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Bibliothèque de Pasco2010 : Mes envies

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Assassin/Shifter, Tome 9 : An Ignited Passion Assassin/Shifter, Tome 9 : An Ignited Passion
Sandrine Gasq-Dion   
Preston Dalton knows who his mate is. At thirteen he met the wolf who would eventually become his. The problem? His mate was only seven. Eleven long years have passed and Preston is finally going to tell his mate who he is. Imagine his surprise when he finds Wyatt Quinton in the arms of another man.

Wyatt Quinton knows he has a mate. They met when he was seven; he’s sure of it. But his family – wanting him to grow up before worrying about a mate – finally convinces him that he just imagined the whole thing. So Wyatt takes a chance at love, dating the beautiful and available Sebastian Price.

When one of Sebastian’s bad ideas lands Wyatt in hot water, he's given community service at the Seattle Fire Department where hard-nosed boss Preston Dalton seems to be out to get him. Wyatt can’t stand him - but something about the tall, blond-haired, brown-eyed man has Wyatt fighting an internal fire. When he develops feelings for Preston, he’s beyond confused. Werewolves get one mate for life - so why does he want Preston Dalton when he’s sure he has a mate somewhere?

Secrets and betrayals of trust complicate everything. Can Wyatt and Preston come together as they were meant to be? Or will a broken trust and deception keep them apart forever?

par Gkone
Assassin/Shifter, Tome 23 : Savage Love Assassin/Shifter, Tome 23 : Savage Love
Sandrine Gasq-Dion   
Six years ago, Chaz Savage was on top of the world: Beloved NFL star, filthy rich, great friends -- and a man he was close to falling in love with. Lev Chirkoff was smart, funny, sexy and freaking adorable. Then, one night he was gone with no explanation. Chaz is devastated, left wondering what happened to the only man who ever had his heart. Eventually, hurt turns to anger and then to rage. If he EVER sees that man again....

Lev Chirkoff has an impossible job forced on him by the mob boss his father works for. It involves a professional athlete he has worshiped since the first time he saw him, and the very thought of it sickens Lev. He meets Chaz and they seem to be made for each other. Soon, his only plan is falling in love. When a traumatic night forces Lev out of Chaz's life, he disappears. But Chaz Savage never leaves his heart.

Six years later, Lev returns to Seattle, makes new friends and finds a purpose in life. A Halloween party puts him in Chaz's orbit again, and unsportsmanlike conduct doesn't begin to cover the big man's reaction. With the mob after Chaz, Lev is assigned to protect him as they go into hiding. But Chaz Savage isn't about to make it easy for the man who devastated him. Once old feelings stir, he finally has a chance to discover the truth of Lev's betrayal. Lev falls even more deeply for the man who is so much more than just a football star -- but surely his secret will only cost him Chaz's love forever.

They say it takes a village, but in this case it's a reservation -- and as Chaz and Lev come to an uneasy peace, they discover that the people around them are more than willing to give their lives for the safety of their family.

par Gkone
Riders, Tome 10 : Cowgirls Don't Cry Riders, Tome 10 : Cowgirls Don't Cry
Lorelei James   
Good girls can play rough too.

Jessie McKay has accepted her marriage to Luke McKay wasn t perfect. After two years of widowhood, she s ready to kick up her bootheels until Luke s younger brother shows up to spoil her fun. But if Brandt thinks she ll ever take orders from another McKay male, he s got manure for brains.

Brandt McKay has avoided his sweet, sexy sister-in-law ever since the night he confessed his feelings for her weren t the brotherly type. Unexpectedly faced with proof of Luke s infidelity, Brandt is forced to ask for Jessie s help in taking care of Luke s young son. Jessie agrees on one condition she wants Brandt s boots exclusively under her bed for the duration.

