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Description ajoutée par Blue_Fairy 2017-10-09T22:06:36+02:00


Bruised from the breakdown of her marriage, Esther Lomax needs to get away, and Malaysia's unspoilt shores seem the perfect place. But a day's boat trip takes a desperate turn when Esther and six other holidaymakers are taken to a desert island and their guide does not return. The group have no way of getting back to the mainland and know nothing about each other. As the days pass, tensions erupt, secrets emerge and time increasingly runs out, Esther must ask herself the ultimate question: will she leave the island alive?

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Classement en biblio - 1 lecteur


Extrait ajouté par Blue_Fairy 2017-11-11T01:33:22+01:00

I stare at the horizon with her. Both of us are waiting for the sight of a boat that is not coming. It is the most hopeless activity there has ever been, and yet it is the only thing we can possibly do.

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