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Vicious Faeries, Tome 1 : Kiss the fae

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Rule #1. Never cross into Faerie.

When I’m chased across the enchanted border and caught by its sinister ruler of the sky, the pretty trickster with a clever tongue offers me a deal.

Rule #2: Never bargain with a Fae.

But I don’t have a choice. For thirteen days, I have to survive in his mountainous maze of crooked bridges, deceptive stairways, and devious inhabitants. Refuse, and my sisters will suffer as punishment.

Rule #3: Never fall for the enemy.

I should have known my sexy captor wouldn’t play fair. The deeper I plunge into this dangerous world of Solitary Fae, the more I’m entangled in their ruler’s seductive web of desire—and the forbidden temptations he offers.

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Un bon livre dans l'ensemble, avec une jolie prose et une histoire à la fois prenante et intrigante. Je ne suis pas tombée amoureuse de ce livre ou de ses personnages, que j'ai trouvé parfois un peu agaçants et caricaturaux. Le fond m'a bien plu, alors je pense lire la suite.

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"I’ve missed this. I want this. I hate this.

I love this."

Kiss the Fae was truly a discovery for me. It was the first book I read by Natalia Jaster and I was a little nervous because it seems people either love her books and her writing or they simply hate it. And it turns out I am part of the people who love it!

Going into this book, I took me a few pages to get used to the writing style and to the universe of the book. And I was little bit skeptical in the beginning, but then I ended up falling in love with this book.

The universe Natalia Jaster created is very rich and colorful, it’s mystical and fantastical, it is truly unique. And I kept trying to think of other books to compare it to, but none came to mind because it truly felt like the most unique book I ever read.

I love how Natalia Jaster created this Fae universe that is definitely a little weird and a little bizarre, yet completely enchanting. And the very same can be said of the characters. Lark and Cerulean are both completely wondrous, yet they also felt real. Jaster created such in depth characters with amazing back stories and an even more amazing story development. I don’t mean by that that the story is full of suspense, but this book felt true and heartfelt, and even heartbreaking at times.

So, overall, I think this book is not for everyone, but it was definitely for me!

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