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Jackie Ivie

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In the rugged Scottish Highlands, a mighty clansman weds a headstrong heiress against her will--and discovers a fiery passion he'll risk his life to protect. . .

A Man Of Power

Payton Dunn-Fadden is the King's Champion, notorious for his ability to fight any man and win. With steely eyes and a deeply-muscled physique, his powers of seduction are just as legendary. But Payton has a dark secret known only to his wife--and it's a secret she may not keep. . .

A Woman Of Will

Known as White Satin, Dallis Caruth is infuriated by her forced marriage to Payton. The brute is far below her station. . .which makes her attraction to him utterly maddening. Now Dallis is determined to tame the fearsome laird--and win her freedom in the bargain...

A Dangerous Desire

As Payton and Dallis spar with one another, their desire ignites into fiery lovemaking. But danger is closer than either realizes. For the king has plans for the couple--plans that may unravel Payton's secret--and cost them both their lives. . .

In 1141 Scotland, a Norman king's attempts to rule the Highland clans is making his favorite knight's job difficult, indeed--and that is before a woman of mystery lays siege to the warrior's heart. Original.

Deep in the Scottish Highlands in 1689, a stalwart clansman and a wayward bride confront duty and desire. Original.

Against the backdrop of Medieval Scotland, two enemies fight a desperate battle against destiny and desire.


Laird Gavynn MacEuann's a man of action and skill. Both in battle and with the lasses. Notorious for towering strength and matchless features, he takes what he wants and never loses - but conquering this particular castle is easy compared with claiming and then controlling the beautiful, spike-tongued lass he frees by mistake.


Lady Brielle Dilbin is headstrong. Proud. She'd rather molder in a dungeon than accept her father's will. If the mud-covered Highlanders would give her a moment, she'd tell them so. Or make their leader understand. Or do something other than deal with passions and forbidden lusts that no gently-bred lady should have to endure; especially connected to the man who orders her silence and then demands obedience as well.

Treachery looms in 18th-century Scotland, as battle lines run deep between the proud, struggling clans and the Highland Rangers who torment them--and a young widow fights to save her honor and her life. Original.

In the heat of battle, a powerful Scottish laird takes a mysterious woman captive...

His Powerful Desire

When Aidan MacKetryck finds a flaxen-haired maid caught in the crosshairs of battle, he quickly saves her from certain death. But while Aidan expects gratitude, he is sorely disappointed—for the fiery lass makes it clear she wants nothing to do with him...

Her Dangerous Secret

Juliana D’Aubenville is in hiding from those who want her entire family to perish. Despite her attraction to the strikingly handsome Aidan, Juliana knows she must escape before her identity is revealed. The trouble is, Aidan refuses to let her go...

Their Forbidden Love

With each moment Aidan and Juliana are together, their desire becomes more enticing—and harder to resist. But just as Aidan tries to lay claim to Juliana once and for all, their darkest secrets are finally revealed—putting both their love and their lives in terrible danger...

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Morganna KilCreggar a juré de se venger du clan FitzHugh qui a détruit sa famille. Elle se déguise en jeune homme et le maniement de l’épée n’a plus de secret pour elle. Quand Alexander FitzHugh fait d’elle son écuyer, il est à mille lieues d’imaginer ce que son serviteur lui cache. Pourtant, il est étrangement attiré par ce garçon. Soudain en proie à un désir importun, elle perd de vue son objectif… Dans le lit d’Alexander, elle découvre d’irrésistibles plaisirs sensuels.

In the fog-filled Scottish Highlands of 1457, a sensual dare brings together a fiery lass and a mysterious suitor—but it will take far more for them to discover they've fallen in love...

A Brawny Clansman

The fiercely handsome Vincent Danzel never backs away from a dare. So when he's challenged to make a particular young lady fall in love with him without taking her to his bed, he jumps at the chance to woo the unsuspecting lass to her knees.

A Willful Lady

Sybil Eschoncan's visions warn her that an unsuitable man will enter her life, and Vincent's sudden appearance confirms her prediction. But she's unprepared for her wild attraction to the rake—and perplexed by his unwillingness to claim her.

