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Ellora's Cavemen : Seasons of Seduction, Tome 4

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"Best of Both Worlds" by Anna J. Evans :

Melissa doesn't care that her crush is what her friends would call a Man-Unlikely-to-be-Laid. She's had it bad for James for months and tonight was going to be the night she was going to make her move. At least it was going to be the night... until her dressing room was invaded by hostile troll-like aliens and James transformed into an otherworldly sex god. Now Melissa finds herself on the run from intergalactic criminals, inducted into the public sex rituals of another race and given the chance to find the family she's always wanted. Because James is just as crazy about her, and he won't give her up, not when he know he's the man to give her the best of both their worlds.

"Death-Speaker" by Katherine Cross :

Forensic Anthropologist Alison Laney is a woman of science. Death is not a mystery to her, and despite the strange flashes of insight she tries her best to deny, she has no room in her life for the supernatural. Nathanial has not known a woman for generations. As one of the Grigori, he is beholden to no one... until he hears a voice calling to him from the darkness. Bound to a man she cannot deny, Alison finds herself confronted by a grisly murder, an eons-old Grigori and the truth about her own heritage-including the dark powers that come with it.

"Diverted Destiny" by Lynn LaFleur :

Vampire Tain Remington knows it is almost impossible to find that special woman who carries the rare gene needed to turn her into a vampire. He's been looking for her for eight hundred years. Marina Black is immediately drawn to the black-haired hunk who offers to help her when she gets lost in a snowstorm. Finding out the hunk thinks he is a vampire quickly douses any desire. That desire returns when she dreams of Tain and the intense pleasure he gives her. She can either turn away from him or push aside her fears and accept the love he offers.

"Silk" by B.J. McCall :

Interplanetary pilot Lisin Silk has ferried everything from supplies to mercenaries but on this run her cargo is a lone male prisoner. Rhys Adon isn't an ordinary convict. He's a mindbender and although he's secured in a special cell, he's already planning his escape. During months of solitary confinement and hours of sensory deprivation he'd remained sane by imagining the perfect woman. Surely the gods must be laughing. His perfect woman is his jailer.

"Taste of Honey" by Natasha Moore :

Cowboy Jake Manning is nursing a beer and a heart that's been stomped into a million pieces when classy Shauna Montgomery asks him to dance. Jake knows better than to get involved with another sweet-smellin' woman, but what the hell, it's just a dance. Shaunna had been planning a little revenge against the boyfriend who dumped her but the steamy dance floor seduction leaves both her and Jake hot and hurting. They end up at Jake's place for a lesson in power, control and passion. But can they get past their differences and learn to trust again ?

"Winter Dragon" by Jory Strong :

Trapped between worlds, neither fully elf nor fully dragon, Ember Caught in Stone is banished from the lair-city of the scarlet dragons when a magical mark appears on her palm. Her heart aches over leaving the lands she loves, until a unicorn arrives and takes her to the mate who will help her find her true destiny. Left helpless by a spelled arrow, the blue dragon Aizik shifts into human form and faces death in the cold snow. Little does he know that when a herd of unicorns share their warmth with him, they've chosen him to be Ember's mate.

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