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Bibliothèque de juliet45 : Mes envies

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Les Ombres brumeuses, Tome 4 : Succubus et sanglant Les Ombres brumeuses, Tome 4 : Succubus et sanglant
Céline Mancellon   
Marre de voir que Céline mancellon commence toujours de nouvelles séries sans terminé les anciennes un Conseil ne vous attachez pas à ces romans plus de la moitié ne sont pas finis
Body Language Body Language
Aki Morimoto   
Je ne connaissais les Yaoi qu'à travers les mangas, et cette nouvelle est une découverte et une bonne surprise. Les codes du genre sont respectés, donc un récit très stéréotypé, mais qu'est-ce qu'ils sont attachants ces deux-là! Amateurs du genre: jetez-vous dessus!

par rineska
Farm, Tome 8 : Love Means... Renewal Farm, Tome 8 : Love Means... Renewal
Andrew Grey   
A Love Means... Story

Eli Henninger is stretched a little thin. He teaches riding classes, conducts therapy sessions, takes care of his son, and helps manage the family farm. He's tired and overworked, especially because lately, no one else seems to do anything right. He and his partner, Geoff, haven't have time together in so long, he's beginning to forget what his longtime love feels like.

Geoff is just as busy with the farm, the business, and working through a complicated land purchase. He and Eli labor from sunup to sundown and then some. He knows taking care of their responsibilities is preventing them from taking care of each other, but he doesn't see anything he can do about it. To make matters worse, they're accused of behaving improperly toward some of the children in their riding programs.

Then Eli becomes ill and the investigators suspect foul play, forcing Geoff to reevaluate his priorities and hope fate will give them another chance.

par Gkone
Farm, Tome 6 : Love Means... Healing Farm, Tome 6 : Love Means... Healing
Andrew Grey   
Seven months ago, Len Parker lost his partner of more than twenty years, and he isn’t sure how to feel about his blossoming attraction to Chris, one of his farmhands. Hesitant and still hurt, Len remains aloof and distant until he’s goaded into teaching Chris to ride.

Fresh out of a thirty-year career with the Marines, Chris can explore his sexuality openly for the first time in his life, but what he needs more than anything is peace. He’s convinced Len doesn’t like him until he digs a little deeper, and then, armed with hope, Chris sets out to prove that love can provide the healing he and Len so desperately need.

par Gkone
Meute de la Lune, Tome 11.5 : Christmas Tree Magic Meute de la Lune, Tome 11.5 : Christmas Tree Magic
Amber Kell   
This is the story included in Love Lane’s Christmas Delights Anthology.

par Gkone
Honky Tonk, Tome 2 : Coastal Cowboys Honky Tonk, Tome 2 : Coastal Cowboys
Rain Carrington   
In this sequel to Honky Tonk Ethan and Hunter are in New York to see Ethan's parents who had thrown him out at 15 because of his promiscuous behavior. They like Hunter and are overjoyed when Hunter asks them for Ethan's hand in marriage but old habits die hard and Ethan comes away from his home feeling low like when he had first been told to leave. Things get worse at his old hang outs and soon all of the things Ethan had done to make himself feel like a good man are forgotten as he lets old feelings come back making him question himself and the love Hunter feels for him.

Reggie is living in New York going to school but something is missing from his life and one night when he goes with Hunter and Ethan to a BDSM club he finds out who that something is. Drew is tied and abused and he takes Reggie's heart with one look. Drew's Master just happens to be Ferguson Kenroy, Ethan's old lover, and Fergi wants Ethan back. When Ethan and Reggie snatch Drew away from him Fergi takes Ethan to compensate.

Cane is living in LA and longs for a Dom who can give him the love and strong hand he craves but instead meets Seth, a hit man in a mafia family who gives him so much more. When Hunter and Ethan go to LA to hide from Fergi they all learn that no one is what they seem and love runs deeper than pain.

par sanlacha
Wolf-Shifter, Tome 1 : Of Wolves and Men Wolf-Shifter, Tome 1 : Of Wolves and Men
G. A. Hauser   
Charlie Mosby travaille sur un ranch de chevaux à Heber, Utah. Il aime son travail, les propriétaires du ranch, et ses collègues cow-boys qui guident des hôtes en leur faisant faire des promenades à cheval et des randonnées équestres toute l’année.

