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  • " I have loved you," she went on, "from the moment you came fight for me against Vernon and the Ilken" The light in her eyes stole his breath. "And when I heard you were somewhere on that battlefield, the only thing I wanted was to be able to tell you that. It was the only thing that mattered. "

    Extrait de Throne Of Glass 7 : Kingdom of Ash
  • « The people sitting around the table were silent. Blank faces watched me. I counted the heads at the table, there were five of the eight scouts we'd sent out. "Where are the others?"

    "Josiah and Greg haven't returned yet," Saffron said.

    I looked around, trying to place who else we were missing. "Ashton, where's Nathan?"

    We'd sent the scouts out in groups of two. Each group had one sorcerer to make sure they could teleport in case of an emergency. Ashton's non-sorcerer partner, Nathan, wasn't sitting at the table with us.

    Celeste was cleaning Ashton's face with a handkerchief. Ashton pushed her hand away and looked around the table before his eyes settled on mine. "We ran into trouble at the Temple of Seven." He took a deep breath. "The king and the Reapers teleported in while we were there. We didn't stand a chance. I did everything I could to save Nathan." He shook his head.

    I shuddered at the thought of the king and his Reapers. I could almost smell their rotted flesh as memories of their ethereal floating black cloaks haunted me. They were monsters controlled by a monster who looked like a man. »

    Extrait de Illaria, Tome 2 : Oracle of Illaria
  • The Raven peered at me closely through the silver mask, his eyes black and sinister. He raised his hands and called down another bolt of lightning and sent its currents through the bands and I jerked upright as the spasm wracked painfully through my body. Tears of pain poured uncontrollably down my face and I started to sob.

    But my sobs were muffled as I awoke to strong arms holding me and my face buried into a masculine chest. The thunder from the storm made me sob and shiver uncontrollably in terror. Strong hands held me and comforted me as I tried to get a hold of my fear. The fire had gone out and darkness enclosed the shelter.

    A low voice whispered comfort to me “Shhh, Thalia. You’re okay; it’s just a dream. It can’t hurt you anymore.” Another crack of thunder and my body jerked in memory of the pain; the sound of thunder would forevermore be linked to torture. The whispered voice continued to hold me throughout the storm, never letting up, never releasing me. I was safe; the voice kept the terror away as I snuggled into the deep chest and fell asleep, barely realizing that the scent was not the familiar scent of earth and spice  but of leather and musk. It was the first time in weeks I was able to sleep through the night without fear of being plagued by my real life nightmares.

    Extrait de The Iron Butterfly, Tome 2 : The Steele Wolf
  • “Despite all the small hitches, prom night turns out to be even more magical than I imagined it would be. I don’t care that Chris painted the tips of his mohawk blue. I don’t care that he wore a T-shirt and jeans when all the other guys wore their dorky suits and tuxedos. I actually love that he looks so different than all these clones. He’s crazy, sexy, and beautiful. And he’s all mine.”

    Extrait de Shattered Hearts, Tome 1 : Forever Ours
  • Derrière toi, Joel ! Attention !

    Le garçon se retourna sur quatre créatures a quatre bras qui escaladaient le bord de la terrasse. Elles avaient la peau grise et marbrée. Pégase frappa la première à la tête, et elle dégringola le long de la façade. Tandis que l'étalon s'en prenais à la deuxième, la troisième se hissait sur le toit et se jetai sur lui avec des grognements féroces.

    Extrait de Pégase, Tome 1 : Pégase et la flamme de l'Olympe

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