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Kimi ni Ai ni Iku

Description ajoutée par Soleil15 2016-05-30T23:18:33+02:00


Sequel: Koi wa Aserazu

Meeting You

When Tooru confessed his love to classmate Himeshiro, he wasn’t expecting violins to start up in the background or the clouds in the sky to part. He was expecting a simple yes or no answer. But instead of a simple reply, Himeshiro decides to tease Tooru and sets up various trails of love he must complete to prove his affection! Will Tooru get fed up with these weird conditions and humiliating acts? Or will Himeshiro get serious? (Source: 801 Media)

How to Find a Gentle Kiss

After Senken's best friend Sakuma kisses him in the last days of their university years, Sakuma disappears for3 years. Senken now has a job working in a company but still wonders what happened to his friend. What happens when he finally appears?

Mornings at the Bus Stop

One day Machida misses his morning bus to work. It leads to a meeting with the alluring man Touhon. From now on Machida is always missing his bus...on purpose!


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