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I blocked the blow before she had me talking several octaves higher. “You’re so incredibly violent.” I paused. “I think I like it.”

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“I will if you read it for me. I’m sure this has to be more interesting than the history of the kingdom.” Smiling, I opened the book, quickly scanning the page. One sentence stood out boldly.

He took me from behind, pounding the iron steel of his manhood into me.

My mouth parted as I blinked. I flipped a few more pages, my brows rising as I caught sight of words like nipples and salty come.

What in the world was she reading? Better yet, why was she reading it?

“What interesting reading material,” I remarked, glancing over at her.

Poppy looked like she wished to throw a blunt or sharp object at my face.

My grin returned. “Penellaphe.” I feigned shock. “This is…just scandalous reading material for the Maiden.”

“Shut up.” She crossed her arms.

“Very naughty,” I teased.

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Kieran shook his head as he turned his stare to the moon. “A Maiden with a wolven-bone dagger and, at the very least, no fear when it comes to using it?” One side of his lips tipped up. “Why do I have a feeling we may have underestimated her?”

I let out a short, low laugh. “Because I think we did.”

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“I know you want to do something irresponsible and reckless, but you can’t kill him,” he said. There was no greeting. No need to ask questions. He knew why I was here.

“I’m not going to kill him,” I replied. “I’m only going to murder him.”

Kieran sidestepped, blocking me. “That’s the same thing.”

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"We need to talk." Kieran planted his hand on the door, stopping me from opening it. "You were with her tonight."

"Of course I was."

His frosted blue eyes met mine. "I'm not talking about that, and you know it."

I did.

"I thought you said she would leave you as she came to you," Kieran said, voice quiet. "Clearly, that isn't the case. What the fuck, Cas?"

I ran a hand through my hair. "Turns out I'm that kind of piece of shit. Okay?" I reached for the door again.

Kieran's palm flattened against it. "No, it's not okay."

Page 513

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"You should be at home, Casteel." Orion took a step toward me. Over his shoulder, I saw Elijah's lips purse. "Your father and your mother need you there. Alastir needs you. The kingdom needs you."

"What do you think I'm doing here, Orion?" I said.

"I know what you think you're doing. So do your parents and Alastir, but if you want to save your people? You should do so at home, where you belong," he implored, shaking his head. "The crown should've been passed onto you years ago-"

"The crown belongs to my brother," I cut him off. "Prince Malik is the heir."

"Prince Malik is-"

"I wouldn't finish that sentence," Delano warned.


"He plans to send a message to the Blood Crown."

Everything in me slowed, but the rage... I could taste its hot bitterness. "And the message is?"

"The Maiden," he answered. "He will return her to them. Her head, that is. Then, our armies-"

I struck, punching my hand into Orion's chest. Bone and cartilage cracked and gave away.

"Welp," Delano murmured.

Page 494

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"If I hadn't been so foolishly obsessed with proving myself, I wouldn't have gotten captured. You never would've had to come for me. That is an inarguable fact. It wasn't Shea who put you there. It was me, so I drowned in that guilt until I learned to exist with it." My nostrils flared as my lips flattened against my teeth. "And look, I don't blame you for doing what you needed to do to survive, playing whatever fucked-up game you had to. I don't blame you for staying because of Millicent. And the shit with Poppy when she was a child? I'm not going to even think about that because it makes me want to fucking choke you."

Page 444

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I joined him. "Sleep well?"

He arched a brow. "Not as good as you."

I narrowed my eyes and shot him a look as I picked up his bedroll, folding it.

"And how often do you sleep that well?" Kieran asked.

I knew what he was getting at. "That was a first." I hooked his bedroll to his pack. "A first in a very long time."

Kieran was quiet as I stood. "She likes you."

I frowned. "And what makes you think that?"

"Besides the fact that she let you do whatever it was you were doing under the blanket?"

I ignored that, carrying his sack to his horse.

"I noticed it before then". Kieran followed as I dipped under a low-hanging branch. "Saw it as soon as you two were together."

Page 411-412

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"You surprised me earlier," Kieran remarked.

"Yeah?" I turned my attention back to him.

Kieran was looking in Poppy's direction now. "You laughed." He squinted. "You laughed in a way I haven't heard you in years."

Page 395

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"You," he snarled.

I folded my hand around the end of the cane? "Me?"

Teerman's lip peeled back. His chin dropped as a low growl numbled from him. "The Dark One."

"So they say." I gave him a tight-lipped smile. "But I'd prefer if you addressed me properly. It's Prince Casteel Da'Neer."

"And here I thought it would be traitorous bastard."

I laughed softly. "That works, too, but you forgot a part of the title. It's traitorous, murderous bastard."

Page 317

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