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Outtakes From The Grave

Description ajoutée par MouniaRemadna 2017-03-18T18:43:31+01:00


Voici la traduction du Description de l'auteure

Offrez-vous votre amour de Cat and Bones avec cette collection de décors supprimés et de versions alternatives des quatre premiers romans de la série Night Huntress, accompagnée d'un commentaire de l'auteur sur chaque sélection. Comprend: les débuts originaux de la moitié de la tombe, un pied dans la tombe, à la fin de la tombe et destiné pour une tombe précoce; Un chapitre écrit dans le point de vue de Bones; Versions alternées de sections de la moitié de la tombe, un pied dans la tombe, et destinées pour une tombe précoce; La scène du "mariage blanc" entre Cat et Bones qui ne l'a jamais fait dans les livres finaux .... et beaucoup plus.

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Extrait ajouté par Elea2000 2017-04-30T21:34:39+02:00

What do you do when you’re on a diet and your favorite food is within gobbling distance? I tried more pacing in my bedroom, but that didn’t help. Turned on the TV, but that only made it worse. All the local channels were off, leaving just the premiums. No matter what I flipped to, it seemed sex was on every one. Finally, with grim frustration, I ran a bath and settled myself into the tub. Well, it had been a while since I’d done what I was about to do—Bones normally kept me more than sated, so I hadn’t needed to self-satisfy—but it had to be like riding a bike, right?

Of course, that didn’t turn out as planned either.

First I was too rough. I attacked my flesh like it had done something wrong, which only increased the need while doing nothing to ease it. Great, now I was sore and frustrated. Finally I forced myself to go slower and to think happy thoughts. The warm water soothed my previous attempts and my gentleness began to pay off. At last, progress. My breath shortened, fantasies and memories intermingling in my mind.

Bones’s hands all over me, teasing, seeking, driving me insane. The weight of his body pressing me into the bed. His mouth between my legs, tongue stroking, delving, and flicking, until I couldn’t stand it anymore. Then that hard, deep thrust as he’d push himself inside me—

And him flinging open the bathroom door to come toward me. I froze in shock, my hand still jammed between my legs. Then I found my voice. “Get out!”

My demand only slowed him, but it was the conditioner bottle bouncing off his head that brought him to a stop.


The shampoo bottle beaned him next. Some of the green left his eyes as the soap followed. Then my razor. Soon I was out of items and just splashing water at him.

“But you called me in here,” he exclaimed, backing away at last.

“No, I didn’t!”

I yanked the shower curtain off, covering myself, and grasped the iron rod, burning all over with embarrassment.

That backed him all the way out. “It seems there’s been a misunderstanding—”


I couldn’t even separate the syllables in my humiliation. He translated, however, and a second later, I heard the door shut. Then worse, Spade’s muffled laughter, immediately shushed by Denise.

“For crying out loud,” I hissed, the shower curtain still clinging to me. “Can’t a person masturbate in peace?”


The next day the adult thing would have been to go downstairs, act as if nothing had happened, and proceed about my business.

Well, who had ever accused me of acting like an adult?

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Commentaire ajouté par Naniie 2016-05-14T01:20:05+02:00

quelqu'un sait en francais sa donne quoi?

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Commentaire ajouté par ness86 2016-01-20T22:46:02+01:00

J'ai beaucoup aimé cette reprise des événements !!! Très souvent drôles et touchants, je conseille ce livre aux fans de cette série.

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Dates de sortie

Outtakes From The Grave

  • France : 2015-12-08 - Poche (Français)
  • USA : 2015-12-22 (English)

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Note globale 8 / 10

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