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Jane Yellowrock, Tome 5 : Death's Rival

Description ajoutée par Gkone 2012-12-04T15:04:41+01:00


Jane Yellowrock is a shapeshifting skinwalker you don’t want to cross—especially if you’re one of the undead…

For a vampire killer like Jane, having Leo Pellisier as a boss took some getting used to. But now, someone is out to take his place as Master Vampire of the city of New Orleans, and is not afraid to go through Jane to do it. After an attack that’s tantamount to a war declaration, Leo knows his rival is both powerful and vicious, but Leo’s not about to run scared. After all, he has Jane. But then, a plague strikes, one that takes down vampires and makes their masters easy prey.

Now, to uncover the identity of the vamp who wants Leo’s territory, and to find the cause of the vamp-plague, Jane will have to go to extremes…and maybe even to war.

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I’m Gonna Need Some Stitches

“Vamps don’t get sick,” I said. “They may go nuts at the least provocation, but they don’t get sick.” Air currents buffeted the small jet; I held on to the phone and the seat arm with white-knuckled grips. Inside me, Beast was purring, enjoying the ride entirely too much for a creature who used to be afraid of flying.

Static fuzzed the connection, but I made out the words “—two of these did. And maybe the third one, don’t know.” If Reach didn’t know something, it was better hidden than the identity of Kennedy’s killer—assuming that there really was a coven of blood-witches on the grassy knoll. Conspiracy theorists have a consensus on that, but there never was any evidence to back it up. “I’m still searching,” Reach said, “but it looks like the masters of the city of Sedona and Seattle are still showing signs of malaise. Boston’s MOC has vanished, and rumor has it the suckhead’s dead.”

Malaise, I thought, unamused, reading the description of their symptoms. It was a heck of a lot more than malaise. In spite of what I’d said, the vampires were sick—maybe dying. “Give me details.”

“According to my latest timeline, this vamp came out of nowhere two months ago and vamps started getting sick, which should be impossible, I know,” he agreed. “Once they were sick, they each got an ultimatum from an unknown vampire to swear him loyalty in a blood-ceremony, or face that master in a Blood Challenge, not something they could survive while sick. As soon as they swore allegiance to the new guy, the vamps got somewhat better. He didn’t kill them once he deposed them, but left them to run the cities as his loyal deputies. Each went from masters of independent strongholds to completely loyal subjects overnight. He’s successfully created a new power base and no one knows how he did it or who he is. Yet.”

“No vamp is loyal,” I said. “They’re all egocentric blood-sucking fiends.”

“True. But rich egocentric blood-sucking fiends, which is why we work for them.”

I grunted. I hated to think of myself that way, but he had a point. I’m Jane Yellowrock, and I used to kill vamps for a living. Until I started working for them. It wasn’t easy money, and I’d dumped the contract with Leo Pellissier, the chief fanghead of the Southeastern U.S., when the retainer ran out. But when Leo had requested my help yesterday, I’d re-upped to resolve this problem, because it was the right thing to do. Leo and his people had been attacked under my watch. Humans had been injured. Blood-servants had died. I’d killed some of them. No one knew who this new enemy was, and now vamps were sick, maybe dying, and a new, powerful vamp had entered the vampire political scene.

Which was why I was in a Learjet flying at way-too-dang-high. I didn’t like flying. Well, I didn’t like flying in planes. Wings are different.

Reach continued to update me on two months of data and to answer a lot of questions. I’d need it. We’d touch down in Sedona in minutes, and assuming I got out alive, I’d be off to Seattle almost immediately. Listening to Reach’s matter-of-fact tone helped to keep my mind occupied and my heart out of my throat. Sorta.

“Okay,” I said. “And you’re—” Leo’s Learjet dropped several feet before leveling out. My mind went blank and I swallowed my dinner—again. “And you’re sure the attack on Leo in Asheville was this same guy who took over Sedona, and Seattle?”

My question wasn’t argumentative. The attack on Leo had happened before any of the others, and had been purely weapon-based, a frontal attack, no disease, no ultimatum, no nothing. I didn’t know what to make of the discrepancy. “If it’s the same vamp,” I said, “his attack on Leo falls completely outside his subsequent M.O. Of course, he did try to kick sand in Leo’s face, and Leo’s people busted his chops. Maybe when that happened he tried this new tack.” I hated guesswork.

The sound of leather squeaking reminded me to relax my grip on the seat arm. I took a breath, blew it out, and drank half a bottle of water to settle my stomach. Computer keys clacked in the cell’s background, sounding like a quartet of castanets as Reach—the best research and intel guy in the business—worked.

