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Redeemable Rogues, Tome 2 : Kissed by a Rogue

Description ajoutée par Underworld 2017-03-20T22:37:26+01:00


Swept from the aristocracy of England to the Colonies on the eve of war, Jessamine Stone vows to wed no man but her one time fiance Christian Haukinge. She sets out to win back Christian's affections, unaware that her brother has already offered him a bribe to break her heart.

Driven by something dark, Christian agrees to the devil's bargain, but soon finds Jessie's innocent passion, trust, and faith undermine his resolve for vengeance. Now only the woman he has betrayed can heal his deep and scarring wounds. But these are dangerous times and love alone cannot mend all wounds.

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Redeemable Rogues, Tome 2 : Kissed by a Rogue

  • USA : 2017-02-22 (English)

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Titres alternatifs

  • Kissed by a Rogue (Redeemable Rogues #2) - Anglais
  • Kissed - Anglais
  • Um Beijo de Amor - Portugais
  • Baciata da un furfante - Italien