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Par Naelyn le 26-07-2016 Editer
King's cage
"Knowing it’s what he wants to see, I let the tears of frustration overwhelm and fall. He tracks their paths with hunger." - Mare

"Sachant ce qu'il veut voir, je laisse les larmes de frustration me submerger et tomber. Il suit leurs chemins avec avidité." - Mare

(traduction personnelle)

source : le blog de Victoria Aveyard
Par Echco le 10-02 Editer
King's cage
« Remember when we told each other no distractions?”
“Yes.” He runs a blazing finger over my earrings, touching each one in turn.
“Distract me. »
Par Naelyn le 26-07-2016 Editer
King's cage
"It's the queen's duty to receive guests.
- Well I'm not a guest and you're not the queen, so..."

"Il est du devoir d'une reine de recevoir des invités.
- Et bien, je ne suis pas un(e) invité(e) et tu n'es pas la reine, donc..."

(traduction personnelle)

source : le blog de Victoria Aveyard
Par Naelyn le 26-07-2016 Editer
King's cage
"Infuriating as Mare might be, I still want her back…Even if she was a condescending twit most of the time."

"Aussi exaspérante que Mare peut être, je veux toujours qu'elle revienne...Même si c'était une imbécile condescendante la plupart du temps."

(traduction personnelle)

source : le blog de Victoria Aveyard
Par Echco le 21-04 Editer
King's cage

Je me relève lorsqu’il m’y autorise.
La laisse se tend. L’intérieur du collier est garni de clous qui s’enfoncent dans ma chair. Pas assez pour faire couler le sang… dans l’immédiat. Mes poignets, eux, sont déjà à vif. Des blessures insidieuses, après plusieurs jours d’inconscience, pendant lesquels j’ai été entravée par des menottes grossières. Mes manches blanches s’ornent de taches plus ou moins récentes, qui se déclinent de l’écarlate foncé au carmin vif, témoignages de mon supplice. Grâce à elles, Maven montre à sa cour combien j’ai souffert, déjà.
Il se dresse au-dessus de moi. Son expression est impénétrable. La couronne de son père le grandit ; elle semble pousser directement sur son crâne. Le métal noir luit, chaque pointe représente une flamme qui s’enroule, ornée de bronze et d’argent. Je focalise mon attention sur ces détails amèrement familiers pour ne pas avoir à regarder Maven dans les yeux. Il m’y contraint, néanmoins, tire sur une seconde laisse. Je ne la vois pas, celle-ci, je la sens seulement.
Par Klaroline03 le 04-03 Editer
King's cage
He turns on his heel, heading in the opposite direction, toward the only thing he has left to keep him warm.
A throne of frozen flames.
Par Echco le 12-02 Editer
King's cage
Spoiler(cliquez pour révéler)
[/spoiler] I love your brother, Maven. You were right. You are only a shadow, and who looks at shadows when they have flame? Who would ever choose a monster over a god

Par Echco le 28-01 Editer
King's cage
The cards are carefully typed, outlining what I must say. I can’t even look at them, and leave them lying on my bedside table.

I very much doubt I’ll get the benefit of maids to make me up into whatever Maven imagines presenting to the court. It looks like an arduous task, buttoning and zipping myself into the scarlet gown. It has a high collar, trailing hem, and long sleeves to hide not just Maven’s brand on my collarbone but the manacles still attached to my wrists and ankles.

No matter how many times I escape this elegant pageantry, I seem doomed to play a role in it. The dress will be too big when I finally get it on, loose around the arms and waist. I’m thinner here, no matter how much I force myself to eat. Based on what I can glean from my reflection in the window, my hair and skin have also suffered under the weight of silence. My face is yellowed and sunken, sickly-looking, while red rims my eyes. And my dark brown hair, still tinged by the slow creep of gray at the ends, is rattier than ever, tangled to the root. I braid it back hastily, working the knotted strands.

No amount of silk can change what I look like beneath Maven’s costume. But it’s no matter. I’ll never wear it, if all goes to plan.

