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Rough and Hard, Tome 1 : Destry

Description ajoutée par Gkone 2014-11-14T08:18:19+01:00


Rancher Destry Reeves is your typical country boy; he believes in hard work and the easy life. None of which he recognises in Amelia Highsmith.

When a chance encounter involving a cow, a truck and a dark Texan night puts the two on a collision course, it's not long before the fireworks begin and the simple life is turned upside down.

The last thing Amelia expects is for a brute of a cowboy to get in the way of her new life. She's left behind a world of high class dinners and city lights in an effort to escape a life she never wanted. Amelia finds herself in a world so far removed from home that it becomes impossible to break free without finding herself first.

Drawn together by an inexplicable attraction, Destry and Amelia must decide if such an unlikely pairing can ever survive.

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Extrait ajouté par mademoisellejuliette9a 2017-07-25T01:39:17+02:00

Pulling my car up into the drive of my perfect yard, with my perfectly straight flowerbeds and perfectly manicured grass, I parked my car and made my way inside my equally perfect house. Slipping my heels off at the door, I scooped them up as I made my way up the stairs. I needed a long soak in a bubble bath, with maybe a scented candle or two, and perhaps a glass of wine, or three. I could then relax and contemplate my apparently, perfect life.

I’d gotten off work early, and rather than stopping to do the grocery shopping like I should have, I’d come home to freshen up. Maybe I’d be lucky and get in some alone time before I had to play my part.

Just two more months and I’d officially be Mrs. Wesley Longstone. Wife to an extremely successful advertising agent. Our relationship was a complex one. We’d been together for around two years. And over the last two years, I was doing what was expected of me, rather than what was making me happy.

I had to learn to love Wesley. He wasn’t at all the type I would have chosen for myself. How it worked in our family was the daughters were supposed to marry somebody with equal breeding, equal intellect and equal money.

Love had nothing to do with it.

Highstone women married for social standing.

Tragic, huh?

It was just the way it was. Taking it all in my stride, we had reached a point where we were happy and content. I would continue to play my part and would learn to love him.

Dragging my tired feet down the plush beige carpet, I pushed open my bedroom door. My eyes took a second to adjust to the low light and quickly registered the scene playing out in front of me.

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