Nanny Emma needs a new job. Unfairly sacked by the posh boss from hell, she’s desperate. When she's offered the charge of a celebrity baby, it seems all her dreams have come true. But are her nightmares just about to begin?

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Sa maison d'édition publie des auteurs que personne ne lit. Mais un jour - ô miracle ! - on lui confie la promotion du premier roman du sex-symbol d'Hollywood : Red Campion. Elle tient une chronique ringarde dans un tabloïd. Mais un jour - ô miracle ! -, sa collègue intervieweuse de stars tombe malade, et on lui confie sa rubrique. Dès lors, elle met tout en oeuvre pour approcher la plus inaccessible des étoiles : Red Campion. Entre Lisa la petite souris et Belinda la tigresse, de coups de coeur en coups de griffes, un réjouissant cocktail de filtres magiques et de peaux de bananes pour atteindre la septième ciel.

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When Mary meets gorgeous Monty, blue-eyed heir to a stately pile, romantic bliss seems assured. But after the roof falls in and the pictures are flogged, happiness is as thin on the ground as the worn-out carpet.

Beth exchanges the delis and designer shops of Holland Park for simple weekends at the bijou country cottage her banker husband’s bonus has just bought. They only Offered a little over the asking price – so why don’t the locals like them?

Über-WAG Alexandra needs a country mansion – fast. Her footballer boyfriend is being transferred and time is running out. There must be a Hello!-tastic pile with spa, gym, pool, champagne bar and underground parking for five four-wheel drives somewhere?

Morag is the terror of the village. She’s an interfering eco-boot, a Stalin against slug pellets, who wears hemp trousers and makes her own ultra-high-bran version of Weetabix.

Ambitions clash when the village launches an allotment project. Morag wants to plough hers with a horse; Beth buys a gleaming mini-tractor; Alexandra arrives with Chanel spade and accompanying film crew, while Mary endures the advice of the local champion vegetable-grower.

All this is tense enough. But when the whole village becomes dramatically embroiled in a bitter struggle over sex, power and money, it threatens to blight more than everyone’s carrots.

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L’histoire merveilleuse d’un petit garçon sauvé par son chien.

Haatchi & Little B. est l’histoire vraie, touchante et émouvante d’un jeune chien, un berger d’Anatolie, miraculeusement sauvé après avoir été heurté par un train et d’un petit garçon, Owen (surnommé Little B) souffrant d’une maladie génétique rare.

En janvier 2012, quand les employés de la compagnie de chemins de fer opérant dans le nord de Londres trouvent Haatchi, un berger anatolien âgé de moins d'un an, ils sont atterrés par la cruauté des hommes. Délibérément attaché aux rails, l'animal a été heurté par un train. Il doit être amputé d'une patte et de la queue, mais dégage un magnétisme tel que tout le monde se bat pour lui trouver une place dans un refuge, avec succès. C'est là qu'il est adopté par une famille en grande détresse. Les parents d'Owen, huit ans, ne savent plus que faire pour sortir leur fils de son malheur. Atteint d'une maladie génétique rare, qui maintient ses muscles en état de tension permanente, le petit garçon souffre d'agoraphobie et semble inexorablement voué au repli sur soi.

Owen a huit ans et passe le plus clair de son temps dans un fauteuil roulant. Il n’a pas d’amis et vit renfermé sur lui-même. C’est sa belle-mère, Colleen Drummond, qui va recueillir le chien mutilé pour donner un compagnon à Owen. Et lorsque Haatchi arrive chez eux, une fusion s’opère instantanément entre ce géant à trois pattes sans queue et l’enfant ; chacun reconnaissant en l’autre le handicap qui le frappe. Et c’est ensemble, plus fort à deux, qu’ils vont apprendre à vivre avec leur différence. Haatchi va changer sa vie. Le chien handicapé redonne confiance à l'enfant jusqu'alors accablé par le fait d’être différent des autres.

Haatchi et Little B est une formidable histoire d’amour entre un garçon et son chien, qui ont tous deux besoin de l’autre. Un livre poignant qui est une leçon de courage et d’humanité.

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What if you could send your spouse to a school for husbands? He could learn to groom himself properly, help take care of the children, and help with chores around the house. All those things, that for the most part, you nag him about already.

Well in The School for Husbands Wendy Holden has imagined just such a place. With humor and a sharp eye we are introduced to Sophie and Mark. While their marriage is not perfect they are relatively happy and in love. With the birth of their son Arthur this happy family picture seems to be complete.

While Mark loses himself in work Sophie starts to feel neglected. It does not help that Mark’s work colleague, Persephone, seems to be out to get him even if he is clueless about the whole situation. So with the help of her overly involved mother Sophie packs up Arthur and leaves.

What Sophie does not know is that her mother has paired up with an old fling to make sure that she follows through with a divorce. Simon seems to have it all, a successful lawyer rolling in millions, but he is less than a nice guy. Greedy, selfish, and down right detestable Simon and Sophie’s mother Shirley scheme together.

