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Sarah hovered just outside his door. She didn’t want to stop talking with Tristan, but she questioned the wisdom of so willingly accepting an invitation into his bedroom. She stood there, looking at the open door.

It’s just a room. A room where there happens to be a bed. No need to read anything more into the situation. God, I’m terrible at lying to myself, Sarah thought as she went through the door. No matter how much she tried to convince herself otherwise, she was well aware of the thrill she felt at being invited into Tristan’s bedroom and how much she wanted to be there.
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date : 11-02-2017
"So it's all an act?" Ember said bitterly. "The vow means nothing?"
Barrow turned suddenly, looking into her eyes. "Does it mean nothing to you?"
She gazed at him and slowly shook her head. What she'd given up had in turn granted her freedom. She thought of Caber's pounding hooves and the wind tugging at her hair.
"It means everything" she said.
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