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“I agree. I don’t suppose I could get the woman’s name?”

Tiana was more professional than I gave her credit for. She shook her head, albeit regretfully. “Sorry. They have pretty strict laws about stuff like that.”

I was beginning to like her more and more. The girl had ethics. I had ethics.

No, wait, that was epics. I had epics. Epic ass. Epic boots. Epic looks, but only when I was drunk. Tons of epics.

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“That was the deal. After that whole Adam and Eve fiasco – Eve got screwed, by the way – that was the deal. He gave humans complete autonomy. Earth is ours, and it’s up to us to help our fellow man or harm him. To heal ourselves. To do good things. No matter your religion, no matter your beliefs, the lesson is the same: be kind.”

I fought the urge to add another word to the end of that statement.

I lost. “Rewind.”

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