An Irresistible Passion

Vincent vows to resist his mounting desire, even as Sybil's every word intrigues him, and her every touch ignites his senses. But when another man lays claim to the tempting maid, Vincent must risk everything to fight for the love he never expected to find.


Beautiful and elegant, Elise, the Duchess of Wynd, has survived among the nobility by carefully cultivating a facade of cutting wit and heartlessness. Nothing ruffles her. And no man can break through her defenses....


A fierce Scottish warrior, Colin is the new Duke of MacGowan and in polite circles looked upon as no better than a barbarian. Nevertheless, he is a lord who brooks no defiance and holds no rein on his pleasures...


Colin's very presence ties Elise's sharp edged tongue: She is all too aware that he could be the answer to her prayers or her worst nightmare. For Elise harbors secrets that could change the course of both their lives. But before she can reveal them, she must make the wild knight her own...

The wintry Scottish Highlands is the setting for Ivie's magical novel of a man and a woman who battle the elements and each other to learn that the season's greatest gift is love. Original.

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Highland Vampire Thoran MacKettryck's lonely. Bitter. Vengeful. For centuries now, he's taken lives for profit and drained blood for free. Just like always. But then he's gifted what every immortal craves: his mate. He just can't believe his eyes when he finally hunts her down.


Jolie Pritchard's young. Studious. Driven. Studying Medieval Literature is her life and this scholarship - her dream. She's the last thing an arrogant, gorgeous, world-class playboy should be pursuing and she knows it. If only he wasn't the most thrilling male she's ever imagined...


She was warned. She didn't listen.


Vampire Sasha Stroyanovich is pure killing machine. Long-legged, lean, smoky-eyed, and sexy. Torture's her specialty. Revenge her signature. Every man is her enemy… until she tries to take the man fated as her mate.


Dr. Stuart Emerson Findlay is tall, dark, handsome, rich… and a complete failure with women. He loves argument, hates commitment and refuses his ADHD meds; anal retentive doesn't begin to describe him. Maybe that's why women walk away. Maybe.


When the perfect woman walks into his office, Stuart's a willing participant. It's his dream and he's having the time of his life. Until it becomes real…


Dominick Miklos St. Guis is a loner, always has been. Not needing anyone makes him the perfect assassin: A shadow on the fringe. Never seen. Never surprised. But when an assignment for a wealthy businessman goes wrong, he finds something much more…


Courtney Dwyer makes her living opening lines of communication. She's got a plan. All she needs is a little financial backing. The last thing she's looking for is a drop-dead gorgeous, silent type'with vampirism tossed in for good measure.


The moment he touches her, Dominick's lost. His entire being recognizes his mate. She's perfect - sending sparks with every contact while breathing life back into his dead soul. Perfect…if only she'd stop talking.

Dearly Beloved is the third story in the Vampire Assassin League series. It is a 25,000 word paranormal romance novella.

An 800-year old virgin. His mate. The passion. The fate.


Tristan Navarre Invaris knows everything about honor and chivalry, loyalty and sacrifice, respect and principle. As the Vampire Assassin League’s Innovation Specialist, he keeps abreast of every advance, every gadget, and every facet of communication. But there’s one thing he knows nothing about: Women.


Rori knows she’s gifted in the dark arts. She’s always known – regardless of what anyone thinks. She’s special. Talented. Odd. Unpopular. She’s found at the fringe of any crowd because she likes it there. She doesn’t need anyone. Never has. Until one night…on a dark empty street…


From the moment he’s sent to recruit her, Tristan’s hooked. She’s his mate. It’s not open for negotiation or argument. And his presence makes Rori’s powers sharper, more visceral, much more potent. Rori doesn’t know why she fights this mating thing. Nobody else wants her - and Tristan is the most handsome, heart-stirring creature. But there’s that vampire part…


Garrick Wolfgar Von Holstaad is the perfect vampire hunter. Deadly. Accurate. Heartless. He’s the best weapon in the ongoing fight with the Vampire Assassin League, and he knows it. Taking out mated pairs is his specialty and if this woman would just cooperate, he’d add another patch to his collection…


Angelique du Previer is an innocent in a large world. Always has been. She finds it difficult every time she has to feed. The last thing she wants is trouble. But then she finds her perfection. Her mate. The one man who can make everything right again. If he’d just stop trying to kill her.