The sexual heat that s always simmered between them ignites. Brandt is determined to make the temporary situation permanent, proving to Jessie he s a one-woman man. And Jessie is shaken by feelings she s sworn never to have again for any man especially not a McKay.Warning: Contains branding-iron-hot sex, the one McKay on earth who wants to be tamed, and a woman who s decided tame is for nice girls who finish last.

par Gkone
Farm, Tome 5.5 : Love Means... Renewal Farm, Tome 5.5 : Love Means... Renewal
Andrew Grey   
A Love Means... Story

Eli Henninger is stretched a little thin. He teaches riding classes, conducts therapy sessions, takes care of his son, and helps manage the family farm. He's tired and overworked, especially because lately, no one else seems to do anything right. He and his partner, Geoff, haven't have time together in so long, he's beginning to forget what his longtime love feels like.

Geoff is just as busy with the farm, the business, and working through a complicated land purchase. He and Eli labor from sunup to sundown and then some. He knows taking care of their responsibilities is preventing them from taking care of each other, but he doesn't see anything he can do about it. To make matters worse, they're accused of behaving improperly toward some of the children in their riding programs.

Then Eli becomes ill and the investigators suspect foul play, forcing Geoff to reevaluate his priorities and hope fate will give them another chance.

par Sophie74
Par le feu, Tome 4 : Heat Under Fire Par le feu, Tome 4 : Heat Under Fire
Andrew Grey   
Justin Briggs can shout out directions all day on his job as a traffic cop, but put him in front of a hot guy, specifically firefighter Rock Sparks, and he clams up.

Rock finds Justin confusing. While saving a busload of children hanging off the edge of a highway overpass, the cute rookie is cool and confident. But when Rock tries to chat him up, he stutters and chokes. Frustrated, Rock teases Justin, and boy, is his temper hot.

Though Rock and Justin share a steamy kiss, Justin keeps his distance, still tongue-tied. Then, when Justin is injured on the job, Rock takes him to the hospital, and some of the barriers start to crumble. But getting his enigmatic boyfriend to open up brings up more questions about Justin’s past.

par Gkone
Tucker Springs, Tome 3: Dirty Laundry Tucker Springs, Tome 3: Dirty Laundry
Heidi Cullinan   
Une très bonne surprise, difficile à lâcher. Les personnages sont bien plus complexes qu'ils n'y paraissent au premier abord, et cela donne lieu à une belle romance qui fait se sentir bien. Je recommande vivement !

par LadyAriel
Houston, forces spéciales, Tome 6 : Sweet Addiction Houston, forces spéciales, Tome 6 : Sweet Addiction
Maya Banks   
Cole a réussi dans la vie au-delà de ses rêves. Il peut avoir n'importe quelle femme, mais il n'y en a qu'une qui occupe ses pensées. Son amour d'enfance, Renita. Il n'a jamais oublié ce premier goût de l'amour innocent, le désir qui les a consumés... et la douleur qu'il lui a infligé.

Son premier goût de la soumission a éveillé quelque chose chez Ren. Elle est devenue une belle femme à l'aise avec sa sexualité et qui sait parfaitement qu'elle ne veut qu'un homme dominant. Lorsque Cole la retrouve, il est blessé de voir qu'elle appartient à un autre. Le maître de Ren accepte de la donner à Cole durant un court laps de temps, puis elle devra lui être retournée. Et bien que Cole accepte le marché, il sait qu'il ne sera jamais capable de laisser Ren lui échapper encore une fois...
Les Idoles du stade, Tome 13 : The Final Score Les Idoles du stade, Tome 13 : The Final Score
Jaci Burton   
“And yet another reason I need you with me, Monique. That positive attitude.”

“I’m just a ray of sunshine and utter beauty in your life, Mia.”

Mia laughed. “That you are.”

“Hey, do you want to have dinner tonight? I have a date and he has a really gorgeous friend. We’re going to try out this new Korean place that everyone’s talking about.”

She shook her head. “Thanks, but I already have plans.”

“Ooh, a hot date?”

“No. Dinner with Nathan Riley.”

Monique arched a perfect brow. “So it is a hot date.”

The only person she’d ever told about her onetime hookup with Nathan was Monique, because she was the only person Mia trusted with all her secrets. “Not ever going to happen again.”

Monique leaned back in her chair and shoved her pen into her gorgeous afro. “I don’t know why. The man is delicious.”

“The why is because we’re friends.”

“Oh, and you can’t fuck a friend?”

