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« A lump formed in Ethan’s throat. Unlike most people he’d met in his life, Ethan had managed to talk to Calvin. He’d felt drawn to him, comfortable and safe. When he was a kid, he’d pray every night that Calvin would always be with him. He loved Calvin, always had. Only now it was different. The softness of his skin, the plumpness of his lips, the blue of his eyes, his laugh, and his smile stirred emotions inside him he hadn’t felt before. Tentatively, Ethan ran his fingers down Calvin’s jaw. You’re amazing. Calvin’s lids fluttered open, his gaze landing on Ethan. »

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« “I was jealous,” Ethan admitted. He put his finger to Calvin’s lips so he could finish. “I don’t want anyone taking you away from me.”

Calvin gently moved Ethan’s hand away, his features softening. “Ethan, no one’s going to take me away from you. I love you. That’s not something I give easily.”

“I know.” Ethan put his hand to Calvin’s cheek, trying to find the right words. There was so much he wanted to say, but his thoughts got all jumbled in his head. Ever since Calvin kissed him at the hospital, Ethan had been trying to make sense of all these new and unsettling emotions. There was only one way he could approach this. The same way he approached everything with his best friend. Head-on. “When we were kids, I’d dream about you. About us. Together.”

Calvin gaped at him. “You did?”

“Yes.” Ethan felt his cheeks heat up. There wasn’t much he kept from Calvin, but this was one of those instances where he’d believed keeping his thoughts to himself would be best for the both of them. “Lots of times.” »

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« Inside the BearCat, their team was secured in their seats with Sloane lying serenely at Dex’s feet. Ash sat beside Cael at the surveillance console, his eyes closed and his head on Cael’s lap as Cael went on about some new gadget he’d put together. Letty and Rosa chatted, while Maddock took the wheel. It was far too cold for their Therian teammates to want to shift back to Human form in the truck. Most Felids had little tolerance for the cold. Calvin was strapped in his seat at the end of the bench, and Ethan lay beside him on the floor, his large furry head resting on Calvin’s lap.

Man, he was beat. Another twelve-hour, ten-day rotation coming to an end. He couldn’t wait to get in, have a hot shower, and totally crash. As if sensing his thoughts, Ethan huffed. He rubbed his head against Calvin’s leg, seeking affection. Calvin obliged, absently stroking his head or scratching behind his ears as he listened to his team chatting. »

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