Garrick’s stuck, and it isn’t her bonds that do it. She shouldn’t be pretending to be a real woman. She’s dead. Decaying. Ugly. He uses these words as a shield, but even they seem powerless against her. He’s never felt like he does with her. And he wants more…


Vampire Jean-Pierre de Margolis is a romantic. Lonely. His free time spent wandering the earth in search of the one thing he craves and cannot locate: His mate—the person that will make him whole. Nothing else about this afterlife appeals to a man of his talents. Amid penning poems to his missing love, he prowls the nights, honing his abilities as a master swordsman and a deadly duelist. If only he could find her...


Takaiya isn't just talented, she's deadly. As an honored member of a hidden warrior clan, she's spent two decades honing her abilities and perfecting her skill in the ancient arts. No one would ever guess the innocent-looking translator attached to the Japanese Embassy has a secret side—one that deals death. And that's exactly as she likes it...


When the Vampire Assassin League gifts Jean-Pierre with a perfect Samurai sword, one of the few known as a 'five-body' blade, nobody realizes they've trafficked in stolen goods. That is—not until Takaiya is given the mission of retrieval of the sword—at whatever cost. An easy task until she finds the sword in the hands of a Frenchman with a penchant for swordplay and a flare for the melodramatic. Now, if he'd just die...


Terminally young, gorgeous, and ripped, Dane Morgan hides out tending bar at the SEX AND SUNBURN club. He's almost forgotten his Viking past. If only he didn't attract so much attention. Then one day, when he least expects it, his mate walks in. And his berserker comes to life.


Evangeline Harper’s a complete introvert. College educated, she works hard to appear cool, poised, and all business. Negotiation is just part of her resume; her job is acquiring beachfront property. This Dane Morgan looks easy. He’s young, rich, gorgeous, and drops everything the moment he spies her. Easy money. Easy deal.


She’s out of her element the moment she hits the sand. Sticks out like a penguin in a flock of pink flamingoes. Nobody wears business attire to a beachfront club. Despite their differences, everything clicks. That is…until he spots her wedding ring.

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Piracy is Rafaele de Jesus y Santiago’s world. His motto. His creed. All he’s known. Vampirism only expanded his wake of destruction and his booty potential. There’s no order to his eternity. No goal. No direction. He’s got all he needs with the Brethren Code: Pillage, plunder, deceit, and self-gratification. He doesn’t even realize he’s lonely. Until one night, when he least expects it…


An emergency situation. A desperate plea. Lenna Hendershott got scared enough to reach out for help – and dialed a wrong number. Just her luck, as always. Bad. She should have known. Reliance breeds weakness. Weakness guarantees pain. She’s had enough of that to last a lifetime. Now, she’s got an agenda. Plans. A vision. She’s not letting anything stop her.


The moment they meet, Rafaele’s smitten. Enthralled. Enrapt. He didn’t believe it possible. He really does have a mate - and he actually found her? It’s every member of the elite Vampire Assassin League’s dream. Now, if only he knew how to break through the barriers she’s erected to reach her heart…


Jake Walsh should be happy. Designing and marketing the VIDWAR video game while in high school gave him the perfect life – booze, parties, and women – anytime he wants. But for some reason, it’s not enough anymore. This life he’s created for himself and his frat buddies is flat. Uneventful. Unsatisfying. Dare he say it? It’s boring.


Cassandra Braun is a Victorian vampire with a vendetta. There’s nothing better than taking from a young male. Virile. In his prime. If he’s self-assured and cocky, it’s even better. The assignment to investigate Jacob Walsh’s enterprise and terminate if necessary is easy money. Until she touches him...


When Jake’s newest game, BELLUS, hits the market, he doesn’t know how closely he’s tagged the Vampire Assassin League’s operations, shedding light where no one wants it. Nor does he realize what they’ll do to prevent that. But he’s about to find out...

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