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Maggie MacKay, Magical Tracker, Tome 3 : Maggie on the Bounty

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New business partners, Maggie and Killian, are looking forward to their latest gig: finding out why all the ghosts are disappearing from the Empress Adelaide, a turn of the century ocean liner who once shuttled Hollywood's finest across the Atlantic. But Maggie and Killian find themselves trapped in the past, caught in a time rift with only a ghost of a chance of escaping. This ain't no pleasure cruise

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Chapter One

A week ago, the lives of my mom, dad, and sister were on the line. I battled a horde of vampires-turned-werewolf and werewolves-turned-vampire, in the middle of a ghost town filled with people-turned-ghost. I faced down the biggest, baddest vampire of them all, a jerk named Vaclav. I also had to kill my employer, a guy named Mr. Smith. It's okay. He was evil.

It sounds like a pretty action-packed weekend, but it's kinda turning into how I spend my Saturdays.

My name is Maggie MacKay. I'm a magical tracker.

I live in an alternate dimension called The Other Side, but have earned enough Frequent Portal Points for all the jumps I make between The Other Side and Earth to almost qualify for a Dyson.

Whenever monsters decide to invade Los Angeles, I get the call to haul them back. It's like being the permanent designated driver for a bunch of asshole frat boys... with fangs...

Mind you, things have been a little hairier than normal these past few months, and I ain't just talkin' werewolves. It started with vampires. The werewolves came after. And then the vampires bit the werewolves and the werewolves bit the vampires and now I've got a horde of creatures that can only be killed by silver stakes, all gunning at me.

And that was nothing compared to the terror in my heart at this moment.

"It is only brunch," Killian said to me from the passenger seat of my car.

Since my sister's "family dinner" had been destroyed last week, you know, because we were mildly busy saving the world, Mindy called for a do-over. She was pretending it was a celebration of my dad's retirement. I got the feeling it was more to make sure no stakings happened on a Sunday. From the tone of her voice, she acted as if we owed her. You let your sister get possessed one lousy time...

"Think of all the towers of pastries," Killian encouraged. "You enjoy a good pastry."

The latest employee at MacKay & MacKay Tracking was a 6'5 blonde elf named Killian. Some get distracted by his rakish good looks, but once you quit being blinded by his beauty, you usually just want to punch him. We've been through some pretty big adventures together, though, so I let him stick around. Okay, truth be told, I more than just let him stick around, I invited him to be my new partner. We still haven't picked out stationery logos, but that's what a family brunch is for, right? Awkward questions about your future and thinly veiled inquiries about when they are going to hear the pitter-patter of tiny franchise opportunities. It's enough to make a girl open up a portal and let herself be swallowed up by another world.

Which I could do. I'm able to open up portals between dimensions like nobody's business. Okay, so my dad is better than me. What can I say? He's had a bit more practice. But now that he's retired, the only thing he is going to be opening are tea bags at my mom's psychic eye tea shop, Leaf It Be, on The Other Side. My completely normal twin sister, Mindy, lives a completely normal life as an accountant in Pasadena with a completely normal and totally nice husband, Austin, and a completely normal dog. Oh, my sister does have a brownie named Pipistrelle, who is so adorable you might be able to count him as a pet. He was looking for a good excuse to stick around Earth; she was looking for someone to clean the baseboards. Pipistrelle LOVES cleaning baseboards.

"You know Pipistrelle can cook these chefs under the table. I don't see why Mindy decided to have a family gathering sixty miles from where any family actually lives."

"Really, Maggie, this shall be a most delightful human experience. Why so ill-tempered?"

I looked at him in disbelief. "It is 9:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning and we have just spent the past hour battling it through all the weekend warriors returning from The Other Side to Earth, not to mention traffic on the 710 Freeway down to Long Beach, all so that we can eat an omelet. I'm tired. I'm cranky. And I'm wearing a skirt."

Killian looked at me and remarked, "It is a lovely skirt. Black continues to be your color."

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