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Jane Yellowrock, Tome 7

Description ajoutée par MistRider 2013-09-20T16:54:10+02:00


When Evan Trueblood blows into town looking for his wife, Molly, he's convinced that she came to see her best friend, Jane. But it seems like the witch made it to New Orleans and then disappeared without a trace.

Jane is ready to do whatever it takes to find her friend. Her desperate search leads her deep into a web of black magic and betrayal and into the dark history between vampires and witches. But the closer she draws to Molly, the closer she draws to a new enemy?one who is stranger and more powerful than any she has ever faced.

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Extrait ajouté par feedesneige 2016-04-05T04:13:03+02:00


Insanity’s Not the Point

The crash shook the house, sounding as though the front wall had exploded. I whirled as my front door blew in, icy wind gusting with hurricane force. My ears popped. The bed skirt blew flat beneath the bed. My Beast rammed into me, the light going sharp and the colors bleaching into greens. Beast-fast, I grabbed two nine-mils from the bed, off-safetied, and chambered rounds into both. Raced into the foyer.

The door was open, the knob stuck into the wallboard, the hinges bent. The glass of its small window was busted all over the floor. Again.

Gale-force winds rushed through the open door. No one stood there. Icy air whirled through the house with a scream. I heard windows breaking in back. My ears popped again. A table in the living room tumbled over. Daylight patterned the wood floor off the foyer and reflected off broken glass shoved by the wind into the corner. Not vamps, I thought. But I’d been a target for blood-servants and scions for months. This wasn’t the first such attack, but it was the first that had gotten this far. And then the frigid cold tingled up my arms, blue and golden, flecked with darker sparks of frozen force. It smelled like the air over a glacier, fresh and full of suspended, preserved power. It circled over me, tried to latch onto my skin.

My Beast rose and batted the spell away. Magic, she thought. Air magic. Angry, like storms rising on the horizon. Witches.

I advanced the few steps from my room to the front door, the frigid squall pushing against me. In my peripheral vision, I saw Eli at the top of the stairs, his hunting rifle in one hand, a blade in the other, a small subgun on a sling over his back. The former Ranger was wearing boxers, his dark skin slick with shower water.

There was no music in the attack, no wind instrument, no whistling, no singing, none of the usual methods air witches used when they attacked. And the wind seemed random, blustery, not the tornado of might from a focused attack. More like wild magic, the kind teenaged witches might toss when their power first fell on them, out of control and turbulent. I danced into the doorway and back, getting a glimpse out. Despair pelted over me, sharp and burning as sleet, as I identified him. Sorcerer Evan Trueblood, my best friend Molly’s husband, was standing in the street, attacking my home.

Eli raced halfway down the stairs, his bare feet placed with rooted precision, his wet skin pebbled from the cold.

“No guns,” I shouted to Eli.

“Are you insane?” he shouted back.

“Probably, but insanity’s not the point. It’s Evan.”

Understanding dawned in the set of his shoulders and Eli raced back up the stairs. I turned my full attention to the open door. “Whaddaya want, Evan?” I shouted.

The wind receded marginally.

“I don’t want to fight you,” I called out. “I know I’d lose.” Maybe. Possibly. Okay, not likely, not with Eli and Beast on my side, but why stir a frozen pot? My big-cat huffed with agreement. “Talk to me, Evan! Please!”

“Tell Molly to come out and I’ll leave your house standing.”

My eyes went wide. I hadn’t seen Evan’s wife, Molly, in months, not since I killed her sister. Instantly I felt my hand on the knife as the blade slid into Evangelina. Hot blood gushed over me. I blinked away the unexpected tears that the cold wind stimulated and the memory evoked. I had killed her. I’d had no choice.

The police in Asheville had cleared me. There had been a hearing two weeks ago, attended by me, my lawyer, Adelaide Mooney, two local vamps, the PsyLED hand of the law, Rick LaFleur, and lots of press.

Molly hadn’t come to my hearing. None of her sisters had come. I’d kept glancing to the back of the courtroom, hoping. But they hadn’t come. I had only seen two of the Everhart witches while I was in Asheville, and that was because of vamp business, not friendship. Molly’s friendship had died. And why not? I didn’t deserve to have a relationship with her.

Despite, or maybe because of, the media coverage of Evangelina’s dying, I’d been cleared of any wrongdoing in the same way anyone would have been cleared, anyone who had stopped an armed killer from talking more lives. But the feeling that I’d managed to hide from in the months since I killed Evangelina had roared up like hot flame and taken me over. I couldn’t get rid of the feel of her blood, hot and sticky on my hand. Even now, I wiped the back of my hand on my jeans, feeling the cooling blood, long gone, but as real to my flesh and nerves as if it still coated my hand.

