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Give the Dark My Love, Tome 1

Description ajoutée par Jennifer_tartiflette 2018-03-02T20:01:08+01:00


When seventeen-year-old Nedra Brysstain leaves her home in the rural, northern territories of Lunar Island to attend the prestigious Yugen Academy, she has only one goal in mind: learn the trade of medicinal alchemy. A scholarship student matriculating with the children of Lunar Island's wealthiest and most powerful families, Nedra doesn't quite fit in with the other kids at Yugen, who all look down on her.

All, except for Greggori "Grey" Astor. Grey is immediately taken by the brilliant and stubborn Nedra, who he notices is especially invested in her studies. And that's for a good reason: a deadly plague has been sweeping through the North, and it's making its way toward the cities. With her family's life--and the lives of all of Lunar Island's citizens--on the line, Nedra is determined to find a cure for the plague.

Grey and Nedra continue to grow closer, but as the sickness spreads and the body count rises, Nedra becomes desperate to find a cure. Soon, she finds herself diving into alchemy's most dangerous corners--and when she turns to the most forbidden practice of all, necromancy, even Grey might not be able to pull her from the darkness.

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Extrait ajouté par feedesneige 2018-10-01T19:58:23+02:00




I opened my eyes at the exact same moment my sister did. A grin spread across her face, followed by a flash of sadness.

“It’s going to be okay,” I told her, sitting up in bed.

Ernesta flopped over in her own bed, staring up at the ceiling. “I’m happy for you, Nedra.” I raised an eyebrow. “I am,” she insisted. “It’s just going to be strange here without you.”

I swung my legs over the side of my bed, my knee brushing the edge of my trunk, packed with almost all my clothing and the mementos I couldn’t leave behind. I took off my nightshirt and threw it at Nessie—it was one of hers, after all—then slipped into the tunic and leggings I’d set aside to wear today.

“Ugh, how can you move so fast?” Ernesta groaned. She melted out of bed and let her head thunk on the doorframe as she rooted around in our wardrobe, now much emptier without my clothes taking up space. She withdrew a dark blouse and an olive skirt, a combination that would make me look drab. Ernesta never looked anything less than glowing, even with her hair mussed from sleep and her eyes half-closed.

I glanced down at my own clothes. We were twins, and yet somehow we never looked the same.

I left Nessie to finish getting ready and followed the scent of bacon into the kitchen, where my mother stood over the stove.

“Nedra!” Mama exclaimed, sidling around the table and hugging me with the arm that still held a spatula. “Are you excited?”

Through the window, I could see Papa loading up the cart he used to sell books, but which today would carry me away.

“I think so?” I said. My stomach churned, but even though Mama slid a plate of fried eggs, a biscuit, and three strips of bacon over to me, I realized that it wasn’t hunger that ached me.

Mama made Nessie’s plate—no biscuit and extra bacon—and placed it beside black coffee already poured and cooling. She squeezed my shoulder, her hand slipping around my neck to readjust my necklace. “You’ll be fine,” she whispered. I couldn’t help but doubt her.

Doubt myself.

Ernesta came in, stealing a piece of my bacon before turning to Mama and chatting excitedly about plans to meet Kava, the shoemaker’s apprentice.

As Nessie rattled on, I watched our father through the window. Papa stood outside, checking the straps on the mule and inspecting the cart, going over the same old routine but with a scowl on his face, his eyes blazing.

He didn’t want me to go.

Mama noticed my gaze and wrapped an arm around me. “It’s going to be okay,” she said.

“Of course it is.” Nessie rolled her eyes. “They obviously want you.”

“They didn’t last year,” I said, staring at my fork. Yūgen Academy rarely accepted students who weren’t funneled through the private schools and the alchemical tutors hired by the elite. Last year, I’d applied to join the program and was soundly denied.

“Well, they’re paying you this year,” Nessie said. “Quit pretending to be humble.”

I wasn’t pretending. The scholarship that would take care of my room, board, and tuition at Yūgen this year was astounding, even more so since such scholarships were rarely awarded. But somehow the pride of it—of having my dreams not only come true, but also be financed—was buried under the fear and worry of leaving behind the only home I’d ever known . . . especially if Papa didn’t want me to go.

“Besides, what would you do if you stayed here?” Nessie asked.

“Steal Kava from you,” I shot back, smiling as Nessie pretended to have been pierced in the heart by my betrayal.

But my focus drifted away as breakfast wore on. I’d thought I wanted normal on my last day at home, but normal made me sad.

The next time I came here, it would be as a guest. After I walked through that door, this would no longer be home.

“You’re meant to do this,” Nessie said in an exaggerated whisper.

“I am,” I replied immediately, and was somewhat surprised that it felt true, despite my reservations.

“So humble,” Nessie mocked, but Mama gazed at me with pride. My eyes slid away from her beaming smile.

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Commentaire ajouté par Noubinette 2019-03-20T19:35:55+01:00

Give the dark my love :

Un premier tome vraiment très riche en émotions, je ne saurai par où commencer. J’ai vraiment apprécié le personnage de Nedra. Elle est vraiment complète et logique. Elle suit une conduite et n’en dérègle pas. Elle est simple et vraie avec elle-même. Et son histoire est vraiment déchirante. Je savais, dès les premières pages, qu’il allait se passer quelque chose d’horrible, mais je ne m’attendais vraiment pas à ça. Et malgré tout ça, j’ai vraiment adoré son histoire, même si elle a subi de nombreuses épreuves, elle en est ressortie plus forte et tout ce qui s'est passé était nécessaire pour la suite de l'historie.

Nous suivons donc Nedra, qui vit dans le nord d’un pays sous emprise royale. Le nord du pays est, on peut le dire, la partie pauvre de l’île. Elle y vit avec ses parents et sa sœur et rêve d’entrer dans l’académie Yugen afin d’étudier l’alchimie (et donc la médecine) afin de trouver une solution contre une peste qui ravage le pays (plus particulièrement les pauvres, et donc plus particulièrement le nord de l’île).

Suite à certains rebondissements, elle finit par obtenir une bourse pour étudier. Dans cette académie, elle y fait la rencontre de Gréggorie (Grey) et d’un professeur (Ostrum) qui seront des personnages centraux de l’histoire.

Au fil des pages, on finit par en apprendre davantage sur cette peste et sur l’alchimie. Et s’il y a une chose qui m’a de premiers abords rebuté, c’est l’utilisation des rats. Le fait qu’ils transfèrent leurs souffrances et la donnent aux rats m’a quelque peu dégoûter au début. Mais on finit par passer outre.

De manière général, le livre est vraiment bien écrit, je n’ai pas réussi à le lâcher de la semaine. L’auteur a vraiment su nous transmettre tous les sentiments de Nedra, on l’a comprenait vraiment et j’approuvais toutes ses décisions. De plus, on enchaîne rebondissement sur rebondissement. Lorsque l’on pense avoir trouvé la solution au problème, le coupable de tel problème, l’auteur arrive et nous chamboule tous nos repères. Vraiment une belle découverte de ma part, je recommande ce livre. De plus nous sommes dans l’un des univers qui me passionne énormément : un côté médiéval mais tout de même moderne.

Breft, une bonne lecture et je lirai la suite avec plaisir

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Give the Dark My Love, Tome 1

  • USA : 2018-09-25 (English)

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