Fortunately, Monique’s office was at the other end of the hall, away from everyone else, so no one could hear them. “No, I can’t. My friendship with Nathan means too much to me.”

“Pff. Bullshit. You’re just afraid it was too hot for you and you might fall in love with him.”

“I am not afraid, and falling in love with Nathan is the last thing on my mind.” She walked in and slid into the chair across from Monique’s desk. “Though it was very hot sex. But love? I don’t have time for love. I’m building a dynasty here.”

“Uh-huh. You can build all the dynasties you want. But you can still jump on Nathan Riley.”

She shook her head. “What if I want to bring him on board MHC?”

“Do you?”

“I don’t know. The thought just popped into my head. But if I did, I can’t have sex with him and then sign him as a client, too.”

“Why not? Wouldn’t that be just an added incentive, like a fringe benefit?”

She rolled her eyes. “Monique. You have like . . . zero boundaries.”

Monique grinned. “I know. Isn’t it great? How do you think I landed a date with third-floor hottie?”

Mia arched a brow. “Your date tonight is with elevator guy?”

Monique nodded. “Yes. Hot business-suit elevator guy.”

“He is extremely sexy.”

“Yes he is, in that buttoned-up, tie-wearing, you want to take all his clothes off kind of way.”

Mia laughed. “Been thinking about that, have you?”

“I have. I intend to explore him in depth after dinner tonight. Maybe loosen up that designer necktie he wears, along with some of his other clothes.”

Mia shook her head. “I can’t wait for the details.”

She got up and went back to her office. She finished up for the day, and she and Monique locked up the office. They took the elevator downstairs and walked outside.

“You sure you don’t want me and elevator guy to come to dinner with you? I could point out Nathan’s fine ass and remind you of how great he was in the sack.”

Mia turned Monique in the opposite direction. “Oh my God no. Enjoy dinner alone with hot elevator guy. Try to call him by his real name.”

“Are you sure?” Monique asked as she started to walk away. “I can recall you damn near reciting poetry about all of Nathan’s fine attributes. Don’t forget about his enormous—”

Fortunately, whatever Monique said was drowned out by traffic sounds.
traduction google
«Et encore une autre raison pour laquelle j'ai besoin de toi avec moi, Monique. Cette attitude positive. "
"Je ne suis qu'un rayon de soleil et une beauté absolue dans ta vie, Mia."
Mia a ri. "Que tu es."
«Hé, tu veux dîner ce soir? J'ai un rendez-vous et il a un ami vraiment magnifique. Nous allons essayer ce nouvel endroit coréen dont tout le monde parle. "

Elle secoua la tête. "Merci, mais j'ai déjà des projets."

"Ooh, un rendez-vous chaud?"

"Non. Dîner avec Nathan Riley. "

Monique arqua un front parfait. "Donc, c'est un rendez-vous chaud."

Monique était la seule personne à qui elle ait jamais parlé de sa relation avec Nathan, car elle était la seule personne à qui Mia avait confiance en tous ses secrets. "Cela n'arrivera plus jamais."

Monique se pencha sur sa chaise et fourra son stylo dans son magnifique afro. «Je ne sais pas pourquoi. Cet homme est délicieux. "

"Le pourquoi est parce que nous sommes des amis."

"Oh, et tu ne peux pas baiser un ami?"

Heureusement, le bureau de Monique se trouvait à l’autre bout du couloir, loin de tout le monde, afin que personne ne puisse les entendre. «Non, je ne peux pas. Mon amitié avec Nathan signifie trop pour moi. "

“Pff. Connerie. Tu as juste peur que ce soit trop chaud pour toi et tu pourrais tomber amoureux de lui. "

"Je n’ai pas peur, et tomber amoureux de Nathan est la dernière chose à laquelle je pense." Elle entra et s’installa dans le fauteuil en face du bureau de Monique. «Même si c'était du sexe très chaud. Mais l'amour? Je n’ai pas le temps d’aimer. Je construis une dynastie ici. "

“Uh-huh. Vous pouvez construire toutes les dynasties que vous voulez. Mais vous pouvez toujours sauter sur Nathan Riley.