“I stopped believing in coincidence,” he said, “about ten seconds before I stopped believing in Santa Claus. It’s like this. Leo visits Asheville, is attacked in a hotel, and wins a gun battle. Within weeks of the attack on Pellissier, Lincoln Shaddock and three of his vamps in Asheville become ill with a brand-new vamp disease. Then Sedona gets sick, then Seattle, and now Boston. They got challenged, swore loyalty, and got better. Leo’s Asheville vamps are still sick, unlike in cities where the MOCs got sick, challenged and defeated, and then received treatment. Shaddock’s peeps are dying—as if it’s a punishment rather than a takeover tool.”

Which thought made me sit up in my chair. Vamps were big on sneak attacks and vengeance. This scenario made all kinds of sense. Shaddock was bound to Leo and an attack on Shaddock was, by extension, an attack on Leo.

Reach went on, “Yeah, it’s outside the attacking vamp’s modus operandi, but the symptoms of Lincoln’s peeps are exactly the same as those of the other masters of the city who fell through the looking glass.”

“Peeps,” I muttered. I knew those vamps. Among the sick ones was Dacy Mooney, Lincoln’s heir. The two were vicious killing machines. The fact that I sorta liked them may have said something not quite sane about me. “We only think the other vamps were treated. We don’t have empirical evidence,” I said.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. But the disease is circumstantial evidence I’m willing to bet on. I think our BBV”—Big Bad Vamp, I thought with a smile—“started in Asheville with a frontal attack, and had to abandon his plans there when Leo’s people kicked his butt, and he left the disease as a punishment, a calling card, a warning, and a threat. The evidence you obtain in Sedona and Seattle will either confirm or deny that theory.”

“Ahhh,” I said. “That makes sense, which is why I pay you the big bucks.” The jet bumped up as if slapped high by a giant hand; then the bottom fell out. The small craft dropped what had to be a thousand feet before catching itself. On air. “Crap,” I whispered.

My things in an overhead compartment thumped around as gravity was again defeated. I wrenched my seat belt so tight it nearly cut me in two.

Inside me, my Beast huffed with amusement.

Beast is the soul of a mountain lion that I absorbed when I was a child and fighting for my life. It had been accidental, as much as black magic can ever be an accident. When I shifted, Beast’s was the form I most often took, and her thoughts and opinions counted nearly as much as my own. Fun, she thought. Like chasing rabbits in hills.

I slapped my brain back on, swallowed my dinner yet again, and focused. “Agreed,” I said, wishing I’d turned down this job. “But that theory still leaves questions. Why did the attacking master choose vamp strongholds so far apart on the map? Running three cities at a distance has to be a pain. Why not announce to the world who he is and what he’s doing? Every vamp I know is a megalomaniac and would publicize his conquest. This guy hasn’t.” And the newly subdued master vamps weren’t talking about what had happened on their turf or who their new master was—at all—which was another reason for this flight.

“The attacker is cheating, not challenging, according to the Vampira Carta,” Reach said.

I grunted again. The Vampira Carta and its codicils were the rule of law for the vamps—or Mithrans, as they liked to be called—and it contained laws and rules for proper behavior between vampires, their scions, blood-servants, blood-slaves, and cattle—meaning the humans they hunted. It provided proper protocols for everything, including challenging and killing each other in a duel called the Blood Challenge. The new vamp had challenged his conquests, but there had been no fights. None at all. And Boston, attacked a week ago, had gone off the grid. There had been no communication from that MOC in days. He was presumed to be true-dead.

Reach said, “If an unknown vamp is making a major power play, one that involves vamps getting sick, and Leonard Pellissier, Master of the City of New Orleans, is attacked, and then Leo’s scions get sick, it’s the same dude.”

“That isn’t quite ipso facto. It’s still more than half speculation.”

“Ipso facto? Janie knows her Latin. I’m sending you a folder on the vamp you’re visiting—the ex-master of Sedona. It’s put together from the files you loaned me to collate and organize.”

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Une épidémie se propage chez les vampires, ce qui devrait être impossible vu que du fait de leur condition les vampires sont immunisés à toutes les maladies. Deux grosses villes ont été infectée, Sédona et Seattle, et juste après ont été conquise par un nouveau maitre, inconnu de tous, a-t-il juste profité de la situation ou l'a-t-il déclenché? Leo décide de s'en occuper quand la maladie commence à toucher ses alliés et que l'inconnu se rapproche.

Il envoi Jane rencontrer certains vampires touchés qu'il connait, et recueillir leur sang pour l'analyser et découvrir ce qui se passe. Mais le mystérieux vampire n'a pas que la maladie à son service, et la vie de Jane va devenir d'un coup bien plus compliqué que sa simple mission quand elle se fait attaquer à chaque arrêt, comme si quelqu'un la traquait ...

