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Fallen Crest, Tome 4 : Fallen Fourth Down

Description ajoutée par Aur31 2018-02-06T14:37:51+01:00


Qu'on ne s'en prenne pas à ceux qui m'aiment !

Sam découvre que sa relation avec sa mère est toxique. À ses yeux, elle n'existe plus.

Pour son père, c'est plus compliqué. Mais ils l'ont trahie d'une façon ou d'une autre ! Les seules personnes envers qui elle a encore confiance sont Mason et Logan. Mais elle risque de les perdre, ce qu'elle refuse catégoriquement. Pas question de laisser faire, peu importe la vérité, ou qui l'aime ou pas au lycée. Sam est bien décidée à se défendre contre les rumeurs et les médisances. Mason et Logan sont ses amis précieux. Car, sa véritable famille, c'est eux !

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Extrait ajouté par Just20me 2014-08-20T18:54:34+02:00

“Gotcha.” Putting the beer on his desk, she took a can with her and then hollered from inside, “Help yourself. Something’s telling me you need to get lit tonight.”

I had already taken one, but she was right. I took another.

Mason had a couch and loveseat on one side of his room. His desk had been custom made into the wall, between a small closet and his bigger closet door. His king-sized bed was set in the corner, on a slight pedestal.

I sunk down on one of the couches when Heather came out. She gazed around and whistled. “Shit. It boggles my mind that this is just one of his rooms. He’s got like eight hundred, right? His mom’s house. His dad’s. At his college. Yours. Where else?” She pointed to me with her beer can. “That’s right, that one penthouse thing you told me he took you to. The lifestyle of the rich and dicks.”

“Mason’s not a dick.”

“Yes, he is.” She laughed as she sunk down on his desk chair and straddled it, facing me. “But he’s not to you or to anyone he loves and that’s why he’s so damn hot.”

I fiddled with the tab on my beer can. In that moment, I missed him so goddamn much. A wave of longing rolled over me, suffocating me. My throat swelled and I forgot about Tate’s words for a moment. I could feel Mason’s arms around me. I could feel his hard chest as I rested my head there and I could even feel the soft graze of his fingers as he tucked a strand of hair behind my hair, then dropping a soft and delicate kiss to my forehead.

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Fallen Crest, Tome 4 : Fallen Fourth Down

  • France : 2018-04-12 (Français)
  • France : 2014-10-04 (English)

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