I had survived the distance from New Orleans and my accidental binding by Leo Pellissier, Master of the City of New Orleans, but only by hours. I’d flown back on Leo’s private jet, the fastest transport available to me. And retched the entire way home, sick as a dog because of my Beast’s inadvertent binding to the MOC, one that put a deadline on how long I could be apart from him, and also how far away from him I could go, even for short time periods. Getting my legal problems settled had made me deathly sick, but maybe the nausea was only partly from the binding. Maybe the rest of the sickness had been because Molly hadn’t been there. Hadn’t returned my fifteen million phone calls to her cell.

“Send her out!” Evan shouted, and a burst of wind hit the house. It creaked under the pressure. Evan wasn’t attacking my house on purpose. He was losing control. He was so furious that his magic was operating on its own, ripping free.

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Commentaires récents

Commentaire ajouté par lianne80 2016-07-16T18:45:32+02:00

Ce tome redonne un coup de fouet à la série !

Tous les tomes de la série, et vous le savez si vous lisez mes chroniques, sont vraiment plein d'action, et celui ci ne fait pas exception à la règle. On a un rythme très rapide tout du long. Il nous permet enfin de conclure sur pas mal d'intrigues qui étaient en suspend depuis un moment dans les autres tomes. Et surtout on a une Jane qui évolue et qui se met à s'accepter vraiment totalement, elle s'ouvre enfin, après tant de tomes à avoir des petits bouts de son histoire petit à petit, c'est un plaisir.

L'histoire commence lorsque Big Evans, le mari de Molly arrive un jour sans prévenir et en rage contre Jane, menaçant de détruire sa maison. Nous apprenons qu'en fait Molly a dit être allé voir Jane alors que Jane n'a aucune nouvelle d'elle depuis longtemps. Elle est donc supposée disparue et Jane part à sa recherche avec ses associés. Tout s’accélère quand Leo l'appelle pour lui annoncé un meeting imminent d'envoyés du conseil Europeen et au même moment certaines filles de Katty disparaissent elles aussi, les affaire seraient-elles liés? C'est sur que de se rendre compte qu'un certain nombre de Maitres vampires qui arrivent d'un coup en ville au moment ou de curieuses disparitions arrivent, on pense directement au lien mais est-ce si évident? Que se passe-t-il donc vraiment en ville?

Ce que j'aime bien dans cette série, et vous commencez à le savoir c'est qu'il y a toujours de multiples intrigues parallèles qui tournent dans tous les sens, certaines anciennes, d'autres toutes neuves, et que la conclusion ne fait jamais forcée, tout fini par retomber sur ses pattes naturellement.

J’apprécie beaucoup d'avoir a nouveau une histoire qui inclue les Trueblood (Molly, Evans et les enfants), ils sont vraiment la famille de Jane, enfin ce qui en est le plus proche. Jusqu'ici leur absence avait été compensée par Eli et Kid, et donc le fait d'avoir les deux ensemble est vraiment génial.

J'aime l'humour qu'apportent les deux frères qui travaillent avec Jane, ils parviennent toujours à alléger l'ambiance, contrairement ou dans les premiers tomes Jane est au final assez seule.

Encore une fois on voit apparaitre les nombreux personnages récurant, et c'est toujours assez logique, Jane se retrouve toujours dans des situations ou il y a des enlèvements ou des meurtres, elle est donc toujours en première ligne avec les forces de l'ordre, aussi bien humaines que surnaturelles. Après je dois dire que j’apprécie de moins en moins Rick, mais c'est aussi sans doute parce qu'on le voit de moins en moins, il s’éloigne visiblement de nos personnages. Le pauvre se retrouve toujours en mauvaise posture et ce n'est jamais vraiment sa faute mais les accumulations finissent par laisse des traces, Jane ne pourra pas pardonner à l'infini, il arrive un moment ou elle dira non.

C'est aussi un des points qui m’attristent un peu sur le personnage, même si j'aime le fait qu'elle est indépendante, j'aimerais quand même finir par voir arriver une ouverture sur le coté romance. Il faut avouer que ce coté la est vraiment mis totalement de coté depuis un certain nombre de tomes, les trois hommes tournent à distance certaines et rien ne leur permet pour l'instant de se rapprocher. J'ai bon espoir pour le (ou les) tomes suivants vu que Bruiser commence vraiment à prendre son indépendance et qu'il c'est montré d'une loyauté sans faille pour Jane, malgré le fait qu'elle pense toujours qu'il laissera toujours passer son engagement envers Leo avant elle, peut être a-t-elle tord finalement.


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Jane Yellowrock, Tome 7

  • USA : 2014-01-07 (English)

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