Meanwhile Mark has enrolled in the School for Husbands hoping to save his marriage. While Mark works his way through classes Sophie and Simon get closer with some help from Shirley. But Mark is not going to give up his wife and child without a fight.

One of the things I enjoy most about reading something written by Wendy Holden is the light feeling of it. At the end of a hard day this is the kind of escape I enjoy most; you know that whatever craziness happens there is going to be a great happy ending.

Just plain fun and frothy, The School for Husbands, is the perfect book for summer. While there are not any surprises to be found you will enjoy the drama and the humor that fills each page.

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Envoyées dans les camps avec les millions de victimes de l'holocauste. Trois femmes : Priska, Rachel et Anka. Elles ne se connaissaient pas mais partageaient un même secret, toutes trois attendaient un enfant. Seules et effrayées, séparées des hommes qu'elles aimaient, elles décidèrent d'être fortes pour sauver leurs bébés. Hana, Mark et Eva naquirent ainsi à quelques semaines d'intervalle, dans les plus épouvantables conditions.

Ils pesaient moins de 1.5 kilo, leurs mères, une trentaine à peine ; mais, malgré le froid, la faim et la menace permanente des chambres à gaz, tous survécurent.

Grâce à une méticuleuse enquête, qui se fonde sur des courriers, des archives historiques et les souvenirs de ces survivants, Wendy Holden nous livre un témoignage remarquable et nous émeut avec l'incroyable histoire de ces femmes qui défièrent la mort pour donner la vie.

Cash-strapped Rosie and her boyfriend Mark are city folk longing for a tiny country cottage.

Rampantly nouveaux-riches Samantha and Guy are also searching for rustic bliss a mansion complete with mile-long drive and hot and cold running gardeners. The village of Eight Mile Bottom seems quiet enough, despite a nosy postman, a reclusive rock star, a glamorous Bond Girl and a ghost with a knife in its back. But there are unexpected thrills in the hills. The local siren seduces Guy while a farmer fatale rocks Rosie's relationship.

Then a mysterious millionaire makes an offer she can't refuse. But should she?

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CHAMPAGNE D`VYNE is a celebrity socialite with a charmed life and a mania for men, money and fame. Jane is a twenty-something journalist with an ordinary life - man stress, work stress and a spare tyre that won’t go away. As their contrasting worlds become bizarrely intertwined, Jane realises that the blonde, busty and blatantly ambitious Champagne will let nothing come between her and what she wants. Least of all Jane.

Meanwhile, in a crumbling country manor in the West Country, everything’s falling apart for Jane’s best friend Tally. The family seat is collapsing - money’s too tight to mansion - her brother the heir has gone AWOL and her mother’s a New Age hippy with a Red Indian boyfriend called Big Horn. Tally desperately needs a rich and handsome husband to save her beloved ancestral home.

Then Jane gets a brilliant new job. A knight on a gold chargecard turns up for Tally. Life finally looks blissful for both of them. But Champagne D`Vyne has other ideas.

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Irresistible tales of love, friendship, passion and betrayal from some of the top names in fiction.

A woman planning not just what she wants to wear to a school reunion, but who she wants to be...

A couple hoping to start a new life in Spain - and completely misunderstanding what they each want...

A girl who's brother falls in love with a beautiful male impersonator...

A woman haunted by ghosts from her past...

A newly divorced mother taking her teenage daughter to Crete for a holiday, longing to be young again, until she remembers how awful it is to be 17...

From Maeve Binchy to Jane Fallon, Adriana Trigiani to Alexander McCall Smith, this is the must-have collection of the year.

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Dans le nord de l'Angleterre, la ville de Sheffield a subi de plein fouet la crise de la métallurgie des années 1980. Gaz est l'une des victimes de la morosité économique. Son horizon se limite aux usines désaffectées et aux friches industrielles. Séparé de sa femme, chômeur, Gaz se débrouille comme il peut pour conserver l'affection de son fils.

Dans ce quotidien plutôt terne, la venue des Chippendales, un groupe de stripteaseurs, crée l'événement. Le succès phénoménal de ces messieurs inspire à Gaz une idée des plus saugrenues : monter son propre spectacle de déshabillage progressif. Aidé de son corpulent ami Dave, Gaz organise un casting pour recruter les membres de la fine équipe et organiser les premières répétitions dans un hangar...

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Four parents-to-be seem ante-natally sorted. Flash Hugo and Amanda have booked a chic private clinic and royal maternity nurse. Right-on Jake and Alice want an all-natural home birth with whale music and tree-hugging nappies.

But nothing goes quite to plan. Amanda finds motherhood less glam than the stars make it look and disappears back to her career. Which leaves Hugo with the child and without a clue what to do.

Alice has problems too. Bringing up baby to Jake's eco-fascist standards means home-made organic everything and a recycled cardboard cot.

Will nappiness bring happiness to anybody? Not before bedhopping spouses, beastly bosses and bitchy nursery mothers have all done their dreadful worst...

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