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Description ajoutée par Soleil15 2016-05-24T23:52:16+02:00


Akira witnesses a strong, sharp-looking young man take out several men threatening a complete stranger. After the fight, the young man collapses in the street and Akira takes him back to the apartment building he manages. The man, Oodoi, asks to stay and soon enough, he weasels his way into Akira’s life. However, as time passes, Oodoi’s true nature emerges: he’s a guy who doesn’t like to work, prefers to laze around underneath a kotatsu in comfy clothes, and he loves dogs (who don’t share that sentiment). It’s a far cry from the courageous, manly image Akira first saw. However, it turns out that Oodoi is from a prominent yakuza family… is he hanging around because he likes Akira or is it just an excuse to escape his family and responsibilities?


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