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Letting You In, Tome 1 - Nora Flite

Par Gkone le 05-02-2015 Editer
Broken, fragile, Leah never once expected she'd find the courage to stand up to her abusive boyfriend. But now, after being exposed to the monster inside of him, nursing her wounds from his frightening assault, she's got no choice except to run.

The risks don't matter. Jumping on a plane, flying across the country with no money, no clear plan, all she wants is to start over. She forces herself to make a promise: No more mistakes, no more getting hurt, no more dating.

Then she meets Deacon Day, and realizes how bad she is at keeping promises.

He's clever, funny, too good to be true.

Too good for her.

Every time she grows weak, allows herself to try and let the charming southern boy in, he comes too close to glimpsing the wounded parts of her she doesn't want to share with anybody.

Scared to be open, terrified of being rejected, can someone with a past as raw as her own, manage to let someone as selfless and pure as Deacon into her life?

And can she manage it without dragging him down into the darkness with her?

Letting You In is a drama filled 340+ page novel, told from both the point of view of Leah, as well as Deacon. Bound to pull at that deep spot inside all of us, this story dwells in the harshness of reality, the dark mistakes of the past, all while yearning for the promise of hope and triumph. New Adult Contemporary Romance. Mature Content.
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