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Critère Note Visuel
Globale 7.3
Scénario 7.1
Ecriture 7
Suspense 6.8
Originalité 6.9
Addictivité 7.2
Pédagogie 6.2
Créativité 6.7
Personnages 7.5
Humour 6.6

Marguerite Kaye

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Harlequin : 19 livres

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Présent dans : 89 biblio
Note moyenne : 7.3 / 10
Nombre d'évaluations : 67
Position top auteur : -

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Biographie de Marguerite Kaye

Ajouté par Underworld le 7 Janvier 2017
I was born and raised in Scotland, the eldest of a large family of siblings, which explains why I’m so bossy, and why my books feature so many sisters.

I’ve been a voracious reader since a very early age, but despite winning a children’s national poetry competition aged nine, it didn’t occur to me that I could write for a living. For reasons I can’t explain now, I did think I’d make a good lawyer, and I clung doggedly to that belief right through university where, to everyone’s astonishment, not least mine, I graduated with a degree in Scots Law.

A complete change of direction then, I launched into a mainstream business career which I hated, and started studying with the Open University, which I loved. At this time, I submitted my first ever romance to Mills&Boon thinking, like many others before me, how hard can it be! Set in a garden centre, it had an orchid-growing heroine called Flora and an instantly-forgettable arrogant hero. It was declined very politely but firmly. I still have the letter, my very first rejection.

A few years later, I plucked up the courage to abandon my career and take up writing. I wrote all sorts – travel pieces, food pieces, I even wrote a column for my local paper for a while. Finally, after finishing one of my favourite Georgette Heyer’s for the umpteenth time I thought, why don’t I try writing what I love to read. I’d call it the ‘duh’ moment rather than the blinding light. So I wrote my first ever historical romance, I subbed it to Mills&Boon, and I got the call!!!

My writing view

These days, I write my hot historicals from cold and usually rainy Scotland. When the going gets tough or I need to escape for a while, I go hill-walking or cycling (but only on the flat). I garden (but only grow what I can eat), I love cooking, and I also like to knit and occasionally drink martinis (though not at the same time).

(Source : http://www.margueritekaye.com)
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