Mais après une rencontre fortuite avec un beau jeune homme gay qui l’avait aidé à changer un pneu crevé sur l’autoroute 80 il y a un mois, Charlie a commencé à s’interroger sur sa sexualité. Et comme si ce n’était pas assez compliqué, des choses étranges se passent dans le ranch.

Culte satanique ? Étrange rituel occulte ? Quoi qu’il en soit, ce n’est pas bon pour les propriétaires ni pour les chevaux du ranch.

Un soir, Charlie tombe sur Roman Burk dans les bois, nu, blessé et frissonnant dans le froid. Ce que Charlie n’avait jamais imaginé c’était avoir affaire à un homme tel que Roman. Bien que le bel inconnu semble disparaître un moment pour réapparaître comme par magie l’instant d’après, Charlie s’est entiché de cet homme.

Roman a peur de révéler son secret. Surtout à un cow-boy qui passe le plus clair de son temps à le chasser plutôt qu’à l’aimer.

Charlie et Roman pourront-ils trouver ce qu’ils cherchent ? C’est une question d’honneur, de celle qui fait l’objet de débats depuis la première fois que l’homme a posé son regard sur ce redoutable prédateur. C’est une question de respect mutuel des loups aux hommes.

par smalad
Farm, Tome 7 : Love Means... No Limits Farm, Tome 7 : Love Means... No Limits
Andrew Grey   
Bart van Andren, aka Spider, has been running away from life with a lot of chemical help. When he wakes up in a hospital, he discovers he’s picked up a champion. Duane must see something in Bart no one else ever has, because he finds Bart a job at Laughton Farms, where the people show Bart kindness and patience. He might even kick his drug habit with a little help from his new friends Geoff, Eli, and especially Tyrone.

Tyrone Jackson works at the farm despite the disapproval of his traditional black family, who find it suspicious that he works with gay men. Tyrone knows he’s gay, and until now, he’s kept his home and work lives separate.

Though Tyrone resists his feelings for Bart as long as he can—he’s seen enough of the drug culture to last a lifetime—he can’t deny their attraction forever. But before he and Bart reach for more than friendship, Tyrone has to face his family and Bart has to close the door on his past—a past that could put Tyrone, the farm, and everyone he’s come to care for at risk.

par Gkone
Farm, Tome 6 : Love Means... Family Farm, Tome 6 : Love Means... Family
Andrew Grey   
Four months ago Robert Edward “Arie” Hawkins lost his sister and the rest of her family in a plane crash. Now his parents have decided it’s time for him to marry and carry on the family name. Arie knows it’s most likely the grief talking—especially from his mother, who’s taken to putting more than ice in her iced tea—so to escape Mississippi, Arie calls his best friend, Robbie, and arranges for a visit.

Life is always changing at the Michigan farm where Robbie lives. Owner Geoff Laughton and his partner, Eli, have started a therapeutic riding program and adopted a little boy, creating a family. It’s while feeding Jakey that Arie meets Officer Hunky.

Officer Hunky’s real name is Deputy Duane Keenan, and he has troubles of his own, but not enough to stop him from pursuing Arie. But Duane’s and Arie’s families are pulling them in opposite directions. Trying to build a connection to support their mutual attraction may prove to be more than difficult… it may be impossible.

par Gkone
Farm, Tome 5 : Amour... sans peur Farm, Tome 5 : Amour... sans peur
Andrew Grey   
Une belle suite à cette saga. J'ai adoré retrouver tous les personnages des précédents tome, même si Len est trés peu présent. Dommage j'aurais aimé en connaître un peu plus sur la vie de Len avec son partenaire Chris, peut-être dans un autre tome.

par EstelleEV