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Extrait de Sweet Home, Tome 1 ajouté par nimona974 2016-08-11T16:47:56+02:00

"You once told me that one day you wanted to get away, that one day you would be your own person, and that one day you would get everything that you wanted."

Romeo nodded slowly. "But what I want is you. Everythin' I want is with you. You're my 'one day."

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Extrait de Sweet Home, Tome 1 ajouté par anne-sou0309 2017-06-22T23:45:15+02:00

- Hé, Jolly.

- Hé , toi...

- Alors, ce baiser, ma bonne fée?

- Si c'est ce que tu veux...

Je lis sur son visage qu'il contient ses élans.

- Plus que tout...

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Extrait de Sweet Home, Tome 1 ajouté par nimona974 2016-08-11T16:22:10+02:00

His fingers gripped mine as his eyes regarded me with uncertainty.

"Rome, what is it ?"I pressed.

On a cough, he confessed, "I never knew before tonight what it felt like to be wanted...just me for me."

His words hit me harder than a granite boulder to the chest, and I almost cried for him.

"What do you want me for, Mol ? I'm tryin' to work it out."

I scooted closer and kissed his hand wrapped in mine. "I just want you."

"That's what I don't get. Why would you want me for just me? No one ever has before. I'm pissed twenty-four-seven. I'm possessive and not good with attachments-where's the attraction ?"

"Then I'm the first because I want you without anything in return. Why does any human want anyone ? My body recognises you as something that's good for me. My mind recognises you as someone who's right for me, and my soul recognises you as someone who is mean for me."

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