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Witchblood, Tome 5 : WitchWar

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In the final book of the Witchblood series we find Jess and her friends ten years on, about to battle with enemies on all sides, as the supernatural world crashes into the human domain.

With everybody’s lives on the line Jess will need to work out who she can trust before a deadly witch hunt threatens to uncover them all. Death and love will once again consume her life, but only one side can win.

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Chapter One

'Brit, I'm bored!' I exclaimed as I slumped back into the sofa. 'I'm fed up with Council rules and paperwork. For every job they send me on there's a mountain of paperwork to carry out, saying in minute detail what I did, why I did it and how I did it. Ugh! I almost think I would have been better working for Sebastien after all.'

Brittany grinned.

'Now you've proven yourself to be a tame little Super Vitch maybe they'd let you go solo or join Saffy and me,' she said.

'Vitch?' I asked, hitching my eyebrow.

'Ha! Yes, I came up with it on the spur of the moment. Of course we could always go with Wimpier, but that doesn't sound quite as hardcore,' Brittany said, laughing out loud.

'You think you're funny. It's not easy being me, you know, having super stuck-in-their-ways vampires to answer to on one side and little pain-in-the ass witches to keep under control on the other.'

'Oh, I'm a pain in the ass, am I?'

'Always and forever.. the little sister I never had,' I said, with a wink and a smile.

'Little sister? Ha! I don't think so, I'm twenty-five, whereas little old you is still not quite eighteen... Seriously though, it's been ten years; they couldn't stop you if sacked them off and said you were joining us. We'd love to have you, and we're getting really busy.'

'I know, but then I'd have to deal with Sebastian whinging at me, telling me how I was degrading the vampire's reputation by choosing witches over vampires.'

'Go solo then, like Brooke did last year.'

'Brooke hasn't gone solo, she's gone completely off-grid. Apparently she's gone back to living in the middle of the Scottish highlands in her old mentor's cottage. She refuses to any magic at all. The council are at the end of their tether as she's the only elemental time-jumper left in Europe and the US... possibly the world, but they can't make her phase and she's not doing anything illegal so their hand are tied,' I said, shrugging.

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