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"Hey, Daddy!"

Alec took a knee and opened his arms to scoop Max up. "Hey, my baby."


"Coucou, Papa!"

Alec mis un genou à terre et ouvrir ses bras pour soulever Max. "Coucou, mon bébé".

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The silvery mist dissipated enough to see the demon Elyaas in the pentagram, his tentacles drooping in a sulky fashion.

"Child" he hissed to Max. "You know not of what lineage you come. You are naturally inclined to evil. Join me, infernal foundling, in my revels--"

"My bapa is Ultra Magnus" Max announced proudly. "And Daddy is a Shadowhunter".

Alec thought Max had got the name Ultra Magnus from one of his toys. Magnus seemed to like it.

"Don't interrupt me when I'm promising you dark demonic delight" the demon Elyaas said fussily. "Why are you always interrupting me?"

Max brightened at the word "demonic."

"Uncle Jace says we will kill all the demins" he reported with joy. "All the demins!"

"Well, have you considered that your uncle Jace is a hurtful person?" said the demon. "Always rudely stabbing everyone, and sarcastic".

Max scowled. "Love Uncle Jace. Hate demins."

Traduction rapide:

La brume argentée se dissipa assez pour voir le démon Elyaas dans le pentagramme, ses tentacules retombant d'une manière maussade.

"Enfant" siffla-t-il à Max. "Vous ne savez savez pas de quelle sombre lignée vous provenez. Vous êtes naturellement enclin au mal. Rejoignez moi, enfant infernal, dans mes festivités--"

"Mon Bapa c'est Ultra Magnus" Max annonça fièrement. "Et Papa c'est un Chasseur d'Ombre".

Alec pensais que Max avait surement trouvé le nom Ultra Magnus d'un de ses jouets. Magnus semblait l'apprécier.

"Ne m’interromps pas quand je te promet de sombres délices démoniaques" dit le démon Elyaas avec agitation. "Pourquoi faut-il toujours que tu m'interrompe?"

Le visage de Max s'illumina au mot "démoniaque".

"Oncle Jace dit qu'on va tuer tous les d'monz" déclara-t-il avec joie. "Tous les d'monz!"

"Eh bien, as-tu considéré que ton oncle Jace étais une personne blessante?" demanda le démon. "Toujours à tout poignarder grossièrement, et toujours sarcastique".

Max se renfrogna. "Aime Oncle Jace. Déteste d'monz."

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“Magnus is hot,” Alec said finally, as they went on their way.

Lily rolled her eyes. “Wow, you and Monogamous Bane make me tired. He’s even dumber than you are.”

“He’s not dumb.”

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“How can you be good at archery, when you’re so blind?” Lily demanded.

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“Hey. Jem asked me to come to Buenos Aires and help him out. Do you want to come with?”

Lily lit up. “Do I want to come on a bro road trip with you, rushing to the aid of gorgeous damsel in distress, Jem I’d-love-to-climb-’em Carstairs?”

“So, yes.”

Lily’s smile was wide enough to show fangs. “Hell yes.”

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Elliott shook his head. “Not gonna happen. Hey, mister Head of the Institute, you’re a leader! How about it? I make you a vampire, you help lead the clan, you stay gorgeous forever.”

“That would be a gift to future generations,” Jace remarked thoughtfully. “But no.”

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“And I was at that party in Venice,” Juliette continued. “When the mansion collapsed.”

“I was there too!” said Lily. “Raphael was super sad to be at a party; it was hilarious. I made out with so many people, it was a personal record. I think one of them was a hot blonde! Was it you?”

Juliette blinked. “Er, no. I don’t really . . . make out with girls.”

Lily shrugged. “Sorry you’re wasting your life.”

“I don’t either,” Alec commented mildly.

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“Clary Fairchild is one of the heads of my Institute,” said Alec curtly. “Jia Penhallow is the leader of all Shadowhunters. Anyone who says women are weak is afraid they’re too strong.”

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“I don’t know Emma,” Lily said. “But I’d like to. I don’t normally go for blonds, but she’s hot. Bless the Come-And-Stare family. They never fail me. On that note, I’m off to admire the views in Buenos Aires.”

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When someone dies, it takes us a while to process. You think to yourself: I wonder when I’ll see him again. Then you remember, and it’s a shock every time. You have to keep reminding yourself, until you believe it: I’ll never see him again.

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