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Par feedesneige le 26-02-2016 Editer
Witchblood, Tome 3 : WitchLove
I am going to perform a reanimation spell now. I’ll need your help,’ Adaryn said, looking at my aunt and Franny.
‘A reanimation spell? Surely not?’ Franny said.
‘It is not what you may think. It is grey magic I suppose, as I’ll be using the same spell the Voodoo queen used to reanimate the dead earlier this evening. However in this case Brittany is not dead… yet, and I’ll be using her own blood. It’s the only way,’ she muttered, reassuring Franny and my aunt, who quickly paced the room.
The black candles were brought nearer and Adaryn began quietly chanting over Brittany, placing her hands firmly in several places along her chest and pressing down.
‘Now, I’m going to let her body absorb the blood, and when I say so I want you all to join me in pouring our energy into her,’ Adaryn said, picking up the container of blood, making both Seth and I wince slightly as the scent wafted dangerously around the enclosed space. I now knew why India had to get out. 
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