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God Wars, Tome 2 : Blood Trouble

Description ajoutée par Didie6 2015-03-14T14:13:38+01:00


"Belen?" I blinked up at him. As usual, he was shining brightly, although he'd dampened it so I might look at him.

"Lissa, this is certainly the beginning." He gazed around us. At leveled homes and devastated bodies.

I understood what he said. All too clearly. It had been my suspicion, but I was too afraid to voice it aloud, as if saying it might make it real. It didn't need my words to make it real. It had already become real. The God Wars were upon us. "It'll only get worse, won't it?" I whispered.

"If this is not stopped," Belen lowered his head as if in thought. "Either the opposing forces know something we don't, or evidence we do not have indicates that the three are now revealed."

"You don't know who all three are, do you?" I shivered.

"We know of the Mighty Hand—he has revealed himself to us, but he has placed himself behind a shield only the strongest might breach, and to my knowledge only the One might get past Strength's barrier. One other we have both felt," he nodded slightly to me. Neither of us was willing to speak Breanne's name aloud. She was in enough danger, I think, and I didn't want to add to that.

"The other I cannot say, although we have seen evidence," Belen sighed. He hesitated for a moment, as if he wanted to say something else and then thought better of it.

"I am afraid to say what I might think about this," Belen murmured instead. "It worries me that even the quietest voice might be heard if I speak my suspicions about this. Lissa, there's something you do not know," Belen continued.

"What's that?"

"I only removed the mind cloud from your son. The others—it had already been removed when I arrived to do it."

"What?" I stared at Belen.

"Someone quite powerful arrived before I did. I believe Gavin and Cheedas benefited from a visit from one of the others. At this time, I cannot say—am afraid to say—which it might have been."

"I don't understand this," I rubbed my forehead.

"Lissa, do not make yourself ill, I beg," Belen knelt next to me. "We must be strong and vigilant in the coming days. It is up to us to do what we can to protect innocents during these times. As much as we can, for as long as we can. We cannot say if our enemies are destroying these lives, attempting to draw one or more of the Three out. After all, if one of them falls or turns to the other side, all will be lost. More than one destroyed will only hasten our demise."

"This is the flaw, isn't it?" I sighed.

"Yes. This is the flaw," he agreed.

* * *

Those among the powerful know the God Wars have begun—except for Breanne. Without suspecting what she really is or that she has been targeted, she has chosen a new home for herself—in Earth's past. When strange events begin to happen around her, Breanne's confusion ramps up considerably. Toss in a handsome stranger and a horrible past, and Breanne seems headed for destruction.

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Extrait ajouté par Didie6 2015-05-24T11:44:05+02:00

"How far? Running, that is?"

"Usually five miles or so. It lets me clear my head."

"Your head needs clearing?"

"Yeah. It's more cluttered than the warehouse in Raiders of the Lost Ark."

"How cluttered was that?" he chewed a plastic stir-stick he'd grabbed from the condiment bar and grinned.

"Dang, don't you ever go to movies? You could fit Pluto inside that warehouse. Not the dog, the planet."

"I heard Pluto wasn't a planet anymore."

"It's a dwarf planet. Are you a planet racist? You don't consider dwarf planets to be real planets?"

"I didn't say that. I'm sure Pluto is still a card-carrying celestial body in the solar system, but it can't get on some of the rides at theme parks because it's not tall enough."

"Are you saying that Pluto can't get into R-rated movies unless it's accompanied by Jupiter or Saturn? Is that what you're saying?"

"I'm saying it can order off the dwarf planet menu at any restaurant. That's all I'm saying." His grin had widened, and dark eyes gleamed wickedly at me. Any other woman would probably have swooned where she sat. Me? I wanted to turn into a puddle of helpless goo. I think he could have asked for the Moon right then, and I would have handed it and all the other moons and planets (including the dwarf one) right over.

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