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Extrait ajouté par Gertrude85 2016-05-04T10:51:37+02:00

« Je veux me réveiller chaque matin en te tenant dans mes bras, murmure-t-il en me mordillant le cou. Je veux t’étreindre quand tu pleures, goûter ta joie quand tu ris. Je veux te protéger, t’abriter au plus profond de moi afin que nul ne puisse te blesser à l’avenir.

Il ramène les mains vers l’avant de mon corps, passe les pouces sous ma chaîne de taille et tire doucement les maillons de platine. Pour me rappeler qu’il a déjà pris possession de moi, qu’il m’a marquée.

— Je veux t’aimer, Chloe. Tout ce que je veux, c’est t’aimer. »

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Extrait ajouté par la-voyageuse 2017-01-10T01:42:15+01:00

Je découvre une gourmette en platine, dont les maillons sont aussi robustes que ceux de ma chaîne de taille sont délicats.

— C’est quoi, ces conneries ?! s’écrie Tori, déçue. J’étais certaine que ce serait une bague.

Elle tend la main, mais je retire l’écrin et le serre contre ma poitrine, façon Gollum. Je m’abstiens seulement de susurrer « mon précieux » d’une voix sifflante.

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Extrait ajouté par lilik22 2016-04-23T10:06:00+02:00

Je veux t'aimer Chloé. Tout ce que je veux c'est t'aimer

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Extrait ajouté par titia13 2017-01-19T09:45:56+01:00

Il est mon addiction, mon obsession, mon amour. Et je suis les siens.

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Extrait ajouté par la-voyageuse 2017-01-09T10:27:01+01:00

Il prend possession de moi, me marquant avec ses dents et ses lèvres d’une façon que je ne suis pas près d’oublier. Que je n’oublierai jamais.

Et je le laisse faire. Plus encore, je le supplie de continuer.

De me donner encore du plaisir avec sa bouche et ses mains.

De m’accorder la paix que je ressens au contact de son corps puissant et de son âme magnifique.

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Extrait ajouté par Underworld 2016-05-09T23:19:11+02:00

Extrait offert par Tracy Wolff

(Source :

“What is that?” I demand, staring at the huge box Ethan is carting into my apartment the following Saturday morning. He’s here early because we’re supposed to be going to the VA hospital today to visit some of the soldiers, and then on to a museum or two at Balboa Park. I thought we’d leave right after he got here, but by the look of that box, now I’m not so sure.

“It’s a Vitamix,” he says with a grin, all blinding white teeth and innocent blue eyes. “I noticed when I was here the other day that yours had gone MIA.”

“MIA. I suppose that’s one way to put it,” Tori calls from her spot on the couch.

“Stop!” I hiss at her behind Ethan’s back, but he turns at the last minute and catches me glaring at her with narrowed eyes.

“Am I missing something?” he asks, eyebrows arched.

“Just about four hundred dollars, I’d say.” Tori smirks. “Are those things insurable?”

“Umm, probably. Why?”

“No reason,” I tell him, pressing a kiss to his cheek as he plops the box down on the counter, then does the same with the three Whole Foods bags he has dangling from his wrists. “Tori’s just super clumsy, so she has an obsession with insuring everything.”

My roommate chokes on her orange juice. “Yeah, that’s what did the Vitamix in. My clumsiness. Not, say, your prowess with a hammer.”

Ethan glances at me in amusement. “Do I even want to know what happened to that poor blender?”

I think about it for a second, then shake my head. “No, probably not.”

“That’s what I figured.”

He starts unpacking the groceries, and it’s my turn to be amused as he piles fruit, vegetables and a couple nice cheeses on the counter.

“Tori and I are capable of feeding ourselves, you know.”

“Hey, speak for yourself.” Tori wanders in and grabs an apple from one of the bags. “If a handsome man wants to bring me food, I am more than happy to let him. Oh, and, Ethan, for future reference, Gala apples are my favorite.”

He grins at her. “I’ll remember that.”

“Please do.”

I roll my eyes. “He’s not going to be buying us any more groceries, Tori.”

“Why not? It makes him feel good and it saves us the trouble of going to the store and having to cart a bunch of bags up to the apartment. I say it’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

“You would.”

“So, who wants a smoothie?” Ethan asks, unpacking the new blender and rinsing it out in the sink as Tori wanders back to her spot on the couch.

“Are we seriously going to do this again?” I ask him, wrapping my arms around his waist and pressing kisses between his shoulder blades.

“Do what?” he asks innocently, as if he doesn’t know.

“Fight about this totally extravagant gift that you insist on giving me a second time.”

“Tori, please explain to your roommate that a blender is not an extravagant gift. It’s actually quite practical—a good breakfast is very important.”

“I can have a good breakfast without making it in a very extravagant, four hundred dollar blender!” I tell him, completely exasperated.

“Again. Not extravagant, Chloe. A car is an extravagant gift. A trip to Paris is an extravagant gift. A—”

“Forty thousand dollar platinum and diamond belly chain from Tiffany’s is an extravagant gift,” Tori continues for him. “But not a blender, Chloe. Geez, you need to chill out.”

But the blender is now the least of my worries. “Forty thousand dollars?” I squawk, my hands going to the jewelry I haven’t taken off since the night we had our talk. “My belly chain cost forty thousand dollars?”

Ethan shoots my roommate a dirty look. “Thanks a lot, Tori.”

She shrugs, then takes a bite of her apple. “At least she’s not bitching about the blender anymore. Perspective, man. Perspective.”

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