On a un excellent mix entre de la bonne action bien répartie sur le tome et une enquête bien complexe comme je les aime.

L’ennemi qui propage sa maladie n'est pas juste une force qu'ils peuvent combattre directement, ou même se défendre contre, il y a tellement d'inconnu dans la balance sur les méthodes de propagation, le choix des cibles, le fait que la maladie puisse aussi se propager librement en plus des cibles choisies ... Ce qui donne à ce tome une originalité que j'ai bien aimé !

J'ai adoré la tension qui monte au fur et à mesure, quand Jane remonte les différentes pistes tout en essayant de se protéger contre la probable fuite d'info qui l'a met constamment en danger.

Le rythme est vraiment excellent, il n'y a pas de temps mort même quand Jane est épuisée, on ne part pas non plus dans trop de pistes différentes ce qui peut être un problème dans certaines intrigues. Encore une fois on a une intrigue qui est lié aux événements passés, on ne change pas un principe qui marche. On a aussi toujours ces réminiscences du passé surtout que la on arrive à un point de l'histoire ou le passé rejoint le présent, une grosse avancée pour Jane !

Le coté émotionnel est aussi très important dans ce livre. Pour la première fois Jane arrive vraiment à être dans la panade, battue. Elle avait déjà perdu des amis ce qui la mine mais cette fois ci on tombe vraiment dans un trauma très important, à tel point qu'elle tombe en état de choc, une chose qu'on imaginait totalement impossible tant le personnage était fort jusqu'ici. Cela donne une nouvelle profondeur je trouve, elle n'est pas invincible, l’émotionnel peut aussi la toucher, même si le physique et la douleur ne le font pas.

Pour la première fois depuis le début de la série on parle aussi du coté monétaire de la question de son contrat, Jane se rend compte quelle a changé sur ce point, qu'elle s'habitue à utiliser des grosses sommes dès qu'elle en a besoin, sans compter. On peut ne pas aimer ce coté la je comprends, mais je trouve que c'est logique pour le personnage, elle a commencé à travailler avec les vampires pour cette raison précise au départ et réaliser les gains qu'elle engrange ne me choque pas plus que ça.

J'adore toujours autant Jane, elle est marrante, spirituelle, forte et sensible, à la fois combattante et cérébrale, une bonne combinaison pour une personnalité très attachante. Bon, on reste toujours dans un Yoyo important niveau sentimental vu que sa relation avec Rick est bloquée et qu'elle ne peut toujours pas accepter celle de Bruiser, même si bête elle prendrait bien les deux ) la fois sans hésitation, mais personnellement cette situation ne me lasse toujours pas !

Nous avons dans ce tome deux nouveaux personnages qui viennent se greffer à Jane, un ex-soldat et son petit frère, un jeune hacker en liberté conditionnelle. J'ai adoré le coté "Jane/Beast-maman" qui se développe autours de celui qu'elle appelle "Kid". Elle en profite pour bien exploiter ses talents. Eli le grand frère est aussi un bon ajout, le fait d'avoir un ami humain capable de la seconder et de surveiller ses arrière en qui elle a tout à fait confiance change Jane. Elle qui était la solitaire par excellence se prend à aimer cette petite équipe qui c'est monté par hasard et qui en fait répondait tout à fait à un besoin qu'elle avait sans s'en rendre compte.

En résumé j'ai vraiment adoré ce tome, il est plus dur que les précédents sur le plan émotionnel mais je trouve justement que ça donne une balance au personnage, comme quoi même la plus forte des personnes peut craquer et tomber. L'équipe formée dans ce tome est vraiment très sympathique et accompagne bien Jane dans son enquête, Eli et Kid sont un ajout heureux au personnage de Jane.

Le rythme est endiablé une fois de plus, on entre dans une vrai guerre d'usure dans ce tome, l'action ne manque pas tout en donnant une part importante à l'enquête.

Je ne me suis pas ennuyée une seule seconde !


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Super tome j'ai tout simplement adoré l'action est omniprésente !!! Jane est toujours aussi bad ass et on en apprend plus sur ses origines !!

Ps: Pour ceux et celles qui seraient découragés par l'anglais ne baissez pas les bras car c'est une série qui en vaut vraiment la peine =D

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Voici ce que Panini m'a répondu hier... :

Bonjour, Pour l'instant, nous n'avons pas pu programmer de date de sortie pour cette suite. Cordialement,

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Jane Yellowrock, Tome 5 : Death's Rival

  • USA : 2012-10-02 - Poche (English)

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