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“Danger, Danger running cold

Knowing but fearing just the same

Death comes and yet you don’t let go

Standing while it’s steel bands hold

Don’t walk. Don’t walk where light can not shine

You know the warning has been told

It comes for what is mine and I know it will be so.

Let go, it’s all there is that’s left. Let go your sin has no wrath.

Danger was Hell’s last request.

Let go it’s all there is that’s left. Let go your sin has no wrath.

Forgiveness wasn’t given yet. Not yet. Not yet.

No regrets."

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"I realised you owned me one night in this room. I was singing to you and you were sleeping. You made a little noise in your sleep like you were distressed and I panicked and ran to your side. You grabbed my arm in your sleep and pulled it up against your face and went back to sleep. I didn't want to ever move."

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"What if she never remembers ?"

"Then you better make her fall in love with you, again."

"How did I do it the first time ?"

"You let her in."

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"I knew then that I had never understood what humans called love. But if that was anything close to the power you held over me, then no wonder they searched for it so passionately."

I reached out and pulled him into bed with me. "You're going to be late."

"Why ?"

"Because after hearing that I can't let you leave until I've had my fill. Get naked, Dankmar."

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"I forgot him. How could I forget him ?"

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“The soul has been marked since birth. It wasn’t meant to live out this lifetime.” - The Deity

“Fly away please. Stay out of my room. I could’ve been naked !” (Pagan - Existence)

“The soul has been appointed not once, but twice now.” - The Deity

“A soul came into my house. She touched me and talked to me. Souls never talked to me, before you.” (Pagan - Existence)

“If you are determined for this soul to remain by your side, then a choice must be made.” - The Deity

“You can’t scare me off and I’m not running away.” (Pagan - Existence)

“You know that the soul has a mate. If her soul is to exist for an eternity then the soul must choose you over the mate created as its other half.” - The Deity

“This is the most precious perfect gift anyone has ever received. You gave me back a memory that I will cherish forever.” (Pagan - Predestined)

“The soul has seen too much. She knows more than a soul should know. She can’t keep her memories. The choice will be an unfair one if she does.” - The Deity

“I’m saving it for my smoking hot boyfriend.” (Pagan - Predestined)

“Every moment she has spent with you will be taken from her memories. She won’t remember meeting Death and your breaking the rules to save her. She won’t remember fighting for you. She won’t remember the curse she suffered while under the spell of the voodoo spirit. It will all be washed clean.

If you want her, Dankmar, then you have to win her heart from the soul made to be her mate. Only then will it be possible for you to keep her for eternity.

She must pass this test.” - The Deity

“Trust me, Dank Walker I will only have eyes for you. No one else even comes close.” (Pagan - Predestined)

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