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Critère Note Visuel
Globale 8.1
Scénario 3.8
Ecriture 7.3
Suspense 1.6
Originalité 6.2
Addictivité 5.8
Pédagogie 5.9
Créativité 6.6
Personnages 2.2
Humour 1.5

Rupi Kaur

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Présent dans : 262 biblio
Note moyenne : 8.14 / 10
Nombre d'évaluations : 37
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Biographie de Rupi Kaur

Ajouté par sous-le-signe-de-la-lune le 5 Novembre 2016
rupi kaur is a writer and artist based in toronto canada. at the age of 5 she began to draw and paint- a hobby picked up from her mother. being an immigrant from india she was unable to speak in english with the other children at school. this naturally meant a lot more time alone. but once she picked up the language books became her best friends.

she drew until the age of 17 when she began to sway more toward her passion for writing and performing instead. the year was 2009. and her first performance was in the basement of ‘punjabi community health centre’ in malton. for years it went like this. writing pages and pages of poetry on end. performing pages and pages of poetry across canada for the years to come. and then in november 2014 she self published her first collection titled ‘milk and honey’.

her passion is expression.she just uses different mediums at different times to do so. and poetry is just one of those mediums. along with it she dabbles in illustrating, design, photography, videography, and creative direction. it’s a career that’s lead her to performing spoken word across the world while also facilitating writing workshops. but all her work engages with themes of femininity, love, loss, trauma, and healing. at times it is a composition of personal tales and in others, the experiences she encounters through life and travel.

to keep up to date with where she is what she’s doing be sure to follow rupi on instagram, twitter, facebook for updates. to watch her spoken word you can visit her channel.

thank you for dropping by.

Source: https://www.rupikaur.com/about/
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