Elle secoua la tête. "Et si je veux l'amener à bord du MHC?"

"Le faites vous?"

"Je ne sais pas. La pensée me vient à l'esprit. Mais si je le faisais, je ne pourrais pas avoir de relations sexuelles avec lui, puis le signer en tant que client aussi. "
"Pourquoi pas? Ne serait-ce pas simplement une incitation supplémentaire, comme un avantage marginal? "

Elle roula des yeux. «Monique. Vous avez comme. . . limites zéro. "

Monique sourit. "Je sais. N'est-ce pas génial? Comment penses-tu que j'ai eu un rendez-vous avec une fille au troisième étage?

Mia arqua un sourcil. "Votre rendez-vous ce soir est avec l'ascenseur?"

Monique acquiesça. "Oui. Un gars costaud en costume d'affaires. "

"Il est extrêmement sexy."

"Oui, il est vêtu de cette cravate, tu veux lui enlever tous ses vêtements."

Mia a ri. "Vous y avez pensé, n'est-ce pas?"

"J'ai. J'ai l'intention de l'explorer en profondeur après le dîner de ce soir. Détachez peut-être sa cravate de créateur qu'il porte, ainsi que certains de ses autres vêtements.

Mia secoua la tête. "Je ne peux pas attendre pour les détails."

Elle se leva et retourna dans son bureau. Elle a fini pour la journée et elle et Monique ont fermé le bureau. Ils ont pris l'ascenseur en bas et sont sortis.

«Tu es sûr que tu ne veux pas que moi et le gars de l’ascenseur vienne dîner avec toi? Je pourrais souligner le beau cul de Nathan et vous rappeler à quel point il était génial dans le sac. "

Mia a tourné Monique dans la direction opposée. «Oh mon Dieu non. Profitez d'un dîner seul avec le gars chaud d'ascenseur. Essayez de l'appeler par son vrai nom.

«Tu es sûre?» Demanda Monique alors qu'elle commençait à s'éloigner. «Je me souviens que vous ayez failli réciter de la poésie sur tous les beaux attributs de Nathan. N'oublie pas son énorme…

Heureusement, tout ce que Monique a dit était noyé par les bruits de la route.
Assassin/Shifter, Tome 7 : The General's Lover Assassin/Shifter, Tome 7 : The General's Lover
Sandrine Gasq-Dion   
Special Agent James Pruitt as been in love with one man for years, the gorgeous - and possibly straight - General Derek Jacobs. All he wants is for Derek to return his love, but the general's career comes first and he keeps an emotional distance. When Derek asks James to go on vacation with him, it seems that the dream is about to come true.

Bad-ass General Derek Jacobs is finally ready to retire from the Army and run his Skull Blaster sniper team full time. He's also finally ready to take the only man he's ever loved and make him his.

But true love never does run smoothly and both men are tested along the way. Will years of longing finally be fulfilled? Or will their chance at love pass them by?

par Gkone
Assassin/Shifter, Tome 21 : Forbidden Assassin/Shifter, Tome 21 : Forbidden
Sandrine Gasq-Dion   
Book 21
This book is part of a series.
WARNING: Men making love, crude language, violence.

Jesse Salvatore has had it. He's the youngest of three brothers -- and the only one born without the werewolf gene. Because he's human, his brothers, Jaxon and Justice, treat him like he's helpless. They constantly battle deadly rogue wolves and won't let him anywhere near the fight. When he meets Noah King, he knows he's found his soulmate in the werewolf and soldier. Just as life seems to be brightening, big brother Justice forbids Jesse to see Noah. The two men sneak time together when they can, but it's not enough. More than a year later, the rogues have targeted Jesse and Justice has no choice but to let Noah protect him.

Noah King has never been in love. One-night stands are more his style. But the first time he sees Jesse Salvatore, his world is flipped upside down by the hot blond-haired, green-eyed human. What's not to love? Jesse is sweet, smart, gorgeous and bad-ass. Only one thing stands in their way: Justice Salvatore. When Jesse's life is threatened, Noah is entrusted with keeping him safe.

Of course, no plan is ever fool-proof, and a mission to protect one man changes the lives of many.