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To the world, she is formidable.

To me?

She is the world.

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“Where did they make you?”

He startles. I didn’t think he would startle. But when he turns to look at me, he seems confused.

I explain: “You are unusually beautiful.”

His eyes widen.

His lips part, press together, tremble into a curve that surprises me. Surprises him.

He smiles.

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Pour le monde entier, elle est impressionnante.

Pour moi ?

Elle est le monde entier.

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- Hé, ajouté-je, en parlant de trucs qui me dégoûtent... Avant qu'on mange, tu n'aurais pas envie d'enlever un tout petit peu du sang que tu as sur le visage ?

Pour toute réponse, Warner me fusille de regard.

Je lève les mains en l'air.

- OK, du calme, tout va bien, dis-je en pointant mon index sur lui. D'ailleurs, j'ai appris que le sang, c'était bon pour nous. Bio, tu vois. Antioxydant et tout. Très prisé chez les vampires.

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“You’re not even going to pretend it’s not true?” I rip open a foil container. More potatoes. “You won’t even pretend you don’t know that the entire world finds you attractive?”

“Was that a confession?”

“You wish, dickhead.”

“I find it boring,” Warner says. “Besides, if I paid attention to every single person who found me attractive I’d never have time for anything else.”

I nearly drop the potatoes.

I wait for him to crack a smile, to tell me he’s joking, and when he doesn’t, I shake my head, stunned.

“Wow,” I say. “Your humility is a fucking inspiration.”

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Warner’s eyes flash. “I want to hurt people all the time,” he says. “Sometimes I can’t sleep at night because I’m thinking about all the people I’d like to murder.”

“Great.” I nod, leaning back in my chair. “This is super great. All of this information we’re collecting is super helpful and useful.” I count off on my fingers: “Amelia was a psycho, Castle wants to be BFFs with Anderson, Warner has midnight fantasies about killing people, and Castle made Amelia think that Warner is a lost little bunny trying to find his way home.”

When everyone stares at me, confused, I clarify:

“Castle basically gave Amelia the idea that she could walk into a room and murder Warner! He pretty much told her that Warner was about as harmful as a dumpling.”

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“Me?” My eyes widen. “I’m not afraid of him. Or, I mean, whatever, I’m not the only one afraid of him. Though let’s be real,” I mutter, “anyone with two brain cells to rub together should be afraid of him.”

Castle raises an eyebrow.

“Except for you, of course,” I add hastily. “What reason would you have to be afraid of Warner? He’s such a nice guy. Loves children. Big talker. Oh, and bonus: He no longer murders people professionally. No, now murdering people is just a fulfilling hobby.”

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One of the volunteers checking my wound yesterday told me that she heard someone else say that they saw Warner uproot an entire tree with only one hand.

Translation: He probably broke off a tree branch.

Someone else told me that they’d heard from a friend that some girl had seen him save a cluster of children from friendly fire.

Translation: He probably shoved a bunch of kids to the ground.

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Ma vie m'échappe

Je choisirai mon destin

Je crains mon ennemi

J'affronte ma réalité.

Je vais le perdre

Je saurai le retenir

La fin est proche

La délivrance.


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- Bim bam boum ? demande Warner.

- Ben oui, quoi, comme ça (je tape dans mes mains): boum ! Terminé ! Les doigts dans le nez!

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