The next step in my preparation makes my heart pound. I do my best to look calm, for the cameras in my bedroom at least. They cannot know what I’m about to do, not if it’s going to work. And even if I manage to fool my guards, there’s another rather large obstacle.

This could kill me.

Maven did not put cameras in my bathroom. Not to protect my privacy, but to placate his own jealousy. I know enough of him to realize he won’t let another person see my body. The added weight of Silent Stone, the slabs set into walls, is confirmation. Maven made sure guards would never have a reason to escort me in here. My heart beats sluggishly in my chest, but I push through it. I have to.

The shower hisses and steams, scalding hot as soon as I turn it on to full blast. If not for the bathroom Stone, I would have spent many days enjoying the singular comfort of a hot wash. I must work quickly, or let myself be smothered.

Back at the Notch we were lucky to bathe in cold rivers, while on Tuck the showers were timed and lukewarm. I laugh at the thought of what passed for bathing at home. A tub filled from the kitchen faucet, warm in the summer, cold in the winter, with stolen soap to clean with. I still don’t envy my mother’s job of helping my father wash.

With any luck—lots of luck—I’ll see them again soon.

I push the showerhead, angling it away from the basin and onto the floor of the bathroom. The water pelts against white tile, drenching it. The spray hits my bare feet, and the heat shivers my skin, gentle and inviting as a warm blanket.

As water seeps out beneath the bathroom door, I work quickly. First I put the long shard of glass on the counter, well within arm’s length. Then I reach for the true weapon.

Whitefire Palace is a marvel in every inch, and my bathroom is no exception. It’s lit by a modest chandelier, if there is such a thing: worked in silver, with curling arms like tree branches giving bud to a dozen lightbulbs. I have to stand on the sink, precariously balanced, to get at it. A few forceful but focused tugs pull the dangling fixture forward, its wiring peeling through the ceiling. Once I have enough slack, I crouch, the still-lit chandelier in hand. I brace it on the sink to wait.

The pounding starts a few minutes later. Whoever is watching my room has noticed the water spilling out from underneath my bathroom door. Ten seconds later, two sets of feet troop into my bedroom. Which Arvens, I’m not sure, but it doesn’t really matter.

“Barrow!” a man’s voice calls, accompanied by a fist knocking on the bathroom door.

They waste no time when I don’t respond, and neither do I.

Egg pushes the door in, his white face almost blending into the tiled walls as he steps inside, sloshing through. Clover does not follow, but stands with one foot in the bathroom, the other in my bedchamber. It doesn’t matter. Both her feet are in the puddle of steaming water.

“Barrow . . . ?” Egg says, slack-jawed at the sight of me.

It doesn’t take much to let the chandelier drop, but the action feels heavy all the same.

It smashes against the wet tile. When the electricity hits the water, a surge pulses through the room, shorting out not just the other bathroom lights, but the lights in my bedroom. Probably this entire wing of the palace.

Both Arvens jump and twitch as the sparks dance through their flesh. They crumple quickly, muscles seizing.

I vault over the water and their bodies, almost gasping as the weight of the bathroom’s Silent Stone melts away. The manacles still weigh on my limbs, and I waste no time searching the Arvens, careful to keep out of the water. I turn out their pockets as quickly as I can, searching for the key that haunts my waking moments. Shaking, I feel a curl of metal beneath Egg’s collar, lying flush to his breastbone. With trembling hands, I yank it free and set to loosening my manacles one by one. As they drop away, the silence lifts, bit by bit. I gasp down air, trying to force lightning into myself. It’s coming back. It must.
Par Naelyn le 26-07-2016 Editer
King's cage
"The title is so delicious I want to lick the words right out of her mouth."

source : le blog de Victoria Aveyard
Par Echco le 22-06-2016 Editer
King's cage
“We all came here for selfish reasons. But we can’t be distracted by them. We have to think of the cause. The greater good. And you can do so much more here, with us. We can’t lose you.”

“I’m not here by choice.”

“That’s a card you play too many times. You chose to stay. You chose to help.”

“And what would you choose now, Farley?”

“Excuse me?”

“Would you choose the greater good? Or would you choose Shade?”
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