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Univers de la Fantasy

La fantasy fait partie des littératures de l'imaginaire. Dans la fantasy comme dans le merveilleux, le surnaturel est généralement accepté, voire utilisé pour définir les règles d'un monde imaginaire, et n'est pas nécessairement objet de doute ou de peur. Cela distingue la fantasy du fantastique où le surnaturel fait intrusion dans les règles du monde habituel, et de l'horreur où il suscite peur et angoisse.

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L'Ange de la nuit, Tome 1 : La Voie des Ombres

  • Anglais
  • The Way of Shadows
  • Brent Weeks
  • Fantasy, Assassin, Dark Fantasy

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  • Prologue

    Fadarah turned his tattooed face toward the granite walls of Syros, greatest of the Free Cities of the Simurgh Plains. He held the reins of his horse in one fist as he settled back in the saddle and took in the sight. Mid-morning light crested the city’s crenellated battlements, shone through its white banners sewn with crossed longbows, and cast long, taut shadows over a forest made not from trees but from the raised arms of trebuchets. The sun burned in Fadarah’s eyes, but he did not blink. He was, after all, a Shel’ai. What was the sun, if not fire?

    But the soldiers arrayed in vast columns behind him were Human, and they winced as the sun climbed higher into the clear, cloudless sky, blazing in their faces. Those men knew what all good fighters had known since the dawn of time—to fight with the sun in your face was madness. Courage and armor meant nothing if you could not see.

    Still, when Fadarah ordered them forward, the Throng obeyed without question. They had nothing to fear from Syros’s archers and murder-holes, her broad battlements and stout, sealed gates. No, the Nightmare would take care of those.

    Fadarah removed his gauntlets with deliberate slowness. Then he raised one fist and loosened his fingers. Tendrils of wytchfire burst to life above his open palm. The violet flames coursed the length of his arm. He felt a familiar, roiling heat. Though it titillated his senses, it left him unharmed. Those soldiers closest to him were merely Human, though. They blanched and drew away, already perspiring from heat as much as fear.

    Concealing a smirk, Fadarah shouted, “Send forth my Nightmare!”

    Extrait de Dragonkin, Tome 1 : Wytchfire
  • "You really think the way to charm me into helping you is by insult?" Darren was no longer frowning, and I had the distinct impression he was enjoying the debate.

    I glared. "Would you prefer me to lie like every one of your blindsided subjects?" He didn’t bother to hide his grin. "It would be a nice change.” "Fine." I put my hands on my hips and said in my most sickly sweet impression of Priscilla: "O, valiant Darren, brave ruler among men, please help this humble first-year learn…" Darren raised a brow when I had finished. "I was wrong. Humility does not suit you." I glowered.

    Extrait de The Black Mage, tome 1 : First year
  • Quelqu'un se tenait derrière les jeunes filles. Tout d'abord, Caillean pensa qu'une des prêtresses, Eiluned ou Riannon peut-être, était descendue pour l'accueillir. Mais l'inconnue était trop petite.

    Elle semblait parfaitement à son aise avec un air étrange de familiarité, comme si Caillean la connaissait depuis la nuit des temps.

    Mais la nouvelle venue ne s'intéressait pas le moins du monde à Caillean. Ses yeux, à la fois sombres et limpides, restaient fixés sur Gawen. La prêtresse, qui l'avait jugée petite, revint de sa méprise. L'inconnue maintenant semblait la dominer de la taille. Ses longs cheveux bruns était coiffés dans le dos à la manière des prêtresses, en une tresse unique. Elle portait un vêtement en peau de daim, et son front était ceint d'une étroite couronne de baies écarlates.

    Extrait de Les Dames du Lac, Tome 3 : Le Secret d'Avalon
  • « — Je prête allégeance à la Confrérie de la rose, et jure de la servir jusqu’à la fin de mes jours.

    Un par un, les autres répètent mes paroles, d’abord dans un murmure, puis de plus en plus fermement.

    — Je jure d’utiliser mes yeux pour voir tout ce qui se passera, déclare Sergio.

    — Et moi, ma langue pour gagner les autres à notre cause, ajoute Magiano avec un sourire sauvage.

    — Mes oreilles pour écouter tous les secrets, enchaîne Violetta.

    Et c’est moi qui conclus : 

     — Mes mains pour écraser nos ennemis. Je ferai tout ce qui est en mon pouvoir pour détruire tous ceux qui se dresseront sur mon chemin. »

    Extrait de The Young Elites, Tome 2 : La Société de la Rose
  • Chapiter 1


    The fairy tales that once fed my hunger for adventure made it all seem so simple. After the heroes overcame their challenges, the happy-ever-after followed just as dawn follows the darkest night. Small losses led to greater gains, love overcame all, and those with the purest intentions were certain to win in the end.

    My own recent adventures had turned my thoughts away from those stories, but i longed to inhabit them again as I struggled to calm my pounding heart and the magic within me. Never had I felt so far from living the fairy tale I'd one dreamed of.

    My prince hade rescued me, and I personally vanquished my greatest enemy. But instead of riding off into my happy ending, I found myself surrounded by enemies - a band of disheveled and tough-looking thieves who had stopped us on this dark forest road and taken our weapons. The ever-after i so hoped for seemed to be retreating as quickly as my dear friend Florizel. I'd told her to flee when enemies came, and the flying horse was now no more than a dark speck against the blue sky that showed between the branches overhead.

    Florizel's departure didn't leave me without allies. I had Aren by my side, a man I once feared and now loved more than I love the magic and the freedom he'd helped me discover. Counting him, myself, and Ulric, the deposed king of Tyrea, we had three powerful magic users in our little party.

    Added to that we had Aren's sister Nox, a gifted Potioner who, even without channeling magic, could hold her own in a fight. Flanking her were the menfolk, Kel and Cassia, appearing to be nothing more than beautiful, bronze-skinned humans as they sat astride their horses and shot glares as cold as the ocean's depths at our would-be captors.

    Thirteen thieves surrounded us in a neat circle. The thief standing next to Ulric was needle-thin and sharp as blade. He let his eyes wander from face to face, then down over my body. I pulled my ragged, filthy skirt in a town to pick up a change of clothes. My comfort was a minor concern, but I had a shivery finding myself in inappropriate clothing when I need to flee. I had no doubt we would be doing just that as soon as Ulric gave the order. They had taken our blades, but we still had our power.

    Extrait de Bound Trilogy, Tome 3 : Sworn

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