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Hearts of the Fallen, Tome 1 : The Demon's Song

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L'enfer est pavé de bonnes intentions. Au moins, c'est ce que ce dit Sofia Rivera quand sa tentative d'aider un ami se finit en confrontation sanglante avec des créatures dont elle ne soupçonnait même pas l'existance. A cause de ce groupe de vampires dévoyés qui ont décidés de ne laisser aucun témoin sur leur passage et qui en veulent donc maintenant à sa vie, Sofia fait des découvertes sur elle-même, et se retrouve contrainte d'accepter la protection d'un garde du corps immortel - Phenex, l'ange déchu de Chanson.

Tandis que le roi des vampires traque la corruption menaçant de détruire son royaume du milieu des Enfers, Sofia devra traiter et cohabiter avec Phenex, cet ange déchu dont la beauté sombre est souvent en désaccord avec sa nature méchante. Lentement, Sofia et Phenex cèdent à l'attraction étrange qu'ils éprouvent l'un pour l'autre et qu'ils ne peuvent plus nier. Et tandis que les ténèbres se rapproche autour d'eux, Phenex commence à se demander si même le plus mauvais des anges déchus ne pourrait pas trouver aussi son propre happy end... et son coeur.

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“Hey, watch it!”

Phenex jerked to a stop so quickly that he nearly fell over the woman who stood in the middle of the corridor, glaring up at him. He’d come so close to flattening her that it surprised an apology out of him, something he wasn’t in the habit of giving.

“Sorry,” he said. In an instant, his lousy mood had vanished, replaced by interest as keen as the edge of a blade.

She didn’t belong here. He knew it instantly. But then, she wouldn’t have been half so interesting if she had. Most of the human women who frequented Amphora were too perfect, too rich, walking ads for plastic surgery, here to see and be seen. This one didn’t look all that happy to be seen, at least by him. Pale green eyes, the color of seawater, glared irritably into his own. Such beautiful, light eyes, Phenex thought, the kind that could make you forget everything else. In marked contrast, the rest of her coloring bespoke sun-kissed warmth—long waves of dark brown hair, long dark lashes, and gold-dusted skin. Her lips were bee stung, the color of coral, and pursed as she watched him.

Phenex let his eyes drift down over a slim waist and luscious curves, all displayed in a little black dress that glittered as it caught the light. By the time he’d shifted his attention away from her shapely legs and dragged his eyes back up to her face, a pretty flush had covered her cheeks. She knew he’d been checking her out.

Phenex felt his lips curve in a slow smile, his first of the night.

“You here for the show?” he asked.

She blinked, and the pink in her cheeks deepened. She didn’t look away, though.

“I…no, I’m not here for any show. I’m just here with…friends.”

Phenex tilted his head, fascinated. There was more to whatever she was doing here—and she was a lousy liar.

He leaned in close, his lips hovering just a breath away from her ear. Her scent enveloped him, all caramel and spice. Desire hit him so hard and fast that he had to curl his fingers into his palms to stop himself from touching her. The force of his need stunned him. It had been awhile, granted, since he’d taken a woman. But not so long that this one should be in serious danger of bringing him to his knees by just standing here.

“You should come see the show. You’re missing out.”

“Am I?” He liked the way she sounded, a little breathless, her voice rich and sultry. “What exactly do you think I’m missing out on?”

He grinned, pulling back just a little as she turned her head to look at him. Those seawater eyes had warmed considerably, though her wariness was still stamped clearly across her face.

“Me,” he said, and she surprised him by laughing, a low, husky roll of sound that had every muscle in his body clenching.

“You’ve got a healthy ego, huh?” she said, and Phenex drank her in, from the way her brow arched with amusement to the way she angled her body into his as she spoke to him. He already knew how she would fit against him.


“I’ve got—”

“Sofia! There you are!”

Phenex jerked his head toward the sound of another woman’s voice, instantly annoyed at the interruption. He was even more annoyed at the relief that flickered across his companion’s—Sofia’s—face. Sofia. It suited her perfectly.

A petite blonde, looking far more like the humans this place usually attracted, hurried over to grab Sofia by the hand. She glanced at him once, and he saw the usual mix of attraction and nerves he inspired in the opposite sex. Her voice was unsteady as she began to babble. Sofia, he noted, looked pointedly away from him.

“I’ve been looking all over for you. I think I found Sara. I…uh…” She looked at Phenex again, trailing off, and he could see she didn’t want him listening in on this conversation. Bemused, and interested despite himself, he stayed put. Figuring out what these two were up to was much more interesting than dragging himself back into the nightclub.

Sofia turned her head, and the way her eyes skimmed lightly, longingly, over his face filled him with an ache he was suddenly sure she wasn’t going to assuage.

“I’ve got to go. It was nice meeting you…”

“Phenex,” he said softly.

“Phenex,” she repeated, and he found he loved the sound of his name on her lips. Sofia gave him a small, puzzled smile, as though she was trying to figure him out. He was happy to stick around and let her try, but it seemed she was finished with him.

For now.

“Later, Phenex.”

“Later,” he agreed, wondering if she knew he meant it. Then he turned and watched Sofia walk away, enjoying every seductive swish of her shapely backside before she vanished into the crowd. He’d find her again before the night was out. That was a promise he made himself, the only sort of promise he never broke.

With a frustrated sigh, Phenex turned in the other direction and headed back to the stage.

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Hearts of the Fallen, Tome 1 : The Demon's Song

  • USA : 2013-04-23 (English)

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