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When sixteen-year-old Hayden Wilson recovers from the hospital, her world is upside-down. Her parents are dead, and her three older brothers are all she's got left. But times are difficult, and staying strong is even harder.

Wrong friendships and wrong choices will lead her to a path of self-destruction, a one way ticket to downfall.

But at some point, Hayden has to learn how to deal with life. Putting the pieces back together and growing up.

Because it's OK to want to go back to before, but it's also OK to learn how to move on.

Before life happened is a coming-of-age novel that will bring you into a teenager's world of grief and despair, and her journey back home. But will she be able to find her way?

Before we were broken is the second instalment of the "Before" series.

Publication date: January 2016

For Madison Chart Goldbridge, CA, should have been just another quick and random stop in her never-ending road-trip away from her haunting past. But sometimes even the best planned journeys end up detouring.

For Hunter Atkins falling in love was not an option. Until Madison came along and made him question his only certainty. But she wants no part in his life, because her secrets are not supposed to be told. Ever.

Yet, Hunter is determined to bring down every brick of the wall Madison has built around herself, no matter how dangerous it will be. Because her past is about to catch up, and their time together might not last forever.

Expected Publication: February 2016

Expected Publication: June 2016

Expected Publication: January 2017


Olly Biel decided long ago that love was just not in her plans, College was her only priority and nothing (and no one) was going to change that. There was no time for a relationship. That is, until Daniel Kingston came along and unexpectedly made her question everything she knew. But Daniel has a past, and it's about to catch up. Will he break her heart in the end?